The Willie Stargell jersey is a popular jersey across the game of baseball. Many Pittsburgh Pirates fans are seen wearing this Willie Stargell jersey. The Willie Stargell jersey is one of the most historic jerseys in all of major league baseball. Stargell is a hall of famer and played outfield along with first base. He helped lead the city of Pittsburgh to many victories over the years. Willie was a great ball player that many young athletes look up to. The Willie Stargell jersey is a classic one. If you are looking to pick up your own Willie Stargell jersey check out the link below.

Willie Stargell jersey

Willie Stargell jersey

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Relocating To Different States

Willie Stargell was born in the state of Oklahoma. This was before the Willie Stargell jersey became known. Although Willie was born in Oklahoma, he didn’t end up staying there. Stargell moved all over the country and lived in multiple different states. As a young kid, Willies parents ended up getting divorced. That is always a difficult situation and something you never wish for a family to have to go through. Stargell went and lived in Florida with his aunt after his parents had divorced. After living in the sunshine state for a short period of time, he relocated again. This time Willie went out to the state of California. He went out to Cali to live with his mom.

Young Willie

While in California, Willie attended Encinal High School. He learned and played the game of baseball as a young boy. Willie became very skilled on the diamond and decided to play the game throughout his high school years. Stargell joined the baseball team at Encinal and continued to develop and fine tune his skills. He was working to one day make the Willie Stargell jersey famous. Stargell was turning into a super star, but he wasn’t the only one who was turning into a star on his high school team. Willie played with two other future MLB players while in high school. He played with both Tommy Harper and Curt Motton.

Playing With Other Future Stars

Both Tommy and Curt also played outfield. Tommy played in the big leagues with multiple different teams, while Curt played with the Baltimore Orioles. These guys made up a great team together and it’s crazy to see that they all went on to play the game at the professional level. These three players worked hard at the game to make it to the level they did. Although they played on the same team during their young high school years, these three got split up at the professional level and were unable to stay together. Willie received attention from teams at the professional level as well. Stargell ended up signing a deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Little did they know at the time, the Willie Stargell jersey was going to be a very popular item in the city of Pittsburgh one day soon.

The Minor League Grind

What an exciting time for a young athlete…having the opportunity to play at the professional level. Stargell had to work his way up through the farm system and minor leagues while with the Pirates. During his time playing in the minors he went all over the country playing for different teams. He was used to this relocation as he had relocated to different states when he was a young boy. Stargell played for farm teams in at least six different states. There was a lot of traveling for this young star and he ended up facing a lot of racism as well.

Facing Challenges

Stargell received lots of threats and was even not allowed to stay in certain hotels due to the color of his skin. That is messed up and should never happen. It is disappointing to see people treat somebody by their external appearance versus the person they truly are. It is important to get to know people for who they are and to respect everyone no matter their backgrounds. Willie faced many challenges, but he stuck with the game of baseball and continued to grow as a player. He was an inspiration to many people.

Willie Stargell jersey

Willie Stargell jersey

Young Professional

Willie made his big league debut in 1962. This kid was just 22 years old and was playing on the biggest stage that the game of baseball had to offer. Willie had an extremely powerful bat and could hit the ball very far. He hit some of the farthest balls that the city of Pittsburgh has seen. What an exciting time for a franchise to have such a young promising star. The Willie Stargell jersey became very popular. One thing that stood out about Willie was the way he stood and waved his bat at the plate. Stargell would wave his bat around and around like a windmill until the pitcher started his motion, then he would get in position to hit. Willie was becoming an all-star in the city of Pittsburgh and in the game of baseball as a whole. He had a great career ahead of him.

Great Career

Willie had a phenomenal baseball career and helped lead the Pirates to many victories. Along the way to these wins, Stargell received numerous individual awards as well. Throughout his career he was named as an all-star in seven seasons. Stargell was the National League home run leader in 1971 and 1973. He also led the NL in runs batted in in 1973. In 1971, Stargell helped lead the Pirates to a World Series title. This was the first one Willie would win. He ended up leading the Pirates to another one in 1979. Stargell not only got a ring in 1979, but he also received multiple other awards. During that same season, Stargell was awarded the National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player, the World Series MVP, and the NL MVP. What a great year for this young player. In 1974, Willie was awarded the Roberto Clemente Award.

Willie Stargell Jersey

The Willie Stargell jersey was very popular as he had become a huge success. Willie received many different awards and helped lead the city of Pittsburgh to two championship titles. The Willie Stargell jersey was selling off the charts and it still does today. This black and yellow Willie Stargell jersey is one that will be remembered for a very long time. The Pittsburgh Pirates ended up retiring the number eight. The Willie Stargell jersey would go down in history forever.

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