Russell Westbrook Jersey

Russell Westbrook Jersey

Russell Westbrook Jersey

A Russell Westbrook jersey is a very popular basketball jersey today. The fans love watching him play and young basketball players all over the nation strive to be as good as him one day. Westbrook is an all-star and is a natural competitor. When he is on the floor he wants to win and you can see it in the way he plays the game. So where did this competitive all-star come from? Click HERE to get your favorite Russell Westbrook jersey!

High School Years

Russell Westbrook was born and raised in the state of California, specifically the city of Long Beach. He grew up with his two parents and his younger brother. Westbrook was not naturally tall going into his high school year, but he enjoyed playing the game of basketball. Height is one feature that definitely gives you an advantage at the game. Russell attended Leuzinger High School in his home state of California. While attending school he joined the basketball team and played point guard. This may come as a surprise, but Westbrook didn’t make his high school’s varsity team until his junior season. He continued to play and work hard at the game and his height eventually started to work with him.

Becoming A Star

Russell Westbrook ended up growing to the size of six feet and three inches tall. While it may have taken him longer than some to make his varsity team, once he reached that point he really started to take off. He became one of the team’s stars and played some great basketball in his later years at Leuzinger. His senior season was his best and Russell averaged around 25 points, 3 steals, 2 assists, and just shy of 9 rebounds per game. Westbrook went on to lead his team to a 25 win and only 4 loss season that year. He ended up getting some solid recruitment after his success he showed in his later years of high school. Westbrook actually didn’t end up getting recruitment letters until the summer leading up to his senior year. He never gave up and continued to work hard. The coach for the University of California at Los Angeles offered Russell a scholarship to play basketball for them. This was a dream come true for him and Westbrook decided to take his talents to UCLA. He had wanted to be a Bruin since he was a young kid.

Becoming A Bruin

Russell Westbrook Jersey

Oklahoma City

While at UCLA, Russell Westbrook put up some good numbers and had some great performances. He started out as a backup and bench player during his freshman year. He was used as an energy guy during his freshman year as well and knew how to get the guys going. Westbrook was a natural leader and even though he wasn’t a starter he still saw quite a bit of the floor. During his second season is when Russell was named a starter for the Bruins and really showed what he was capable of.

Stepping Up His Game

During his second season at UCLA, Russell averaged close to 13 points per game and helped lead the Bruins to two straight NCAA tournaments. They didn’t end up winning the National Championship, but the team made some good runs and had quality seasons. Westbrook was a great defensive player and won the award of Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year. He was quite the athlete and one of the Bruins greatest players. Two years was all it took for Russell before he decided to chase his dream of playing in the National Basketball Association. He got some notice from professional scouts and decided to enter the NBA Draft.

To The Next Level

Russell Westbrook Jersey

Russell Westbrook Jersey

In the 2008 NBA Draft, Russell Westbrook was selected as the fourth overall pick in the first round. The Seattle Supersonics were the team that chose to have Westbrook join them. They wouldn’t be disappointed with their pick. During the same time that they drafted Russell, the organization itself was going through some changes. They moved cities, changed mascots, and team colors. The Seattle Supersonics relocated from the city of Seattle to Oklahoma City. They changed their mascot to the Thunder and became the team we know today as the Oklahoma City Thunder. Their colors went from green and yellow with the Supersonics to blue and orange in Oklahoma City. Russell Westbrook was one of the first members of this new squad.

Close To A Ring

During his rookie season with the Thunder, Russell Westbrook had his first triple-double and averaged around 15 points per game. He was named to the NBA All Rookie First Team, but didn’t become an everyday starter until his second season. This was very similar to his college years. Throughout his professional career, Russell has helped lead the Thunder to multiple different playoff appearances. He did so in just his second year in Oklahoma City. In 2012, he helped lead the organization to the NBA Finals, which was the first time for the new organization. The Oklahoma City Thunder faced off against LeBron James and the Miami Heat and ended up losing the championship series in five games. The Thunder ended up taking game one by a score of 105-94. Russell had a solid night and ended up scoring 27 points. He made the fans of Oklahoma City proud and they were glad to have this young star.

Many Awards

Russell Westbrook hasn’t been able to bring home a championship yet, but he is hoping to bring one back to Oklahoma City in the near future. He has had a great career so far and has made it to the All-Star Game seven different times. Two of those times in the All-Star game he was awarded the All Star Games Most Valuable Player. In the season of 2016-2017 he and won the league’s Most Valuable Player and won an Olympic Gold Medal in the year 2012 with the United States Olympic Team. He has had some great accomplishments so far, it will be fun to see where the rest of his career takes him.

Outside of Basketball

Russell Westbrook is married to Nina Earl. Nina and Russell met while they were at UCLA and she had a love for the game of basketball just like him. Nina played basketball for the university as well. They have a young boy named Noah and seem like one happy family. Along with the game of basketball, Russell is very interested in fashion. He has gotten involved in the fashion industry himself and was named the creative director of a True Religion campaign. True Religion is a fashion and clothing company. Westbrook has a great sense of style and also has his own sunglasses line. He is involved in more than just basketball and it is fun to see his different interests. Westbrook is one of the greatest players in the game of basketball today. He has a bright future and career ahead of him. He is an exciting player to watch and we will have to stay tuned to see where the rest of his career takes him.

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