Todd Gurley Jersey

Todd Gurley Jersey

There are many young football stars all over the country who want to be the next NFL star. These kids run around in their backyards acting like the stars in the league today, one of those being Todd Gurley. Players all over the country look up to and strive to be like Gurley; and rightfully so. He is one of the best running backs in the game of football today. Todd is incredibly talented and has great speed and explosiveness. A Todd Gurley jersey is a necessity for any football fan. He is a fun player to watch.

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Three Sport Athlete

Todd Gurley was born in the state of Maryland, but grew up and spent many of his older years in North Carolina. Gurley went to high school in North Carolina and attended Tarboro High. While at Tarboro, he participated in three different sports. Gurley was an athletic kid and along with the game of football he also ran track and played basketball. Being involved in and playing multiple sports helps athletes develop further in all aspects. He continued to gain athleticism and develop as a player.

Track Star

Running track can be a challenging sport, but Todd Gurley was quite good at it. He was one of the top runners in the state and was a sprinter and hurdler. Gurley was so good that he participated for Team USA in the 2011 World Youth Championships. During this big event he participated in the 110-meter hurdle. Not many athletes are able to say that they competed for Team USA at such a young age. Gurley didn’t end up winning the event, but he had a solid run. As good as he was at running track, he was even better on the gridiron. The football field was where Todd thrived. Football was his sport.

Football Was His Specialty

Todd Gurley played on the offensive and defensive side in football. He was the team’s running back and also played defensive back while on defense. Gurley was quite the football star and helped lead his high school team to a state title during his junior season. During that same season he had a total of over 1,400 yards with 26 touchdowns. On the defensive side he had just shy of 80 tackles while forcing a couple turnovers as well. Todd received attention for his abilities and was named as the All-Area Offensive Player of the Year and the North Carolina Player of the Year. Gurley could run and Tarboro loved having him on their team. He became ranked as the number five best running back in the country. As you can imagine this caused many college coaches to recruit and come watch Todd play.

A Bulldog

Gurley received lots of attention from college recruiters, the University of Georgia being one of them. The coaches there liked what they saw in him and decided to give him an offer. Todd like the opportunity that the University of Georgia presented and he decided to commit to becoming a Bulldog. At the beginning of his freshman season, Gurley started out as the backup running back. That would soon change though once they saw what he was able to do once the lights came on. In just his first game with the Bulldogs he rushed for two touchdowns and also had a 100 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. He showed what he was capable of. Todd was named as the starter in their next game. His college career was about to take off. Check out the video below of Todd Gurley at Georgia!


Freshman Starter

Todd Gurley became the starting running back for the Georgia Bulldogs in his freshman season and the years to come as well. He had great success in his first year and became named to the First Team All-SEC. He was only the second true freshman at Georgia to rush for over 1,000 yards. That is a great accomplishment and there are not many who have done that. Todd ended up having a solid sophomore and junior season as well while at Georgia. Todd ended up tearing his ACL during his junior year though which ended his season. That is always devastating to an athlete when something like that happens. Gurley decided to not play at Georgia for his senior season and wanted to take his shot at the National Football League. He was entering into the NFL Draft.

The Dream

With the tenth overall pick in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams, today known as the Los Angeles Rams, selected Todd Gurley out of the University of Georgia. What an exciting time as an athlete. The dream that you had ever since you were a kid had finally come true. Todd had worked at the game of football for many years of his life and he had made it to the highest level. A dream come true for this young running back, but there was so much more to come for Gurley than just getting drafted. Soon there would be fans all over the nation looking to get their very own Todd Gurley jersey. Success was in the near future and Todd has a bright future ahead of him in the game of football.

Rookie Season

Todd Gurley Jersey

Todd Gurley Jersey

Due to his prior ACL tear during his junior season at Georgia, Todd Gurley wasn’t able to play in the first couple games. Gurley healed quickly though and was able to come back and compete in the third week of the NFL season. He started off slow in his first start, but then he started to get back into the swing of things. Todd started to act like himself again and was running all over NFL defenses. Within his first four NFL starts, Todd had rushed for over 560 yards. He was putting on a show. Throughout the rest of his rookie season he continued to play well. Todd ended up being selected to the Pro Bowl due to his great NFL season. Along with that selection, Todd was also named as the NFL’s Rookie of the Year. This young star had a stellar first season.

List Of Awards

Todd Gurley has had a successful career with the St. Louis Rams. Compared to his rookie season, Gurley struggled a little in the following season but took off again in 2017. He had a great season in 2017 and was named as the Offensive Player of the Week and the Offensive Player of the Month multiple different times throughout that season. Gurley was dominating the running game and was arguably the best running back in the league. At the end of the season Gurley was awarded the NFL Offensive Player of the Year. He had a great rushing season and was named to the All-Pro team that year as well. Todd Gurley is on the rise.

Todd Gurley Jersey

Who do you have on your all-time list of the best NFL running backs? Do you think Todd Gurley will join these greats as being one of the best to ever play the game? Please leave your comments below and let me know who else you want to learn more about! Todd Gurley is a top running back in the game of football today and it will be fun to see where the rest of his career takes him. Please leave your comments below!

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  1. Paul – What a great website providing info on jerseys! I never knew the history/life story of Todd Gurley. Thanks for sharing – pretty amazing that a child hood dream came true. Love it!!! Do these jerseys come in different colors?

    • Yes, there are multiple different colors. Click the link above to see the different Todd Gurley jerseys! Thank you for the kind words, I am glad you enjoyed.

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