The game of baseball has been around for a long time. Professional baseball first started in the 19th century and this is when MLB baseball jerseys were first made and produced. MLB baseball jerseys sure have changed a lot over the years. These jerseys first started out as wool. I can’t imagine how hot that must have been for the players to wear. Wool is a material that is good at keeping people warm. Wearing a wool jersey during the heat of the summer when you are running around and sweating sounds awful. It is a good thing that these MLB baseball jerseys would change though. In the 1970’s the jerseys became made of polyester. This is a much better material to play in and wear for games. These MLB baseball jerseys began to be mass-produced as the years went on.

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Mass Production

MLB baseball jerseys

Aaron Judge jersey

With these new MLB baseball jerseys being mass-produced it allows for lots of people to get their hands on them. These MLB baseball jerseys are not just for the players to wear, but the fans and people of the public as well. People all across the country started to purchase their own MLB baseball jerseys. There are many things that may cause someone to buy a specific jersey. Many people will buy the jersey of their favorite team or their favorite player. Along with what team you like there are many other reasons people will purchase an MLB baseball jersey.

Deeper Meaning

Other reasons they might buy MLB baseball jerseys would be if they like the way it looks, the style, or the colors of the jersey. Sometimes there may be more meaning behind a specific jersey. For example, you may like to wear a certain MLB baseball jersey because it was your grandpa’s favorite team and it reminds you of him. Or a certain player has significance to you and your boyfriend or girlfriend. Sometimes there is a deeper meaning behind a team or player and having one of those MLB baseball jerseys reflects that value. Do you have a certain team that you and your family have a special bond over? Or that player that reminds you of someone special?

Legendary MLB Baseball Jerseys

There have been some great MLB baseball jerseys over the years. Some of the best MLB baseball jerseys are those of the legendary athletes. These include the good ole Babe Ruth jersey, Ted Williams jersey, or Ken Griffey Jr. jersey. These guys were super stars and Hall of Famers. Making it into the Hall of Fame sure is an accomplishment and there are not too many players who can say that they have achieved this. These legendary MLB baseball jerseys are very popular and are some of the top MLB throwback jerseys to buy. There are all kinds of different MLB baseball jerseys you can get whether that’s from the famous pinstripes or the Boston red. There are all kinds of different colors and designs that make up these legendary MLB baseball jerseys! Do you have a favorite legendary MLB baseball jersey?

Today’s MLB Baseball Jerseys

There are many popular MLB baseball jerseys of players who are playing the game today. Lots of fans like to have the jersey of the new young star of their favorite team. So which MLB baseball jerseys are the most popular? The three most popular jerseys in 2018 were the Aaron Judge jersey, the Jose Altuve jersey, and the Javier Baez jersey. These three players sold the most amount of jerseys and that is the second year in a row that the New York Yankees outfielder was at the top of the list. Aaron Judge is a great baseball player and is for sure one of the fan favorites. Jose Altuve is the star for the Houston Astros. The Chicago Cubs are the home to the third most sold jersey in Javier Baez. So after these three stars who else was at the top of the list?

4th & 5th Spot

MLB baseball jerseys

David Ortiz jersey

Coming in at the number four spot was the Clayton Kershaw jersey. He is a great pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and has one of the most popular MLB baseball jerseys. The fifth spot was taken by the American League MVP from the Boston Red Sox…that would be the Mookie Betts jersey. Both of these stars have lots of fans and play for some successful organizations. Do you have a favorite MLB baseball jersey from one of today’s stars? Who do you think will rank among the top of the list in 2019? It will be interesting to see if anyone will be able to knock Aaron Judge off the top spot.

Uniform Preferences

Many players all across the league of baseball have their own way of wearing their MLB baseball jerseys. Some players like to wear the jersey with the first couple buttons unbuttoned while some like to have the full jersey buttoned. Some players prefer to wear the three-quarter sleeve undershirt underneath the jersey while others will wear no undershirt. It is all based on preference and how the player prefers to look and feel. Each person has their own style. Along with undershirts, there are a lot of other things players will add to their MLB baseball jerseys and uniforms.

Added Flare

There are all kinds of other things that players will add to their uniforms to go along with the MLB baseball jerseys. Many players will wear tape on their wrists. This is sometimes used for health reasons such as injuries or can be used as support of their wrists. Some players like to tape their wrists because they think it looks cool. Eye black is another thing that many players wear. This can be helpful to fight against the sun, but many times guys will wear it for the look of it versus using it for its actual purpose. Necklaces and chains are other items that baseball players will wear. Sometimes this could be just a plain chain or it could be a cross if one is a believer and has faith in Christ. There are all kinds of things and styles that go along with these MLB baseball jerseys.

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