The Sammy Sosa jersey is one of the top throwback jerseys in the game of baseball. People all across the game of baseball enjoyed watching Sosa hit the baseball. The Sammy Sosa jersey is a popular item among many fans. Sammy became one of the top hitters in the game of baseball and was able to hit balls out of the park left and right. The fans would ooh and ahh at the moonshots Sosa would hit. His ability at the plate is what truly caused the Sammy Sosa jersey to be a famous one. People all across the nation began wearing the Sammy Sosa jersey due to his great success. He was such a fun player to watch.

Dominican Republic

Sammy Sosa did not come from the United States. He was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. The game of baseball is very popular in this country and that is where Sosa began to pick up the game. He became very good at this game. Little did he know that one day the Sammy Sosa jersey was going to be a hot item. Prior to the money and fame that would come with playing professional baseball, Sosa was not wealthy.

Unordinary Baseball Equipment

Sammy Sosa grew up living with not a lot of things. Sammy would work and sell things on the streets in order to make some money to help his family. When he played the game of baseball, Sammy did not play with normal equipment. Sosa learned how to play the game of baseball by using a milk carton for a glove, a stick as the bat, and a sock as the baseball. He decided to continue to play this game and really learn how to play it well. Sosa improved his skills with these tools that he had. Using a stick as a bat sure would fine tune ones hand eye coordination. Sosa was a young talented player and professional scouts from the United States saw the talent in this young kid. They wanted the Sammy Sosa jersey to be a part of their ball club.

Chasing A Dream

Sammy Sosa signed a deal with the Texas Rangers at the age of sixteen and decided to give the game of baseball a shot at the professional level. He went to the United States in order to pursue his dream with the game of baseball. Sosa went to Sarasota, Florida to start playing in the minors with the Rangers. Sosa played well and became one of the team’s top young prospects. He moved his way up the system and the Rangers would soon be making and selling the Sammy Sosa jersey. In June 1989 Sosa made his big league debut. The Sammy Sosa jersey was officially made. Sammy played pretty well, but then was traded to the Chicago White Sox. Sosa had a decent first year with the White Sox, but went through a slump during his second year. As you can imagine, the White Sox would trade Sosa too.

Becoming A Cub

Prior to the start of the 1992 season, the White Sox would trade Sammy to the other Chicago team…the Chicago Cubs. This Sammy Sosa jersey was staying in the same city, just with different colors. During his time with the Cubs is when the Sammy Sosa name became very popular. He became a star while with the Cubs and the Sammy Sosa jersey became very popular. Sosa not only had power, but he had speed as well. In 1993, Sammy hit 33 home runs and also had stolen 38 bases. He was a 30-30 player and was the first one to do so in Chicago Cubs history. Sammy could do it all and would end up having a great career with the Cubs. The Sammy Sosa jersey was one of the most popular Chicago Cubs jerseys.

Sammy’s Recognition

Throughout his career with the Cubs he had lots of success. Sammy Sosa was named as an All-Star seven times. Along with that he was named as the National League Most Valuable Player in 1998 and was also named to the Roberto Clemente Award in that same year. In 1999, Sosa won the National League Hank Aaron Award. He has been named to the Silver Slugger Award six times throughout his years in the league. Sosa led the National League in home runs in two seasons and also led the league in RBI’s in two different years as well. Sammy Sosa had a great career and won many awards as you can see. The Sammy Sosa jersey became extremely popular. Young players all across the country wore their very own Sammy Sosa jersey and hoped to be as good of a hitter as him one day.

Home Run Chase

The year when Sammy truly became famous was the home run chase year between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire. This competitive chase took place in the year of 1998. Mark McGuire played for the St. Louis Cardinals. Both of these men were chasing after the single season home run record. Roger Maris held the record of having 61 home runs in a single season. Sosa and McGuire were both hitting home runs left and right. Mark was way ahead of Sosa at one point. There was one time when Sosa trailed behind McGuire by 16 home runs. Sammy caught up and tied Mark at 46. They continued to hit the ball out of the yard and with just two games left to play in the season, they were tied at 66 apiece.

Memorable Year

Both of these stars had broken the MLB record, but now it was a chase between themselves. There were many people rooting for Sammy Sosa and there were many rooting for Mark McGuire. The tension was high and there was a lot on the line going into these last two games. Who would pull away as the victor in the end? Mark McGuire ended up hitting two home runs in each of the next two games. He finished with 70. Sosa was not able to pull out four home runs and finished at 66. Although Sammy did not end up beating Mark McGuire, he had a great season. Baseball fans loved this race and it kept them on the edge of their seats. The home run race of 1998 will be remembered for a long time.

Sammy Sosa Jersey

The Sammy Sosa jersey is a very popular jersey. Fans all across the game of baseball and people in the city wear the famous Sammy Sosa jersey. This Sammy Sosa jersey comes in multiple different colors and designs from the Chicago blue to the white. Sammy had a great career and is one of the few stars to hit over 600 home runs.

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