Vintage Babe Ruth Jersey

Vintage Babe Ruth Jersey

George Herman Ruth has many nicknames, but he is most widely known as Babe Ruth. The Babe. The Great Bambino. The Sultan of Swat. The Colossus of Clout. The Titan of Terror. The King of Crash. A vintage Babe Ruth jersey is one of the most historic jerseys out there on the market.

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The Sandlot

Have you ever seen The Sandlot? If so, you have probably heard all of the nicknames listed above. This classic baseball movie is about a young kid who loses a signed Babe Ruth baseball in a backyard that is home to a massive junkyard dog. The kid and his friends realize the worth of the baseball and try to get it back. While the movie is quite entertaining and one of my favorites, it shows just how legendary Babe Ruth is. A vintage Babe Ruth jersey is valued by many people. He is widely considered by many as the greatest baseball player to ever play the game.

Young Babe

Born in 1895, Babe Ruth was one of 8 children and only 2 of them survived infancy. Back during those years they did not have the medical advancements or abilities that we have in the healthcare industry today. George Herman Ruth was one of the children that survived and the baseball world sure would be thankful he did. Ruth was a troublemaker at a young age though and so he was sent to the orphanage of St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys. While at St. Mary’s the boys played sports and one of those sports of course was the game of baseball. Ruth joined with the boys to play and the young talent that he had did not go unnoticed.

Getting Noticed

The owner of the Baltimore Orioles, Jack Dunn, noticed Ruth’s young ability. He loved the way Ruth played and saw the potential that this young kid had. Back during this time in order to sign a contract at the age of 19 you needed to have a legal guardian sign for you. Ruth did not have a legal guardian during this time in his life and so Jack Dunn decided to become Babe’s legal guardian so that he would be able to sign. This is where Ruth got his nickname because the joke started going around of “Dunn’s new babe”. The nickname kicked off and people started calling him Babe. He was signed to play minor-league baseball with Baltimore, but was shortly thereafter sold to the Boston Red Sox where he would begin his Major League career…and so the legend of Babe Ruth begins.

Early Career in Boston

Babe Ruth Jersey

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth had a great arm and began his career as a pitcher. The Red Sox made the first Babe Ruth jersey. Shortly after beginning his professional career, he was called up to the Red Sox to pitch for them. He was a great contributor to the success of the Boston Red Sox and helped lead them to multiple championships. He led the city of Boston to 3 championships in 1915, 1916, and 1918. This was an incredible accomplishment and the city of Boston was loving it. This young kid was bringing success to their city. Unfortunately for the city of Boston hard times came and the Red Sox were faced with financial hardships.

Getting Rid Of The Babe

The owner of the Red Sox needed cash to pay off his debts and so he made a deal with the New York Yankees. The deal consisted of giving them The Babe in return for money in order to handle these financial hardships. They agreed to pay rights to Ruth for $100,000, which was a lot more money back in the day than it is today. The Boston owner accepted and off went the Babe. They had no idea this would create a drought in the success of the Red Sox and that they wouldn’t win another championship for a long time…so began the rivalry of the Yankees and the Red Sox. Fans would soon be wanting their own vintage Babe Ruth jersey.

Career in New York

Babe Ruth leaving Boston marked the end of a winning streak. From that point on the Boston Red Sox wouldn’t end up winning a World Series until the year 2004. This was known as “The Curse of the Bambino”. With the Great Bambino arriving in New York this caused the Yankees to become a dominant force. Just as he had led the city of Boston to multiple championships, he was doing the same in New York. This city loved seeing the vintage Babe Ruth jersey filled with pinstripes. They ended up winning 4 World Series titles within the next 15 years. With the Yankees, he didn’t pitch like he did in Boston. Ruth became a full-time outfielder and had the type of power at the plate that nobody had seen before.

