The Big Unit. This was the nickname of one of the top pitchers in the game of baseball; Randy Johnson. The Randy Johnson jersey is a well-known jersey and one that will be remembered for a long time. The man was dominant on the mound and knew how to shut down some of the best hitters in the game of baseball. He could make the best hitters swing and miss over and over again. Many times if they didn’t swing and miss they would be standing there still…frozen. The Randy Johnson jersey is made up of many different colors as he played for six different big league teams over his years. The Randy Johnson jersey is most popular in the black and purple colors that he wore while he was with the Arizona Diamondbacks. If you are looking to get your own Randy Johnson jersey check out the link below!

Randy Johnson Jersey

Randy Johnson Jersey

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High School Stud

This future MLB star grew up in the state of California. He got into sports at a young age and ended up playing multiple different sports. Johnson got involved in the game of baseball and basketball. He attended Livermore High School. This high school is also located in the state of California. Randy grew into a very tall kid and that sure helped with his athletic skills. Johnson was a star on the diamond and struck out batter after batter. He was almost untouchable. Randy was considered one of the top players in the state of California and got attention from scouts at the professional level. As just a high school kid, Randy was getting notice from the top-level of professional baseball.

Tough Decision

Randy Johnson was selected during the fourth round of the MLB draft in 1982. The team that had selected Randy was the Atlanta Braves. They had just drafted one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game, but they didn’t know it at the time. Sometimes it is hard to tell just how a player is going to develop and perform at the professional level. Even though the Braves had taken Johnson, he decided to forego this opportunity to play in the big leagues straight out of high school. He decided to go to college and continue his baseball career at the University of Southern California. It would be a few more years before the Randy Johnson jersey would become famous. Major League Baseball would have to wait to see this young stud. USC was excited to have Randy.

Two-Sport Athlete

Randy Johnson did not only pursue the game of baseball while he attended the University of Southern California, but he also played the game of basketball. He was a two-sport division one athlete for the first couple years of his college experience. He was just that good at both sports. Randy only played the game of basketball for two years before solely focusing on baseball. Johnson continued to develop and grow at his game. He had a lot of potential and there was a solid chance that the Randy Johnson jersey would one day be made for a professional baseball team. Randy became one of the top pitchers in the country and received the looks from multiple professional scouts. The future was bright for the young college flamethrower.

MLB Bound

The Montreal Expos drafted the Big Unit within the second round of the 1985 MLB Draft. This time around he decided to take the offer and pursue the dream of playing professional baseball. Just about every young ballplayer hopes to one day hear their name called on draft day. This dream came true for Randy and now he had the opportunity to prove himself. He had to work through the minor leagues for a few years to learn how to play at this level. He continued to make strides and improve. In 1988, Johnson made his MLB Debut with the Expos. He ended up getting the win in his first game where he threw five innings and gave up just two runs. What an exciting time for this young player. The Randy Johnson jersey was starting to get some recognition.

Multiple Teams

Throughout his career, Randy has played with many teams. He is most widely known as playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Seattle Mariners. Along with the Expos, Diamondbacks, and Mariners, Randy has also played with the Houston Astros, New York Yankees, and San Francisco Giants. Johnson has had a great career and has had lots of success.

Randy Johnson Jersey

Randy Johnson Jersey

Great Career

Johnson has been selected to the All-Star Game ten times and has won the Cy Young Award in five of those seasons. He won the Triple Crown in 2002 and was also the MLB wins leader in the same season. The pitching Triple Crown is when one player leads the entire league in wins, strikeouts, and earned run average. That is a very challenging award to get…but Randy did it. Johnson has been the ERA leader in four seasons and was the strikeout leader in nine of his seasons. Johnson was very good at making hitters swing and miss…or just completely watch the ball go by. One of his greatest accomplishments had to be during his 2001 season. Johnson won the World Series during that year and was named as the World Series Most Valuable Player. What a sweet moment in his career.

Hitting The Bird

Needless to say, the Randy Johnson jersey had become very popular. One of the most memorable moments of Randy’s career came when he demolished a bird. Johnson was on the mound and delivered a pitch to home plate. At the same time the pitch was being thrown, a bird flew right in between the mound and home plate. Johnson’s fastball hit the bird in mid-air and it exploded. Feathers went everywhere.

Randy Johnson Jersey

The Randy Johnson jersey is popular all across the game of baseball and one that will be remembered for a long time. Randy Johnson will go down in history as being one of the best pitchers to play the game. He received lots of support from fans all across the country and there are many people who still rock the Randy Johnson jersey today. This Randy Johnson jersey is a good-looking jersey and has a great design with the mixture of the colors and details. Check out the different Randy Johnson jerseys by clicking the link above!

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