When you think of the most hated sports jerseys, are there certain names that come to mind? Well, sports have been around for a very long time which in turn makes for a lot of athletes who have been hated. So, the question we need to ask ourselves is why are there so many hated sports jerseys? As you probably already know, there is not just one reason. There are many factors that go into why some sports jerseys are the most hated sports jerseys. Many of these reasons seem to be valid, while many others are not. Check out the link below to see some of the most hated sports jerseys as well as some of your favorite sports jerseys!

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Reasons Behind The Hate

Why do some people hate greatness? There have been many athletes who have been hated throughout the years. This has caused there to be many hated sports jerseys. So why are these phenomenal athletes hated on so often? It seems as if many of these athletes that are hated are the best players in the game. So the question is why do people hate these athletes? Could it be because people are jealous of the success of the athlete or maybe because these athletes left their team to join another team? Some may feel that they broke the trust and loyalty to the team and city. Some of the most popular sports jerseys are also some of the most hated sports jerseys. Some of these most hated sports jerseys include players like LeBron James, Bryce Harper, and Tom Brady. This hatred of athletes is not only seen in today’s sports world, but is something that has been noticed over time.

Jealousy – Bring Em Down

Most Hated Sports Jerseys

Tom Brady Jersey

Some of the best athletes to ever play sports have some of the most hated sports jerseys. One reason people may hate certain athletes is because of their success. I believe some people are jealous of the success of certain athletes and hope to see them fail within their sport. They like to see the athletes fail and not be successful after they have been successful for such a long time. A good example of this is Tom Brady and LeBron James. Both of these athletes have had a lot of success. There are other reasons why some people may hate these two athletes, but there are many who dislike them because of just how good they are. Many may just get sick of their success and enjoy seeing the top players go down. Along with jealousy, there are many other more valid reasons of why some athletes are disliked.

Jealousy – “Too Young, Too Much Money”

Some of the hate on athletes comes from people thinking that certain athletes are ‘too young’ for the type of success that they are having. Many wish they were as successful as some of these athletes are… especially at such a young age. Many see these young athletes and don’t think they should have that amount of success and don’t think they are worth the contracts and dollar amounts that they are receiving from teams and from the professional sports leagues. In the world we live in today there are many people who become jealous due to money. It is sad to see, but money is one thing that creates jealousy among many people.

Tom Brady

The Tom Brady jersey is one of the most hated sports jerseys. Tom Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots and has won six Super Bowls over the past years. Brady has many fans and there are many people who love him, but as you can imagine there are also many people who hate him. Tom is one of the quarterbacks that has been successful for such a long time. Some people are getting tired of it and are hoping to see him fail. Many people like to embrace the long trail of success and hope to see him continue this dynasty that he has created while many other people look to see his success fall off. Tom Brady will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL and yet many hate him.

On Opposing Squads

One of the reasons many hope for these great athletes to fall and fail is because they play for a different team than the ones that the fans follow. For example with Tom Brady if you’re not a fan of the New England Patriots than you likely would hope to see him fail as well as the rest of the team. This is the case especially when Brady and the Patriots are going up against your team. This is a valid reason to not root for somebody. It’s called competition. Sports is full of hating the other team. There can only be one winner in a ballgame and so it creates a valid reason for disliking some players. If an all-star athlete on the opposing team is destroying the team you like, then you aren’t going to be fond of that player. This creates for some hated sports jerseys.


As mentioned above, not being a part of the team that you like is a solid reason why hatred comes along in the sports world. For example many players on the Red Sox such as David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, and Manny Ramirez were hated by the fans of New York. This may not have been from anything that the players had done, but simply due to the fact that the Red Sox and Yankees are two of baseball’s greatest rivalries. It is a great rivalry and something that I believe is great for the game and competition. On the flip side I’m sure many Red Sox fans were not very fond of Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, or Andy Pettit. Playing for another team and an opposing squad is certainly one of the biggest causes of sports hatred.


Being a part of controversy or cheating is also a way to be in the mix of one of the most hated sports jerseys. Many people also dislike Tom Brady because he has been associated with a cheating scandal. A few years ago there was lots of controversy around Tom Brady because of the deflategate issue. People thought that Tom and the Patriots had deflated their own footballs so that they were able to get a better grip on the football. This would give them an advantage. Nobody likes cheaters and this created hate among many football fans. This may be a reason that caused the Tom Brady jersey to become one of the most hated sports jerseys.

