Mike Trout Jersey

Mike Trout Jersey

Mike Trout Jersey

Mike Trout is one of the top players in Major League Baseball and his name always seems to come up when discussing the league’s most valuable player. A Mike Trout jersey is a quality jersey of one of today’s greats. Trout is an incredible athlete and brings consistency to the field each and every day. Kids all across the nation look up to this ballplayer and strive to be like him one day. Click HERE to get your favorite Mike Trout jersey!

Growing Up Around The Game

The game of baseball ran in the Trout family. Mike Trout grew up around the game as his dad had played the game at the professional level. His dad had played in the Minnesota Twins organization. You know what they say…like father like son. Mike would end up following his father’s footsteps in playing the game of baseball. He began playing at a young age and fell in love with the sport. Mike was quite good at it and mainly played shortstop as a child. His favorite player was Derek Jeter and Mike wore the same number, number two, for a while. Trout was born and raised in the state of New Jersey and this is where he would attend middle school and high school.

High School Ball

Mike Trout went to Millville Senior High School and played two sports while he was there. Mike ended up playing baseball and basketball while he went to school there. He was quite the athlete, but he excelled at the game of baseball. Trout would end up playing shortstop, just like his favorite player, all the way up until his senior year. During his senior year he was moved to the outfield and proved he could play there. Mike could run down the outfield and was quite good at that position. While at Millville, he ended up setting a New Jersey record for the most home runs hit in one season at the high school level. Mike hit 18. That is a lot of home runs and Millville was glad to have him on their team.

Summer Events

Mike Trout Jersey

Batters Box

During his summers, Trout continued to play and compete in the game of baseball. He would compete against some of the best players in the country during these summer months and would go to different camps and prospect events while also playing on his summer team. He performed well at many of these events and games and got notice from college recruiters. East Carolina University ended up offering Mike the opportunity to continue his baseball career and to play with them. Trout was planning on joining the Pirates of East Carolina, but there was something else in store for him. Along with the notice from colleges for his skills and abilities, he also got notice from scouts at the professional level. The childhood dream of having your name called on draft day was soon to come for Mike Trout.

Minor Leagues

Mike Trout got drafted in the first round of the 2009 MLB Draft with the 25th overall selection. The Los Angeles Angels picked this young super star. Mike has the speed and strength to be successful and the Angels organization saw that in him. They were happy to have Trout on their side. He started out in the Angels minor league system and had to work his way up to the professional level. Mike was in the minor leagues for about 2 years prior to making his big league debut. He put up some great numbers while in the minor leagues and he ended up receiving the Minor League Player of the Year in 2010. Trout was the youngest player to receive this award. He was just 19 years old. Mike showed what he was capable of achieving and how great he truly was.

Big League Breakout

In July 2011, The Angels called up Mike Trout to make his big league debut. He would end up moving back and forth between the minor leagues and the majors for about a year. He was then called up to play with the Angels in April 2012 and this is when he started to break out. Mike began to go off at the plate and started to hit really well. He was hitting baseballs all over the yard and ended up hitting with a batting average over .300 with 30 home runs and 45 stolen bases. Talk about having an incredible rookie season at the big league level. With these great stats as a rookie, Trout ended up winning the Rookie of the Year award with a unanimous vote. Along with this award, he was also considered for the American Leagues Most Valuable Player.

Competing For The MVP

Mike Trout Jersey

Mike Trout Jersey

Mike Trout was in running for the American League MVP award in his rookie season with the Angels. There was only one problem…he was going up against Miguel Cabrera that year. Miguel Cabrera was having a legendary season and ended up winning the Triple Crown. The Triple Crown is when you lead the league in the three major hitting categories of batting average, home runs, and runs batted in. Cabrera was the first player to achieve the Triple Crown since 1967 and needless to say Mike Trout did not end up winning the AL MVP. That still doesn’t take away from the great season that Trout had. What a start to a career.

Awards and Accomplishments

Over the years, Mike Trout has continued to shine and be one of the top players in the game of baseball. Along with the Rookie of the Year Award that he received, Trout has also been a 7-time All-Star and a 5-time winner of the Silver Slugger Award. He has won 2 American Leagues Most Valuable Player Awards in 2014 and 2016. Mike won the Hank Aaron Award in 2014 and was the runs batted in leader in that same year as well. Trout has not won a World Series Championship yet, but it will be fun to see if he will be able to add that great accomplishment to his list as well.

Love Life

Mike Trout is a married man and has been since December 2017. Mike is married to his wife, Jessica, who he met while still in high school. They have been together since then and she has always been there to support him through the game of baseball. Jessica is an elementary school teacher who also loves to participate at charity events. Jessica and Mike seem quite happy together and it is good to see that they love and support each other.

Where Will His Career Take Him?

Mike Trout is one of the best players in the league today and seems to have a very supportive wife at home. He has had some great years and a solid career so far. It will be interesting to see where the rest of Trout’s career takes him and where he will rank among the legends of the game. A Mike Trout jersey will be a great one to have.

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