The Nick Markakis jersey is a very popular jersey in the city of Atlanta and around Major League Baseball. Markakis currently plays for the Atlanta Braves, but has played for a couple teams throughout his career. He plays in the outfield and is mainly positioned in right field. Markakis sure can run down some balls in the outfield and also has a great arm. Along with the defensive side of the game he is very successful when he steps up to this dish as well. The Braves are happy to have this star in Nick and the Nick Markakis jersey is seen all across the country. Are you looking to get your very own Nick Markakis jersey? Check out the link below to find your favorite one!

Nick Markakis jersey

Nick Markakis jersey

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Saying No To Pro Ball

Nick Markakis was born in the state of New York, but he then moved to Georgia. His family had relocated there when he was younger. As a kid Nick got involved in the game of baseball and was very good at the sport. He played at Woodstock High School in Georgia and helped lead the team to many victories. Markakis was one of the best players on the team and received lots of notice from professional scouts. Just as a teenager he was getting looks from scouts at the big league level. That shows just how good Markakis was at such a young age. In 2001, the Cincinnati Reds drafted Nick straight out of high school. He had been given the opportunity to play at the professional level and try to work his way up the minor leagues, but Nick decided to turn down this opportunity.

Junior College

Instead of going to play with the Cincinnati Reds, Nick decided to continue his baseball career and education at Young Harris College. This college is located in the northeast part of Georgia. Markakis performed really well while he was there and ended up getting drafted again. The Cincinnati Reds were the team that chose Nick yet again. And yet again, Markakis would turn down the offer to play professionally. He wanted to return again to Young Harris College to continue his career there. While playing there, he continued to have lots of success. He hit with a batting average of over .400 and also hit over 20 bombs. The dude knew how to pitch as well and had a 12-0 record on the hill.

Olympic Talent

Due to this success, Nick was named the Junior College Player of the Year for the state of Georgia twice. He was also named as Baseball America’s 2002 National JUCO Player of the Year. He was about to make the Nick Markakis jersey a famous one. Not only did Nick have success at the college level, but he also had success at the Olympic level. Markakis played in the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece. He played for the Greek Olympic baseball team and also had won a Silver Medal in the previous year in the European National Championships. Nick received a lot of notice for his skills at the game of baseball. He was quite the player and the Nick Markakis jersey would soon be a very recognizable jersey.

Third Times A Charm

The Baltimore Orioles selected Nick Markakis with the seventh overall pick in the first round of the 2003 MLB Draft. This was the third time that this young star had been drafted and given the opportunity to play professionally. Third time the charm. Markakis took this offer and became one of the Baltimore Orioles. The Nick Markakis jersey was going to be in that orange and black. Markakis was close to being drafted as a pitcher because he had a fastball that reached 96 miles per hour on the radar gun. He was so skilled at the other part of the game that they decided to keep him as a position player and hitter. Nick worked his way up the farm system and eventually got the call that every young player wants to hear. Pack your bags, you’re headed to the big leagues.

Heading To Atlanta

In April 2006 Nick Markakis made his major league debut with the Baltimore Orioles. The Nick Markakis jersey was getting more recognition. Nick played well as a rookie and would stay with the Orioles at the professional level. He would play with the city of Baltimore until 2015. He signed a deal with the Atlanta Braves at the end of the 2014 season and joined them the following season. The Nick Markakis jersey was changing colors and logos. He had become a Brave and the city of Atlanta was excited to have him. Markakis played well while with the city of Atlanta and many Braves fans have their very own Nick Markakis jersey.

Check out the video below on Nick Markakis’s great 2018 season!

MLB Success

Nick Markakis has had lots of success throughout his career. This has cause the Nick Markakis jersey to sell a lot. He has been named as a Gold Glove winner three times. This came in the years of 2011, 2014, and 2018. He had a great season in 2018 and this is when he also won the Silver Slugger Award and was named an All-Star. That was Nick’s first trip to the All-Star Game. What an exciting time and opportunity that must have been for Nick and his family. What a well-deserved opportunity. This man can play the game. He has not been able to win a World Series title yet, but is hoping to accomplish that within the next few years. What a sweet feeling that would be for Markakis…to win the last game of the season. Click HERE to check out Nick’s career statistics!

Giving Back

Nick and his wife, Christina, enjoy giving back. The started their own foundation together called the Right Side Foundation. This was created and built with the hopes to help children. The foundation helps troubled or distressed children who may be lonely, sick, or disadvantaged in some way. This is mainly throughout the state of Maryland as this is the home of Nick and Christina. What an incredible thing they are doing for the children. This truly shows that there is more to life than the game of baseball and that one can truly use their talents to give back and help others. That’s what it is all about.

Nick Markakis jersey

The Nick Markakis jersey is a popular item and is owned by many baseball fans all across the country. Whether you prefer to wear the old Nick Markakis jersey or the new one of today, it is a great addition to any collection. Where do you see the rest of Nick’s career taking him? Will he be able to win a World Series? Please leave comments below!

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