Vintage Babe Ruth Jersey

Vintage Babe Ruth Jersey

A Home Run King

In 1920, Ruth’s first year in New York, he hit 54 home-runs. In 1921 he surpassed that with 59. The Sultan of Swat was hitting balls out of the yard left and right. He became baseball’s all-time home-run leader within less than 10 seasons of being in the major leagues. This was something that was unheard of. This man could swing the lumber. In 1927, the Babe hit 60 home-runs in one season. This record stood for 34 years in the big leagues. The Yankees had to build a new stadium in 1923 and it was nicknamed “the house that Ruth built”. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936 and was among the first of 5 players to ever be inducted. The vintage Babe Ruth jersey was becoming legendary.

Making Records

People all over the nation knew the name of Babe Ruth and admired his great accomplishments. Ruth ended his career with a .342 batting average, 714 home-runs, and 2,213 runs batted in. He holds the record still today for all-time slugging percentage at .690. All of these accomplishments sure make the vintage Babe Ruth jersey higher in value. The Great Bambino was a 7 time World Series Champion and held the home-run record with 714 until 1974 when it was broken by the Atlanta Braves slugger Hank Aaron.

Memorable Moments

One of Babe Ruth’s most memorable moments came in the third game of the World Series in 1932 against the Chicago Cubs. People continue to talk about this moment in today’s world. While at the plate, Ruth made a pointing gesture toward the center-field bleachers. On the next pitch he hit a towering home run to center-field; he had called his shot. Kids in the backyard playing the game of baseball will mimic this historic moment still today and act as if they are Babe Ruth calling their shots. This home run is said to have been one of the greatest home runs in the history of baseball. Check out the video below on Babe Ruth’s called shot!

Vintage Babe Ruth Jersey

After his career, Babe Ruth gave much of his time to charitable events. Not only was he great on the field, but he was an inspiration off of it as well with his kindness and care. He was a very generous man and left quite a bit of his estate to the Babe Ruth foundation for underprivileged children when he passed away. Ruth loved helping others and making them smile. He became sick with cancer and died in 1948. George Herman Ruth, the Great Bambino, will always be remembered as one of the greatest ballplayers to ever play the game. People will be wearing the vintage Babe Ruth jersey for a long time.

  1. Cool Jerseys. knowing the history of a player makes a jersey more appealing to buy and wear. They just don’t have ballplayers today like they did back then. I don’t think any player today could do what they did back then. A retro jersey kind of reminds me of just how tough these guys were.

  2. Wow! This is why so many people spend so much money on Jersey’s! I thought they were just a fad, but I see people that are true fans will go all out with making sure they get a specific player’s name on their jersey, etc. This was a really interesting read.

    • Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the read. Check out the other posts when you get a chance!

    • Very much appreciated. And yes, there are many other types of throwback jerseys for many different athletes. Check out the rest of the site when you have time!

  3. There is no one as popular or as revered in baseball history as Bab Ruth. The jerseys here are classic. He is amazing even by today’s standards. Sixty home runs in one season! Thank you for sharing this. I love history.

  4. For any true Basaball fan will remember Babe Ruth and having such a memento as the actual Jersey he wore will be prised forever.

  5. vanessa

    I have always been intrigued by Babe Ruth and now knowing who the baseball player was makes me understand him better. I watched Sandlot as a kid and it became one of my favorite movies. Now, reading your post I have a clearer picture of how important it is to know the baseball players that revolutionized baseball.

    • There are many players who impacted the game and Ruth is one for sure. I agree, The Sandlot is a classic film!

  6. This site appeals to me so much. In England it is fashionable to wear old fashioned football shirts – frankly the modern types just look ugly and cheap. Perhaps it is the same in the States.

    But I am also surprised how much interest there is in a baseball player who played so long ago. It’s great that Americans really relish the early days of organised team sports.

    English football fans really don’t pay that much attention to anything before the 1960s really.

    • I am glad that you find interest in the site! It sure is interesting to hear about how it is in England compared the U.S. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Not only did you go into the history of the Babe but I love the jersey! I come from a family of huge Yankee fans and they will love this!!

  8. Derek Marshall

    Aww man! I just can’t believe you have an all time classic Babe Ruth jersey – freaking awesome! My father is gonna love his Bday gift this year. Thanks man!

    • The Babe Ruth jersey sure is a classic. Glad to hear that you were able to find the classic jersey and I hope your father enjoys it!

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