Bryce Harper

A good example of this in sports is Bryce Harper. Harper skipped out of high school early in order to move on in baseball. Many thought this was unfair and that he shouldn’t be doing that because he was ‘too young’. Bryce Harper just received one of baseball’s biggest contracts (until Mike Trout broke that record a short while after) which was $13 million over a 13-year period. The dude is only 26 years old. Talk about an absurd amount of money, I mean good for him. Harper is considered one of baseball’s greatest stars, but at the same time he has also struggled and not been as successful as many people think he is getting paid for. Many people see this young kid and don’t think he should be getting paid that type of money. I mean millions and millions of dollars for such a long period of time sure is crazy. Many wish that they were the ones receiving such a high dollar amount…I mean can you blame them. A lot of people feel that they are working very hard in their own lives and yet they don’t receive anywhere near that amount of money. Instead of being happy for the man many look at him and say he doesn’t deserve that. This causes almost a hatred towards Bryce because of his success.

Getting Booed

In Bryce Harper‘s younger days of playing baseball he would get booed at stadiums when he would not hit a home run or when he would strike out. People were ruthless and many people hated Harper because of how successful he was “supposed to be” at such a young age. Harper even will get booed by his home fans in the city of Philadelphia. So why is there so much hatred towards some of the game’s greatest players? Is it because of expectations that they are not living up to? It may be because the fans want more. They feel that they’re not getting enough out of the player that they have and expect him to be great at all times. Because that’s what the teams are paying him for, right? Check out the video below on Bryce Harper.

LeBron James

Another good example of a hated athlete is LeBron James. LeBron James is one of the most hated basketball players in the game today. But why do people hate LeBron? As previously mentioned many may hate him because of jealousy or because he is now an opposing member to their favorite basketball team. LeBron James really grew a big fan base of haters when he left the Cleveland cavaliers and decided to play with the Miami heat. Some disliked that move because of the way he did it. LeBron held a TV show on ESPN called The Decision in which he publicized where he would be taking his talents. This left a bad taste in many of the Cleveland Cavaliers fans mouths. Others hate LeBron just because he decided to leave in the first place and didn’t stay with Cleveland. Many felt that he was being disloyal to the city and the franchise. Yet others hate LeBron because of his success and how he is one of the best players in the league. Many people enjoy seeing LeBron fail like this past year when he did not make the playoffs. LeBron James certainly has one of the most hated sports jerseys. Who else do you think matches LeBron with some of the most hated sports jerseys?

Most Hated Sports Jersey

LeBron James Jersey

Greatness Brings Hate

As you can see there are many reasons why people hate some of the game’s greatest athletes. This is an interesting topic to think about because when one of the teams OK players or mediocre players leaves or gets traded to a different team, there are usually no hurt feelings and no hatred usually arises. Why is this? Well, probably because they’re not that good so there is not that much value. But when a phenomenal athlete or the team’s best player moves on to a different team there seems to be a whole different thing that takes place. Due to how great that athlete is and the success that that athlete has had now creates hatred or dislike from their previous fan base. When in-turn if the athlete was not successful they would not be hated on. The level of success and greatness also brings a higher level of both love and hate.

Unmet Expectations

Expectations is one thing that can drive hate as well. When a team or fan base expects you to reach and play at a certain level and you don’t, then that becomes an issue. This can cause dislike from many fans. Also, if the expectations are for that successful athlete to stay with that franchise for a long time and they end up leaving earlier or playing with the team for a very short period that is also something that brings hate. A lot of it is based upon what people expect. Having unmet expectations can leave fans and a franchise with a bad taste in their mouth. Whereas if a player exceeds the expectations and does more than they thought they could, they start to love that player.

The Way You Act

Having one of the most hated sports jerseys also comes due to something that the players have done whether that is a way they have acted or something they have said. Many people dislike Alex Rodriguez and Barry bonds because of the steroid issue and how they cheated in the game. As seen above with Tom Brady cheating is definitely another way that causes this type of hate from the fans. Another example of acting in the wrong way to create dislike and hate is with Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. Both of these athletes were married and yet were involved in sexual interactions with other woman. People don’t like to see this type of behavior in this loyalty to their wives and families. That is a quick way to lose a lot of fans and supporters. These athletes were looked upon as some of the greatest to play their sports, but lost many fans due to their actions.

Many Reasons

As we can see there are many different cases and reasons for hate. Some of them are very valid and are decent reasons to not like somebody. Many of these most hated sports jerseys have come from the way the athletes have acted, the things they have said, or the way they have treated their families, wives, loved ones, and other people. At the same time, some of the most hated sports jerseys don’t seem to have a very valid reason for the hate. Some athletes have acted in a proper manner and are still hated due to their success and the amount of money that they are getting paid. One of the greatest saying goes “if you ain’t got haters then you ain’t poppin’.” This can be true because of what we have seen in the sports world with some of the sport’s greatest athletes. Some people will dislike you just because of how good and talented you are. Check out some of the most hated sports jerseys.

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