Throwback Larry Bird Jersey

Throwback Larry Bird Jersey

This Boston Celtics superstar, Larry Bird, has one of the most recognized NBA throwback jerseys in history. The throwback Larry Bird jersey is a vintage item. Are you looking to get your very own throwback Larry Bird jersey? The Boston Celtics number 33 was one of the greatest basketball players to play the game. He was nicknamed “Larry Legend” and his name was known all over the city of Boston and the basketball world. Check out the link below to get your own throwback Larry Bird jersey!

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Early Life

Larry Bird was born in French Lick, Indiana and this is where he spent his younger years. He had five other siblings and was mainly supported by his mother. His parents got divorced and so she was the one who took care of them. She would work two jobs to support the six of them. Larry wasn’t raised living a luxurious lifestyle and maybe this is one of the reasons why he was such a hard worker. He played basketball at Springs Valley High School and became the leader in scoring. He had a great high school career.

Changing Schools

Larry Bird was recruited out of high school by the famous college coach Bobby Knight. Bobby Knight was the coach for Indiana University. Knight and the Hoosiers offered Bird the opportunity to play basketball there and Larry ended up committing to play with the Hoosiers. Once the semester started Bird realized he was not comfortable at Indiana University and that it was not the right fit for him. He ended up dropping out after less than a month of being there and went back to stay at home. Bird worked and stayed at home for a year and then decided to enroll at Indiana State. This is where his basketball career really started to take off.

College Career

Larry Bird Jersey

Larry Bird Jersey

When Larry came to Indiana State they were far from being known as a basketball powerhouse. Adding Larry Bird to their roster was something that would become very beneficial to the University and their basketball program. Larry Bird would end up putting them on the map and making them well-known. He took off straight from the start and within his first year with the Sycamores he averaged 33 points and 13 rebounds a game. In 1979, Bird led them to the NCAA National Championship game. This is the first time Indiana State had made it to the National Championship. During this National Championship game the Sycamores faced off against Magic Johnson and the Michigan State Spartans. Indiana State ended up taking the loss, which was the only one on the season. Larry Bird and the Sycamores ended up with a 33-1 record that season.

NBA Career

In 1979, Larry Bird was drafted and signed to play with the Boston Celtics. Just like in college, Larry started off to a great start in his first season. In his rookie season in Boston he averaged 21.3 points per game and 10.4 rebounds. Bird helped lead the Celtics to the team’s first ever Championship in 1981. They won two more Championships in 1984 and 1986 where Larry Bird won the Finals MVP in both of those years. Larry was bringing the Celtics lots of success and the fans loved Bird. This was prior to the throwback Larry Bird jersey…it wasn’t a throwback at that time.

A Star

Larry Legend played 13 years with the Boston Celtics and was a 12 time NBA All-Star. Throughout his career he won 3 MVP awards and they all were in consecutive years from 1984-1986. Bird had 69 triple-doubles throughout his career and averaged a double-double for his entire career. He finished his career averaging 24.3 points per game and 10.0 rebounds per game. In 1992, Larry was a part of the Olympic gold medal winning dream team at the Barcelona Olympics. His career was cut short due to back problems and he announced retirement on August 18, 1992. Larry Bird’s jersey, the Boston Celtics number 33, was retired on February 4, 1993.


There have been many memorable moments throughout the career of Larry Bird. One memorable moment is when Larry hit a game winning shot over Xavier McDaniel. There had been some trash talking going on and Bird told Xavier he was going to get the ball and shoot it in his face to win the game. Sure enough, Larry got the ball in the last couple seconds and hit the game winning shot over McDaniel. Larry was a confident player and was able to back up his talk. Check out the video below on this game winning shot!

Three-Point Competition

Another moment when Larry backed up his game was in the All-Star Game three point shootout contest in 1988. He was on the last rack and needed some shots to win. Larry hit the shot to tie it at 15 a piece and was down to the last ball, the money ball. Bird picked it up and shot it. As the ball left his hand he put up his index finger in the air representing number one and walked away. Sure enough the final shot went through the net and Bird was named the three point champion. People all over the country were purchasing their very own throwback Larry Bird jersey.

The Heat Game

Throwback Larry Bird Jersey

Throwback Larry Bird Jersey

The “Heat Game” was another memorable Bird moment. This was the NBA Finals game 5 when the Celtics faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers in 1984. During this game the air-conditioning in the building was not working and so the players had to play in temperatures that got all the way up to 97 degrees. Larry was not affected by the heat and still had an incredible performance. He ended up finishing with 34 points and 17 rebounds to help lead Boston to a victory. The Celtics won 121-103 and ended up winning the rest of the series to get the championship. Larry Bird won the Finals MVP that year.

Retirement Years

After his stellar basketball career ended, Larry Bird decided to stay within the game. He worked with the Boston Celtics for 5 years and then accepted the head coaching position with the Indiana Pacers in 1997. Bird was named the NBA Coach of the Year in 1998 and led the pacers to the playoffs in all 3 seasons. He led the Pacers to the Finals in 2000, but ended up losing to the Los Angeles Lakers. Larry returned to the Indiana Pacers front office in 2003. He worked until the 2011-2012 season. After that season, he decided to leave the game and enjoy his retirement.

Larry Bird Jersey

Larry Legend was the first ever player to win the NBA MVP Award, the NBA Coach of the Year Award, and the NBA Executive of the Year Award. The career of Larry Bird is one that will be remembered and in the history books for decades to come. Who else matches up with Larry Bird as one of the best to ever play? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. I sort of remember Larry Bird playing, but I was pretty young at that time. I mostly remember him when we was a coach for the Pacers. From what I remember he was a great player though. It’s great to remember some of the NBA players from that time. The game was played a little bit tougher back then in my opinion. Thanks for sharing some of the history about him!

  2. Hi Paul,

    WOW! Larry Bird was a huge achiever. It is lovely that he is remembered so fondly here in your article. I certainly know the name but not much else. Now I am equipped enough to have a chat about this man. Its cool how he made history as well and I am sure, since one has now done it, it can become the norm.

    I use to love playing basketball myself but of course never that talented to go anywhere with it. Its a tough sport. Very quick, you got to have reflexes like lightening! But, crazy good excercise as well.

    Thanks for this insightful article on Larry Bird. Much appreciated.

    – Philip.

    • Thank you! I am glad you appreciated the article and were able to learn more about the legendary Larry Bird.

  3. Hi Paul,

    I remember Larry Bird. What a player! He even looked a bit like a bird with the big hooked nose and those big flapping wings (only joking, his nose was not that big!)

    After coming from the background he had as a kid and making it big in basketball, that guy sure is a winner. He was also successful as a coach, which that he had a great mental attitude.

    I never knew he changed colleges. Still, it obviously proved to be a good move because look how he turned out as a pro!

    Nice informative video too.

    Personally, I’d love one of these shirts.

    Keep up the good work,


    • Thank you Robert! Yes, Larry Bird sure was a star on the court as a player and off of it as a coach. Hope you are able to find a Larry Bird jersey for yourself!

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