The Warren Moon jersey is a classic NFL jersey. Moon was a popular quarterback and played with many teams. This Warren Moon jersey is most widely seen while he was with the Houston Oilers. He played with the Oilers in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The Warren Moon jersey in the Oiler blue is a great throwback jersey and is widely known by many. Moon was a great quarterback and is considered by many as one of the best to play the game. Kids all across the country hope to one day be as good of a quarterback as Warren Moon. If you’re looking for your own Warren Moon jersey check out the link below!

Warren Moon jersey

Warren Moon jersey

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Growing Up Quickly

Prior to the Warren Moon jersey becoming a famous one, he was just a young kid in California. Moon didn’t grow up living a normal life. When Warren was a young kid, his father passed away due to health issues. He had a liver disease. What a terrible moment for the family…I can’t imagine having to go through something like that. Warren knew that he needed to help his mom and help support the family. He was the only boy along with the six sisters that he had. Moon felt like he had a responsibility and he stepped up to the plate. He learned how to cook and do things around the house. This was all prior to the game of football.

Naturally Strong Arm

When Warren Moon got older he decided that he was only going to commit his time to one sport. His family needed him and he didn’t want to be away from them all the time. Moon wanted to be there to help. The one sport that Warren decided to play was the game of football. Little did he know at the time that one day the Warren Moon jersey would be very popular. Warren was a natural at the game of football. He was aware of his talent and there was the reason behind him choosing the game of football. He knew he had a strong arm. Warren could throw the football farther than anyone of his friends. Not only could he throw the football better than anyone he knew…but better than many people all across the country.

College Football

Warren Moon attended Alexander Hamilton High School when he was young. He got involved in the game of football while going to school there, but didn’t truly become the starting Varsity quarterback until his junior season. He continued to work at the game and became a solid quarterback. Moon didn’t receive lots of notice from big colleges or universities. He decided to attend West Los Angeles College which is located in the Los Angeles area. Moon excelled at the quarterback position while he was there and set records for the college. After his season at West Los Angeles, Moon received notice from the University of Washington. This university is located in the Seattle area and wanted Warren to join them for the next three years. Moon did just that and decided to take up this great opportunity.


Warren worked at the game of football while at the University of Washington and was hoping to one day make the Warren Moon jersey one that football fans would want. During Warren’s senior year at Washington is when he really stood out. He helped lead the Huskies to the Pac-8 title that year and a Rose Bowl victory. Although Warren had a solid college career, he went undrafted in the NFL draft following his senior season. Teams in the NFL didn’t believe enough in Warren to take him, but he believed in himself. That is a hard time for an athlete and I’m sure there were some doubts in Warrens mind, but he pushed through the adversity. This was not the end of his football career. He had many more years of playing and the Warren Moon jersey was going to hit the market in the next few years.

Canadian Football League

Since Warren didn’t get picked up by a team in the NFL, he decided to give the Canadian Football League a shot. Warren played with a team called the Edmonton Eskimos. While with the Eskimos he continued on this path of success with the game of football. Moon passed for 5,000 yards in 1982 which is a crazy number. That is a lot of yards. He got many awards while playing in the CFL and was eventually named into the CFL Hall of Fame.

Warren Moon jersey

Warren Moon jersey

Headed To The NFL

Due to the great success that Moon had while in the CFL, he decided to enter into the NFL. Warren ended up getting a contract with the Houston Oilers and this is when his NFL career began to take off. The Warren Moon jersey was starting to be made. Houston Oilers fans would begin to see and purchase this Warren Moon jersey. Warren played with multiple different teams during his NFL career. He played with the Oilers from 1984-1993. After his career with the Oilers he also played with the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs. The Warren Moon jersey was made with multiple different teams.

NFL Accomplishments

The Warren Moon jersey became more and more popular throughout his career. Moon had lots of success while in the NFL. Over the years, Warren Moon was named to the Pro Bowl nine times. The dude was a consistent all-star year in and year out. That’s exactly the type of quarterback that a team wants. 1990 was a great season for Warren moon. During this year he was named as the NFL Offensive Player of the Year, the AFC Player of the Year, and was named to the First-Team All Pro. During this same year Moon lead the league in passing touchdowns and was also the passing yards leader. He was the NFL’s passing yards leader the following year again in 1991. Moon received many awards and the Warren Moon jersey was well-known all across the game of football.

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Warren Moon Jersey

The Warren Moon jersey is a classic jersey and is still a hot item today. The Tennessee Titans organization has retired the number 1 in honor of Warren Moon. People all across the country have this Warren Moon jersey. Some use the Warren Moon jersey as a piece of memorabilia to hang up or show off while others will just straight up wear the Warren Moon jersey. Click HERE to learn more about Warren Moon. Where do you rank Moon among the all-time list of NFL quarterbacks? Please leave comments below!

  1. I enjoyed reading Warren Moon’s bio….I remember him very well, particularly, when he played for the Oilers. He was great quarterback that early on didn’t get a lot of pub or recognition. I wish you much success in selling his jersey. I sure he still has a lot of fans in the Houston area.

  2. Mickey Murray

    Great post about a true legend! As a Houston native, I’m gonna have to pick up a few of those jerseys myself.

  3. Thanks for a great trip down memory lane. Warren Moon is one of my all time favorites.

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