There are all kinds of different MLB Throwback Jerseys. Did you have a favorite ball player you liked to watch growing up? Or did you enjoy going to the ballpark to see the games and remember the smell of the hot dogs and freshly cut grass with the crack of the bat echoing all across the park? These are just some of the memories that baseball brings us. Many teams and players have come through the years which makes for all kinds of MLB throwback jerseys. The game of baseball has been around for a long time which has allowed for many styles and different color schemes to be created. If you’re looking to get some MLB throwback jerseys check out the link below!

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Changes In Jerseys

MLB Throwback Jersey

Vladimir Guerrero Jersey

Let’s take a look at many of the different MLB teams that have some unique mlb throwback jerseys. The Arizona Diamondbacks used to have a lot more purple involved in their jerseys and a lot less of the red that we see today. If you turn back the clock you would see the Diamondbacks wearing jerseys with purple and teal. They also had all black jerseys with purple lettering coming across the front of them. This was during the era when they had Randy Johnson or who many refer to as “The Unit”. Another team with changes would be the Atlanta Braves. The Braves have kept the same color, but they used to have a different looking logo. Instead of the uppercase “A” logo that we see in today’s game, they had a classic lower case “a” logo. Both of these teams have great MLB throwback jerseys.

Multiple Jerseys

The Chicago Cubs are one team that have a few different mlb throwback jerseys. They were still blue back in the day, but they had different shades of blue. They had a royal blue V-neck jersey that had red and white stripes on the end of the sleeves. The Cubs also had an off-white or cream colored jersey. Along with those two jerseys, the cubs had a light blue jersey with blue pinstripes. This is my personal favorite mlb throwback jersey that the Cubs had. It seems to be very unique and there’s not many seen like it. Another mlb throwback jersey with pinstripes was that of the Detroit Tigers. This Tigers jersey had pinstripes with orange lettering and a thick navy blue stripe running down the middle.

Classic MLB Throwback Jerseys

Some more great MLB throwback jerseys were those of the Houston Astros. They had a throwback jersey with stripes as well, but theirs ran horizontal instead of vertical. This Astros throwback jersey had orange and yellow stripes at the bottom of the jersey with plain white at the top. This is one of the most classic MLB throwback jerseys. The Oakland Athletics were a team with an all yellow jersey. The A’s throwback jersey also had stirrups to go along with it. These all were unique throwback jerseys.

Montreal To Washington, D.C.

There are some other MLB teams that not only changed jerseys over the years, but changed their cities or logos completely as well. One organization that represents this kind of change is the Washington Nationals. The Nationals used to be the Montreal Expos before that team went under and changed to a different city and different name. They kept the same colors for the most part that included red, white, and blue. The organization went through some major changes and many people today are unfamiliar with who the Montreal Expos once were. The two teams from Los Angeles fall into this category as well.

Dodgers And Angels

The Los Angeles Dodgers back in the day were known as the Brooklyn Dodgers and were based out of New York. They are most well-known for having the famous player in Jackie Robinson who changed the game. They have kept the same colors in blue and white, but had a light blue jersey and an off-white or cream color jersey as well. The Los Angeles Angels of today’s world were at one point known as the Anaheim Angels and before that they were the California Angels. The Angels throwback jerseys used to have a CA on the jersey.

Florida Changes

Another team that went under major changes and that has great MLB throwback jerseys is the organization of the Miami Marlins. You can trace back time not too long ago and they were known as the Florida Marlins. Not only that, but they had a different looking logo and had different colors as well. The Marlins today are orange and blue, but back then the Marlins were green. Times have changed within the baseball world and I’m sure in years to come we will continue to see more organizational changes within the teams of Major League Baseball.

