Stephen Curry Jersey

Stephen Curry Jersey

Is Stephen Curry the best shooter in the game of basketball today? Many people across the country believe so and there’s some solid reasoning behind that claim. Kids all over the country are playing basketball acting like they are Steph. A Stephen Curry jersey is a very popular jersey and may have some high value one day. He is one of the best overall players in the game of basketball today and has already won multiple championships. Curry is an excellent shooter and sometimes it seems as if he can’t miss. It’s hard to stop him when his game is on, and it’s on a lot.

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Growing Up Around The Game

Stephen Curry was born in the state of Ohio within the city of Akron. He grew up in a basketball family and so he was very familiar with the game from a young age. His father, Dell Curry, played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for a few years. Stephen grew up watching his dad play and became accustomed to the game of basketball as well. His father ended up getting traded to the Charlotte Hornets and so the family moved down to Charlotte, North Carolina. Stephen spent a lot of time around the game and would even go to the court with his dad and shoot around with the professional players. This had to have been quite the experience for a young boy. Many kids dream of being able to do that and just play and interact with these NBA superstars.

Developing His Skills

As Stephen Curry grew older he continued to play the game of basketball. His skills continued to improve and he attended Charlotte Christian High School in North Carolina. He became quite good at the game and began to be recruited by college scouts at a very young age. Curry could dribble, shoot, and pass. While at Charlotte Christian, Stephen helped lead the team to multiple different conference championships and state playoff appearances. He was named as an all-conference and all-state player throughout his time there as well. While he was a great basketball player there was one thing that held some coaches back from recruiting him. It was his size.

Lack Of Size

Stephen Curry stood at just 6 feet 2 inches tall and only 160 pounds. He was not the size that many scouts looked for in basketball. Many scouts look for taller and bigger guys who can be more physical. That was not Curry and not his style of play. Some of the colleges that Curry wanted to go to didn’t want him. A Stephen Curry jersey would one day be famous and those scouts I’m sure would end up regretting that.

Headed To Davidson

One school that saw the kind of ability and talents that Curry had was Davidson College. This college is a Division 1 school that is located in Davidson, North Carolina and competes in the Atlantic 10 Conference. They had recruited Curry ever since he was a sophomore in high school. Davidson loved what they saw in the young kid and offered him the opportunity to come play with them and further his basketball career there. Stephen decided to join Davidson College and became a Wildcat. The Wildcats were about to get one of the best stars. They sure had lucked out.

Nationally Ranked Freshman

During his freshman season at Davidson he played quite a bit and got lots of time on the court. Stephen was a big scorer and knew how to find the hoop. He led the conference in scoring during his first year and averaged over 21 points per game. Curry was atop the leader boards among scoring in the entire nation. He came in second behind Texas Longhorns player, Kevin Durant. Due to Curry’s success the Wildcats ended up winning the conference regular season title and finished with a record of 29 wins and just 5 losses. Stephen was a star and one of the best players in all college basketball. He also broke the NCAA freshman season three point record that was previously set at 113 three pointers made by a freshman. Curry made 122 that year.

College Awards

Curry had a phenomenal freshman year and was named to many awards. He was named as the conferences freshman of the year and tournament MVP. Curry was also selected to the conferences all-tournament team and all-freshman team. He continued to have more and more success throughout his career past just his freshman season. Curry was on his way to becoming a star and making that Stephen Curry jersey a top selling item one day. He helped lead the team to multiple NCAA tournaments and made it all the way to the elite 8 during his sophomore season. During his last season with Davidson he was the leading scorer in all college basketball. It goes without saying, but he was named as an All-American. Check out the list below of Curry’s college awards:

  • Conference Freshman of the Year
  • Conference All-Freshman Team
  • Conference Player of the Year
  • First Team All-American
  • Second Team All-American
  • Conference Tournament MVP
  • NCAA single season 3 pointers record holder
  • NCAA Division 1 scoring leader

Playing Professionally

Stephen Curry had one of the best college basketball careers and was one of the top players in the game. The kid knew how to shoot the ball from behind the arc. After his college career he would be pursuing a career in the NBA and there were many professional scouts who wanted Curry. With the seventh overall pick in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft the Golden State Warriors selected this young star out of Davidson College. He was about to make his run at the NBA. The league had better watch out for Stephen Curry.

Rookie Season

Curry had a successful rookie season and averaged over 17 points per game. He was awarded the rookie of the month award during his first season and was even in running for the Rookie of the Year award. He didn’t end up winning that award, but he was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. Just like in college he also continued to shoot the 3 point ball. During his rookie season he finished with 166 three pointers. He had beat the previous record by a rookie and became the record holder for the most three pointers made by a rookie in NBA history. Stephen was off to a hot start in his career and it was only going to improve from there. The Stephen Curry jersey was becoming a hot item.

NBA Success

Throughout the rest of his career, Stephen has had much success. He has one MVP awards, led the league in different categories, and won multiple NBA Championships. The fans all over the nation loved this super star and how great he was. He could shoot long range shots that would wow the crowds. Stephen Curry jerseys were flying off the shelves and they are continuing to sell today. Curry has accomplished a lot so far in his professional career with the Golden State Warriors. Check out the list of NBA accomplishments below:

  • NBA Finals Champion three times (2015, 2017, 2018)
  • NBA MVP Award Winner twice (2015, 2016)
  • NBA All-Star five times
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team
  • NBA Three-point leader five times
  • NBA steals leader
  • NBA scoring leader
  • NBA three point contest champion
  • NBA record for three pointers made

    Stephen Curry Jersey

    Stephen Curry Jersey

Believer In Christ

Stephen Curry has had a great NBA Career so far and many people all over the nation are representing him by wearing the Stephen Curry jersey. While many people are representing Curry, he is representing someone else. Stephen has a strong Christian faith and looks to represent Christ in all that he does. He is outspoken about his faith. He even stated that people should know who he represents and why he is the way he is. Curry said that this is because of his Lord and Savior. Curry plays for more than just the game of basketball and realizes that there is more to life than the game. He wants to use the platform that he has been given to spread his faith and love others. Curry has a great outlook on life and what is truly important.

Stephen Curry Jersey

Stephen Curry is one of the top players in the game of basketball and is continuing to have lots of success. He will end up on the list of the all-time greats and it will be fun to see how many more championships he will win. He sure has made the Stephen Curry jersey a famous one. Curry has a strong faith in Christ and knows that the ultimate purpose in life goes beyond the game of basketball. Where do you think Curry will end up among the best to ever play the game? Even more importantly, what is your purpose? Please leave comments below!

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  1. Stephen Curry will definitely go down as one of the greatest shooters to play the game, I am a fan of Steph and like his game and what he stands for. He will be the face of basketball for a long time to come. This is a great article and learned some things that I did not know about Steph, the fact that he is from Akron…is that a coincidence that two of the best players in the World were born in the same city…Great article and great read!

    • Curry sure will be a legend in the NBA for awhile. I found it quite interesting as well that two of the best players in the league are from the same city too!

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