Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey

Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey

Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey

One of the top wide receivers in the National Football League, Odell Beckham Jr. can flat out play. This football star is well-known by many people around the nation. Having an Odell Beckham Jr. jersey is one of the most popular NFL jerseys to have. From his quick speed to his one handed catches, Odell is a great asset to have on your team. Click HERE to get your favorite Odell Beckham Jr. jersey!

Athletic Family

Odell Beckham Jr. was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He grew up in an athletic family as his parents were both involved in sports. His dad had played football during his younger years and played college ball at Louisiana State University. Odell’s mother ran track at the college level and attended LSU as well. As you can imagine, Beckham Jr. became quite the athlete himself and was involved in many different sports.

Multi-Sport Athlete

Odell attended Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He participated in basketball, football, and track while in high school. He had even played soccer at a younger age and was invited to try out for the national team, but he didn’t want to focus all on soccer and wanted to continue pursuing the other sports. Football is obviously his specialty, but he was very good at basketball and track as well. Beckham received notice as an all-district player during his high school years and played at the Varsity basketball level for all four years. He was fast in track and finished high in the rankings for multiple track and field events for the long jump and the 200-meter dash. Beckham was one of the best athletes in the area.

Nationally Ranked

Where Odell Beckham Jr. really shined was on the gridiron. He played multiple positions in football including wide receiver, quarterback, running back, corner back, and punt returner. What could he not do? He had over 1,000 receiving yards in one season and was noticed as one of the top players in the state of Louisiana. Beckham was named as an All-State first team wide receiver and also received the District Offensive MVP Honors. Along with these awards he was highly ranked and many labeled him as the number six wide receiver in the country. This brought Odell lots of attention from scouts at the next level.

College Interest

Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey

New York, NY

There were multiple different Division one schools that were interested in Odell Beckham Jr. He received offers from big schools including Ole Miss, Tulane, Nebraska, and Louisiana State University. It is never an easy decision trying to determine where you will want to spend the next four years of your life or which one will be the best for your future. Odell had lots to think about and a big decision to make. He decided to stay within his hometown of Baton Rouge and wanted to become a Tiger. He would be attending LSU just like both of his parents. Louisiana State was excited to have this young star join them and continue both his academic and athletic careers there.

An LSU Tiger

Odell Beckham Jr. would end up having some great years at LSU. The Tigers were excited for the growth and development of this young athlete within their system…and he did just that. During his first year at LSU he started many games. Beckham has a solid first year and was named to the Freshman All-SEC team. He continued to perform well during his second year and had multiple punt returns for touchdowns. That is always exciting to see the players run it all the way back. Odell had multiple receptions for LSU and was a staple to their team as a wide receiver. He continued his path of success in 2013 and was one of the top receivers in college football that year. Odell was named to both the first and second team All-SEC and due to his greatness on special teams he was awarded the Paul Hornung Award. This award is given to the most versatile player in college football. Due to all of this success, Beckham received notice from scouts at the professional level. They saw lots of potential in this young kid and Odell decided to not go back to LSU for his senior year, but to instead pursue a career in the NFL.

Heading To New York

With the 12th pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected Odell Beckham Jr. The city of New York was looking forward to what this young talented draft pick would be bringing to the table. After struggling through an injury at the beginning of his first season in the NFL he then began to take off and show what he could do. During just his rookie season, Odell had what was called by many as the catch of the year. He had run down the sideline toward the end zone and jumped up to make an incredible one handed catch for a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. People were shocked at his ability to make that catch. His name began to rapidly spread from that famous play, but Odell would show that he had a lot more than just one play in him.

Becoming A Star

Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey

Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey

Along with his great catch, Beckham Jr. broke Randy Moss’s record for consecutive games with 90 plus receiving yards in a rookie season. He also marked his own record and became the first NFL rookie to have 12 catches, 3 touchdowns, and 140 plus yards in one game. Odell was awarded the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award and also participated in the Pro Bowl. He was voted to the cover of Madden NFL 2016 and became the youngest player to ever be featured on the cover. Odell was becoming a star.

Continued Success

Odell Beckham Jr. continued to have a great rest of his career after his rookie season and was named to two more Pro Bowls in 2015 and 2016. He was a top NFL receiver, but in 2017 he had suffered some more injuries. He had to have surgery and only ended up playing in 4 games that year. In 2018, Beckham signed another deal with the Giants and would be staying in the city of New York. It will be fun to see this star continue his great career.

NFL Records

Odell holds many NFL records. These records include being the fastest player to reach 100, 150, 200, and 250 career receptions. He was also the fastest to reach 3,000, 3,500, and 4,000 career receiving yards. Beckham Jr. is the only player to have 1,300 plus receiving yards while playing in just 12 or fewer games in a season. Talk about efficiency…the man can play.

Great Potential

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the top wide receivers in the National Football League. He had an incredible rookie season and it he has only continued on the path of success since then. What does the future hold for this wide receiver?

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