Patrick Mahomes jersey

Patrick Mahomes jersey

How many of you wanted to be the starting quarterback for an NFL team when you were younger? Well, many kids today are looking up to a guy by the name of Patrick Mahomes and hoping to have the success that he is having at such a young age. The Patrick Mahomes jersey is a very popular jersey and many people all over the country are wearing this jersey. Mahomes is the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and he has been playing out of his mind. He has had quite the success at the professional level. The city of Kansas loves what they have in their young quarterback and hope that he continues this type of success for a long time. The Patrick Mahomes jersey is a hot item.

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Athletic Genes

Prior to this Patrick Mahomes jersey being so popular, he was just a young boy living in the state of Texas. Mahomes was born and raised in the state of Texas. He grew up around sports and athletics as his dad played professional baseball. His father was Pat Mahomes who was a Major League Baseball pitcher. He pitched for multiple different teams including the Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates. He had played for a lot of different ball clubs. Due to this, Patrick was involved in sports including baseball, football, and basketball. Mahomes attended Whitehouse High School in Texas where he participated in all three of these sports.

Young Success

While at Whitehouse High, Patrick became successful in these sports and was one of the best athletes at the school. In the game of baseball he was also a pitcher just like his father. His dad must have taught him well because during one of the games in his senior year Patrick ended up throwing a no-hitter with sixteen strikeouts. That is an extremely high number. In the game of football he played quarterback and put up some solid numbers. He threw for over 4,600 yards and had over 50 passing touchdowns. Mahomes was great at both of these sports and was named as the Male Athlete of the Year. That sure is an exciting award to receive. He was hoping to continue this success in sports and to one day make the Patrick Mahomes jersey a sought after item.

A Decision to Make

Many colleges and universities had interest in Patrick due to his skills on the field. He was recruited for both football and baseball. Mahomes was labeled as a three star recruit for football, but was ranked as one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in the class. He was not just a pocket passer, but he was a runner as well. Texas Tech University was one school that saw the great ability and potential that Mahomes had. He committed to play football for them, but he had a decision to make. The Detroit Tigers selected Patrick in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB Draft. Was he going to go to college to further his football career or take the offer from the Tigers to play professional baseball? That can’t ever be an easy decision. It sure seems to have worked out for him though.

Focused On Football

As you can probably tell, Patrick Mahomes decided to further his football career and decided to go to college at Texas Tech University. While at Texas Tech he would play football, but was also given the opportunity to play baseball. He was a relief pitcher for the team, but his main focus was on football. During his first season Mahomes was given the opportunity to start some games at quarterback due to some injuries. He had a successful freshman season and set the Big 12 record for passing in the game against Baylor. He passed for 598 yards that day with six touchdowns. What a game. Mahomes continued to have success in his sophomore year as well when he was named the starting quarterback again. Prior to his junior season at Texas Tech he decided to leave the baseball team and solely focus on the game of football.

Texas Tech Success

Patrick Mahomes continued to have lots of success during his junior season where he ended up breaking the NCAA record for total offense with 819 yards in the game versus Oklahoma. He was becoming one of the top players in the league and was on his way to making the Patrick Mahomes jersey a famous one. Patrick finished his junior season leading the country in yards per game, passing yards, total touchdowns, and total offense. He ended up winning multiple awards and was named to the Sammy Baugh Trophy and was named as an Academic All-American. Due to his great success, Mahomes decided to not go back to Texas Tech for his senior year. He was going to enter into the NFL Draft. The Patrick Mahomes jersey was about to be made for an NFL team.

Rookie Season

Patrick Mahomes jersey

Patrick Mahomes jersey

With the tenth overall pick in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs selected Patrick Mahomes. This was a smart decision as Mahomes would turn out to be a solid player and the Patrick Mahomes jersey would end up becoming quite popular. Mahomes signed a four-year contract for over sixteen million dollars and had a signing bonus that was over ten million. He was set. In Week 17 of the 2017 season Patrick got his first start. He played rather well and the Chiefs ended up trading their other quarterback and making Mahomes the starting quarterback for the 2018 season. He would not disappoint.

Hot Start

Patrick Mahomes had a hot start in his first week in 2018 when he led the team to a victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. Mahomes threw for over 250 yards and four touchdowns. This young quarterback ended up getting named as the AFC Offensive Player of the Week in just week one. His career took off from there and he has had much success since then. Mahomes would be named to another Offensive Player of the Week award and also broke an NFL record. He broke the record for most touchdown passes thrown in the first two weeks of the season. He has already set multiple NFL records at such a young age.

NFL Records

Mahomes has set multiple NFL records. He became the first player to throw for over 3,000 yards in his first ten games. Patrick also holds the record for the most touchdown passes thrown through the first ten games of the season with 31. He is the youngest quarterback to throw for six touchdowns in a game and is the fastest player to have 4,000 passing yards and 40 plus touchdown passes. It only took him 13 games. The kid is an incredible quarterback and the Patrick Mahomes jersey is becoming high in value.

Patrick Mahomes Jersey

Patrick Mahomes is one of the top players in the NFL. He is exciting to watch and seems to continue to break records. It will be fun to watch where the rest of his career takes him. People all across the country look up to this young quarterback and hope to be as good as him one day. The fans and the people in Kansas City love him. A Patrick Mahomes jersey is one of the top NFL jerseys. The Chiefs are hoping that he can lead them to a championship within the next few years. Please leave comments below on when you think Mahomes will win his first NFL championship!

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