MLB All Star Jersey

MLB All Star Jersey

MLB All Star Jersey

The MLB All-Star game is something that happens once per year when the greatest players in the league come together to compete against each other and they get a separate MLB All Star jersey specifically for this big event. The MLB All Star jersey is popular among baseball fans who love to represent their favorite players and teams. The jersey that the players wear for the All Star game is their regular jersey to represent their team, but they have an All-Star Game patch on the sleeve. The hats have the same patch on the side to represent their showing in the All-Star game.

Home Run Derby Jersey

The jersey worn for the Home Run Derby is different from the MLB All Star jersey. They have the word National or American written across the front of it to show which league the athlete is representing. In the past, the National League jerseys have been orange and the American League ones have been blue. This past year the National League ones were brown and the American League jerseys were yellow. In the 2018 All Star game the National League jerseys were red and the American League ones were black. While these jerseys seem to change in color, the MLB All Star jersey is the same one the players wear during the season to represent their team.It just has a little extra feature. Are you looking to get your favorite players MLB All Star jersey?

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All-Star Game

MLB All-Star Jersey

MLB All-Star Jersey

The MLB All Star game has been around since July of 1933 and the first one was hosted in Chicago, Illinois. During this time in the 1930’s the country was struggling. This was the time of the Great Depression. This All-Star Game was almost a sense of light for the people. The game was a positive note and something that people really looked forward to and got excited about. There were ballots that were printed in newspapers that allowed for the public to vote on which baseball stars they wanted to see in this All-Star Game.

The Babe

George Herman Ruth was one of the most well-known stars during this time. He was also known as “The Babe” and “The Great Bambino” as well as lots of other fun nicknames. The people loved Ruth and he got around 100,000 votes to be in the All-Star Game. The Babe Ruth jersey was a famous one. Just like this jersey, the MLB All-Star game jersey is famous today. The Babe did not disappoint and he ended up hitting the first home run in All-Star Game history. The American League ended up winning the first competition 4-2. Nowadays, there is more to the All-Star break than just the game. Today they have the Celebrity Softball Game and the Home Run Derby as well.

Celebrity Softball Game

The Celebrity Softball Game is held the day before the Home Run Derby and is an event that many people enjoy watching. This game is made up of some former MLB players and celebrities. It was started in 2001 and is more of a laid back and fun event. There are lots of laughs, jokes, and even some hidden ball tricks. The celebrities and past stars are there to have fun. The fences are shorter and they play five innings. Everyone on the teams are in the lineup and have a chance to hit. You would be surprised at the ability of some celebrities…and also surprised at how some of them could be so un-athletic. These celebrities even enjoy having their own MLB All-Star jersey. The Celebrity Softball Game is an enjoyable event and is fun for not only those involved, but also for the many fans who are watching.

Check out the video below on the wonderful All-Star Game night.

Home-Run Derby

The Home Run Derby takes place on the Monday before the All-Star Game and is an event that many people enjoy as well. Who doesn’t love watching towering home runs and balls flying out of the yard? Well this event is full of them and it began in 1985. Dave Parker of the Cincinnati Reds was the first Home Run Derby champion. After Parker won it in 1985, there have been many memorable Derby’s since then. One to remember was when Josh Hamilton hit 28 home runs in the first round. That is the record for home runs hit in a single round. Not only did he hit 28, but 13 of them came in a row. There were a few balls that ended up flying over 500 feet. Josh Hamilton sure put on a show during that July evening in 2008.

Todd Frazier’s Derby Night

Another memorable Home Run Derby was when Todd Frazier won it in front of his home crowd at Great American Ballpark. During this derby the rounds were timed and it was single elimination. Frazier’s brother was pitching to him during this event and Todd skated past some great hitters to get to the final round. He went against Joc Pederson in the final round and had to hit 14 to tie and 15 to win. Todd got to number 13 and with 10 seconds to go he hit number 14. They were tied. Frazier ended up getting a 30-second bonus round and on the first pitch of the bonus round he hit number 15. The crowd went crazy as that final ball left the yard. Along with Hamilton and Frazier’s performances there have been many other great ones.

MLB All Star Jersey

MLB All Star Jersey

Other Memorable Derby Nights

Ken Griffey Jr. hit a ball at Camden Yards that hit off the warehouse behind the stadium. The fans were in shock because no one has ever hit the warehouse before Griffey. Now there is a plaque there to represent this moon shot. The estimated distance was 465 feet. Ken Griffey Jr. won back-to-back Home Run Derby titles in 1998 and 1999. A Ken Griffey Jr. jersey is worn by many people. Yoenis Cespedes has had some very successful events as well and is the only other player to win back-to-back Derby titles. Cespedes did this in 2013 and 2014. These Home Run Derby’s are some that we will never forget and there are many other memorable ones to come in the future.

Top All-Star Game Moments

The main event of the All-Star weekend is the All-Star Game. The fans vote for the players and the managers of the two teams are the ones from the previous World Series. The American League and National League are both tied with the same amount of wins during this event. They both have 43. The home advantage for the World Series used to be determined by the All-Star Game, but now it’s determined by the pennant winner with the better regular season record. There have been many top moments in the history of the All-Star Game, but there are a few moments that stand out.

Walk Off Home Run

In 1941, Ted Williams carried the American League to a 7-5 victory. They were losing 5-2 going into the ninth. With runners on and only down by 1, they had Williams coming to the plate. This is who everyone wanted at the dish and he lived up to the excitement. Williams ended up hitting a towering 3 run walk-off home run to win the All-Star Game. The Ted Williams jersey is a famous one.

MLB All-Star jersey

MLB All-Star Game

Mr. Hustle

Another memorable moment came in 1970 when Pete Rose helped lead the National League to a victory. The game was tied and had gone into 12 innings. Pete hit a single and got on the bases. With the game on the line, Jim Hickman hit a single to the outfield and they decided to send Rose in to score around third. The throw was coming to the plate, but Mr. Hustle didn’t slow down and plowed over the catcher, Ray Fosse, to win the game. The National League won 5-4. Rose sure was a competitor.

MLB All-Star Jersey

Another guy who loved to compete was Pedro Martinez and he brought us another memorable moment in the 1999 All-Star Game when he pitched out of his mind. He was the first pitcher ever to strikeout the first 3 batters in an All-Star Game. He would end up striking out 5 out of the 6 that he faced and led the American League to a 4-1 win that year. These games are some that will always be remembered. The All-Star game is something that fans all over the world look forward to watching and being a part of. There are many different types of jerseys associated with the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby. Fans all over the country love having their favorite players MLB All-Star jersey.

  1. This is a great site very Informative as a huge baseball fan Red Sox of course. Home run derby has always been one of my favs. Just couldn’t get enough watching Mcquire cranking them over the green monster. Any one who loves baseball needs to visit this site.
    Thank You,

    • Glad you enjoyed David. I sure enjoy the Home Run Derby too and watching balls fly out of the park, very fun to watch. Thank you!

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