Ricky Henderson Jersey

Ricky Henderson Jersey

Ricky Henderson Jersey

One of the fastest guys to ever play the game of baseball, Ricky Henderson, could get around the bases. A Ricky Henderson jersey is a legendary baseball jersey and is a must have for baseball fans. Ricky broke and set the record for the most stolen bases by any player in Major League Baseball. Ballplayers all over the nation strive to be as quick and speedy as Ricky…but there was only one Ricky Henderson. Click HERE to get your favorite Ricky Henderson jersey.

Four Sports

Ricky Henderson was born in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, but grew up and went to high school in California. Ricky was quite the athlete and played multiple different sports during his high school years. He played baseball, basketball, football, and ran a little track. Talk about being busy with sports. Henderson’s two best sports were football and baseball. He ended up quitting track due to the conflict it created with baseball and having the same season. Football and baseball were the ones he was best at and Henderson received lots of attention due to his skills and abilities in both of these sports.

Picking A Sport

Ricky Henderson Jersey


Ricky Henderson was a solid running back in high school and was an All-American who had a couple of seasons with over 1,000 rushing yards. Due to his success on the football field, Ricky received lots of notice. He was offered by many colleges and universities the opportunity to play football for them. He had always wanted to play for the Oakland Raiders, but decided to stick with the game of baseball. Ricky’s decision seemed to have worked out for him because he received lots of notice from scouts at the professional level for the game of baseball. Henderson was a unique ball player as he batted from the right side, but threw from the left. It didn’t matter how he did it because he was good. Along with his ability to hit and throw, Henderson could run. He was fast and could steal many bases. The scouts loved that part of his game.

Starting Out Hot

The Oakland Athletics selected Ricky Henderson in the fourth round of the Major League Baseball Draft. He started out in the Athletics minor league system for a few years and worked his way up. Ricky was hitting real well and was stealing lots of bags. After three years of working through the minors, he made his big league debut in June 1979. Henderson played well during his first season and in 1980 he set the record for the Oakland Athletics in stolen bases with 100 that season. Along with stealing so many bags, Ricky had hit with over a .300 batting average and led the American League in times reached base of 301. Henderson was a star and had a great first couple season in the big leagues.

Legendary Career

Along with breaking the franchise stolen bases record and having a stellar first couple years, Ricky Henderson continued this streak of success throughout his career. He was selected as an All-Star ten different times and was a three time Silver Slugger Award winner. He was a World Series champion two times in the years of 1989 and 1993. Ricky won the American League Most Valuable Player Award in 1990 and the Gold Glove Award in 1981. He also led the American League in stolen bases 12 times. Talk about consistency. Nobody could catch Ricky…literally. He was stealing bases left and right. Ricky had some great accomplishments throughout his career and ended up playing with nine different major league teams from 1979 to 2003. He had a long career and tried to continue playing as long as he could. Henderson never wanted to retire, but ended up playing his last Major League game with the Los Angeles Dodgers in September 2003.

Staying Around The Game

Ricky Henderson Jersey

Ricky Henderson Jersey

After retiring, Ricky Henderson wanted to continue to stay around the game of baseball and he decided to become a coach. In 2006, the New York Mets hired Ricky as an instructor to mainly work with hitters and help teach base running. Maybe Ricky would be able to teach them a thing or two about stealing bases. While with the Mets, he worked with Jose Reyes and helped him advance his skills. Henderson also helped coach with the Athletics during his coaching career and taught guys like Rajai Davis and Coco Crisp. He stayed in the game of baseball even after his playing days were over.

Multiple MLB Records

Ricky Henderson holds multiple Major League Baseball records. He holds the record for the most runs scored at 2,295 and the record of career lead off home runs at 81. Not only was he a speedy lead off hitter, but he had some power in his bat too. Ricky could run the ball out of the yard. Along with holding these records, Henderson holds records within the category of stolen bases. He has the single season stolen bases record at 130 stolen bases in one year. That is quite a lot. He also holds the MLB record for the amount of stolen bases in a career. Ricky holds that record at 1,406 career stolen bases. The man was speedy.

Breaking The Record

On May 1, 1991, Ricky Henderson became the all-time steals’ leader. He had broken the record and held the top spot on the all-time steals’ list. The game was between the Oakland Athletics and the New York Yankees. Henderson was on second base and had his eye on third. Like always, Ricky was looking to steal the next base. The pitcher lifted and went to throw the pitch to home and Ricky took off just like he had so many times before. Sliding head first into third base, he had beat the throw and the tag. Henderson was safe. Steal number 939. The previous record holder was legendary Lou Brock who held it at 938 before Ricky came along. The funny thing is, Henderson wasn’t even close to being finished. He ended up stealing over 450 more bags from that moment on through the rest of his career and ended up with a final record of 1,406 steals’. That is one heck of a record and one that won’t be broken for a very long time.

Number Retired

Ricky Henderson is one of the top baseball players to ever play the game and was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2009. The Oakland Athletics retired the number 24 in honor of Ricky. He currently holds the record for stolen bases and it hasn’t even been close to being broken. Will this record ever be touched or will it forever stand?

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