Powder Blues

MLB Throwback Jersey

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Along with these changes in jerseys there were some teams that all had very similar mlb throwback jerseys and all with the same color too. The powder blue. This was a light blue color and Major League Baseball went through an era where many teams wore this color. The teams that had this color jersey included the Brewers, Twins, Phillies, Mariners, Cardinals, Rangers, Blue Jays, Expos, Cubs, Dodgers, and Royals. These famous blues were most closely associated with the 1970’s and this trend took place during that era.

A Trend

The light blue was first worn by the Chicago Cubs when they wore it as an away jersey back in 1941. The Dodgers also joined in on the light blue in the 40’s, but the rest of the teams and the true powder blue didn’t take off until thirty years later. This blue trend lasted up until the 1980’s when it started to die down. The teams were starting to change and get rid of these jerseys. By the year 1991, the only two teams remaining with the powder blues were the Expos and the Royals. This quickly changed as the very next year there were no teams left rocking the powder blues. While the teams and organizations continued to change, so did the players.

What Makes A Good MLB Throwback Jersey?

The players throughout Major League Baseball would come and go. There are some that are remembered to this day and many that are not. Who has the greatest MLB throwback jersey and what causes a player to be remembered forever? Is it all based on statistics and championships or are there other factors? There are two players that came through Major League Baseball who will be remembered forever and that are still honored to this day. These legends are remembered for a lot more than just statistics and how good of ballplayers they were. They had a greater impact.

Jackie Robinson

One man wore the number 42 for the Brooklyn Dodgers. His name is Jackie Robinson and he helped change the game forever; on and off the field. Robinson was the first African American to play Major League Baseball. He was hated by many across the nation. He received threats and was cursed at…and not only by the fans, but other players and coaches as well. There were players and coaches within the league who would try to intentionally hurt Jackie. Players on his own team even disliked him. Robinson persevered and was an inspiration to many. He led the way for opportunity and showed that anyone and everyone all deserve a chance; and a dream. Jackie Robinson’s number, 42, is retired across all of Major League Baseball and he is still honored today.

Roberto Clemente

Another man with great impact and inspiration was a man by the name of Roberto Clemente. He was the first Latin American superstar in Major League Baseball. Like Robinson, he helped pave the way for opportunity. He changed the game of baseball, but along the way had a great impact on others. Clemente loved helping those in need. He would hold free baseball clinics for people back in his hometown. Roberto never forgot where he came from and took lots of pride in his country. Roberto died in a plane crash on his way to Nicaragua. He was on his way to bring relief items to this country. They had just experienced a devastating earthquake. The plane crashed off the coast of Puerto Rico. Clemente will be remembered for more than just the game of baseball, but his impact on the world. He has a very memorable MLB throwback jersey.

Looking For A Certain Jersey?

Throughout the many years of Major League Baseball, we have seen all kinds of changes. From organizational and team changes to the changes with the individual players and how they had an impact on the world. Check out some of the most popular MLB throwback jerseys below!

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  1. Great information! I’m from Washington, D.C., so by default, I’m a Nats fan. I didn’t know that they were from Montreal before that. Good to know!

  2. Like the history behind some of the changes in Jerseys…quite often I think some of the best Jerseys are the older ones. Is interesting to see the stories on Robinson and Clemente and how they helped paved the way for where MLB is at now.

    • Some of the older jerseys are the best ones and bring back some great history. Glad you enjoyed!

  3. There really have been changes to jerseys over the years. Very interesting. I suppose it is about branding. My brother recently got a jersey custom with the number and our last name printed on it; but it was the wrong size. I think it came from China. It said it was the correct size, but it was quite small. It just fit me, and I am much smaller than he.

    Not sure what sources you have, but I think American teams should have jerseys made in the U.S.A. Thanks for sharing this. There have been a lot of changes–even how jerseys are made these days. They all get made overseas; meanwhile, only a handful of textile mills in the U.S. remain.

    • I am sorry to hear that the size did not fit right. If you’re still looking to get some custom jerseys click HERE! Hopefully you and your brother are able to find one that fits just right.

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