The Tracy McGrady jersey is a classic NBA jersey. Basketball fans all across the nation own their own Tracy McGrady jersey. Some wear the Tracy McGrady jersey around while others use this Tracy McGrady jersey more as a piece of memorabilia that they may hang up on their walls. Either way, no matter how you use the Tracy McGrady jersey it sure is valuable. McGrady was one of the top players in the league during his time and will be remembered for a long time. This man sure knew how to shoot and score the basketball. He had all kinds of skills and young players all across the country try to mimic what Tracy was able to do. Check out the link below to see some of the best Tracy McGrady jerseys.

Tracy McGrady jersey

Tracy McGrady jersey

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Multi-Sport Athlete

Before the Tracy McGrady jersey became real popular, McGrady was just a young boy in the state of Florida. McGrady was born and raised in the sunshine state. While there he learned the game of basketball and became very involved in it. McGrady attended high school at Auburndale High where he was a two sport athlete. He played baseball and basketball while going to school there. I have noticed that there are a lot of super stars who were two or three sport athletes. This helps them develop athletically and learn different skills. Ultimately though, McGrady became extremely good at the game of basketball and this is the sport he would stick with.

175 to 1

Tracy attended Auburndale for just three years before they moved and transferred to Durham, North Carolina. While in North Carolina, Tracy played his senior season at Mount Zion Christian Academy. He was not a popular player coming out of Florida, but when he was at Mount Zion he began to stand out. McGrady attended a basketball camp and this is where his name really took off. He went to an Adidas Camp where he was able to compete against the best players in the country. McGrady played extremely well and was dominant on the court. Prior to the camp Tracy was ranked at about the 175th best player. After the camp, he had moved to number one. McGrady became the top ranked player in the nation and got his name out there. The Tracy McGrady jersey was going to be a famous one.

A Decision To Make

Due to the success that McGrady had at the Adidas camp and while at Mount Zion, he had become highly recruited. Tracy received lots of recognition. He was named as the National Player of the Year, a McDonalds All American, and North Carolinas Mr. Basketball. There were many colleges and universities that would love for this young star to join them. One of these schools was the University of Kentucky. The Wildcats are known for their basketball program and always seem to be one of the top contenders in the league year after year. That is a great basketball program to be a part of. Along with the University of Kentucky there were also other schools contacting Tracy. Schools weren’t the only ones wanting McGrady…teams at the professional level wanted him too. Tracy had a decision to make.

Slow NBA Start

Tracy McGrady had a tough decision to make between continuing his basketball career at a university or deciding to give the NBA a shot. McGrady decided to chase after the NBA dream and entered for the 1997 NBA Draft. This was a smart decision on his part as you can see. The Tracy McGrady jersey is a famous NBA jersey and he had a solid career. In 1997, the Toronto Raptors were the team that selected Tracy with the ninth overall pick in the draft. McGrady didn’t come to the NBA and become and instant star though. He didn’t play very much during his rookie season and actually averaged less than 15 minutes per game. This young star was not getting a lot of action. Tracy ended up playing more in his next seasons and developed into a great star.

Tracy McGrady jersey

Tracy McGrady jersey

Headed To Different Cities

While in Toronto, Tracy played alongside Vince Carter. The two helped lead the Raptors to their first playoff appearance. The Tracy McGrady jersey and the Vince Carter jersey both became very popular. These were two studs helping lead the team to multiple victories. The Raptors would not end up winning the championship or making it too far in the playoffs for that matter. McGrady became a free agent and signed a deal with the Orlando Magic to begin the 2000 season. Tracy had some great years with Orlando. In 2004, he was traded to the Houston Rockets. McGrady played with a few different teams during his career. Even though he played on some different teams, McGrady developed into one of the leagues brightest stars and the Tracy McGrady jersey was one of the top NBA jerseys.

The Awards

Tracy McGrady has had lots of success throughout his NBA career. McGrady has been named as an All-Star in seven different seasons. His first All Star appearance came in 2001. All of these All Star appearances came in consecutive years from 2001-2007. Throughout his career he has also been named to the All NBA First Team, Second Team, and Third Team. He was selected to the first team in 2002 and 2003. McGrady was also named as the NBA scoring champion in 2003 and was named the scoring champ again in 2004. This man sure knew how to put the ball in the hoop. At the beginning of his career in 2001 he was named as the NBA’s Most Improved Player. Tracy fine-tuned his skills over the years to become one of the best to ever play the game of basketball. The Tracy McGrady jersey had become famous.

Tracy McGrady Jersey

This Tracy McGrady jersey has been seen in multiple different cities and has been made with multiple different colors. McGrady has played for seven different teams over the years, which is where all the different colors and designs of the Tracy McGrady jersey have come from. Along with the Raptors, Magic, and Rockets, he has also played with the New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, and San Antonio Spurs. Many of these teams he only played with for a year or so, but no matter how long the Tracy McGrady jersey was still very popular. The most well-known Tracy McGrady jerseys are the ones of when he was with the Raptors, Magic, and Rockets. Check out the link above to pick up your favorite Tracy McGrady jersey.

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