Michael Jordan Autographed Jersey

Michael Jordan Autographed Jersey

“Air Jordan”. This man could fly on the basketball court and is widely considered by many as the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. Having a Michael Jordan autographed jersey is something that not many people have and could become of very high value in the future. Jumping from the free throw line and mesmerizing the fans and basketball world with his slam dunks; Michael Jordan was a superstar of his time and is talked about consistently today. His autograph is one the most valuable in the sports world because of how good he was. Are you looking to get your very own Michael Jordan autographed jersey? Jordan won many championships in his time and was a phenom to the basketball world. So where did Michael start out at?

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Jordan’s Younger Years

Michael Jordan lived in Wilmington, North Carolina and attended Emsley A. Laney High School. He played multiple sports while going to school there and that included basketball, baseball, and football. During his sophomore year he tried out for the Varsity squad, but actually did not make the team. He was labeled as being too short and this caused Jordan to work even harder. Jordan was not the type of player to give up. He was working to make the Michael Jordan autographed jersey a famous one.

Never Gave Up

While Michael was working hard at the game of basketball he also grew and became taller. Jordan soon became a dominant force and through his Junior and Senior seasons he averaged 20 points per game. The University of North Carolina recruited Jordan out of High School and this is where he went to attend college and play basketball. While at UNC, Michael helped lead the team to win the National Championship in 1982 as a freshman. During his sophomore and junior seasons he was awarded the College Player of the Year during both seasons. After his junior season with the Tar heels the NBA was calling his name. Would a Michael Jordan autograph jersey be of high value one day?

Jordan’s Professional Career

The Chicago Bulls drafted Jordan after his junior season as the 3rd pick overall in the NBA Draft. Both the Houston Rockets and the Portland Trail Blazers had passed up on drafting Michael…and I’m sure they regret their decision. During Michael’s rookie season he averaged 28.2 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 5.9 assists per game. He helped lead the Bulls to a playoff berth in his rookie season as well. In 1984, Jordan helped win a gold medal in the Olympic Games. The Michael Jordan autographed jersey was becoming valuable. He was off to a great start in his professional career and the city of Chicago was glad to have this young superstar. Thanks to Jordan the Chicago Bulls won three NBA Championships in a row in from 1991 to 1993. Check out the video below on some of Michael Jordan’s greatest moments!

Pursuing Baseball

While he was incredible at the game of basketball, he wanted to pursue a career in baseball as well. After the 1993 season Michael Jordan left to give baseball a shot. He was picked up by the Chicago White Sox and started playing minor league baseball. His baseball career didn’t pan out to be as successful as his basketball career or what he was hoping for it to be, so he returned to the Chicago Bulls and the game of basketball in 1995. Check out some more information on his baseball career below! He ended up picking up right where he left off with basketball and lead the Bulls to three more straight titles in 1996, 1997, and 1998. Michael Jordan was meant to play the game of basketball and was arguably the greatest the game had ever seen.

Retiring & Returning

Jordan ended up retiring in 1999, but then came back to the NBA in 2001. He joined the Washington Wizards and played with them from 2001 to 2003. After the 2003 season he ended up retiring for good from the game. He had a very successful and memorable NBA career. Jordan ended up with 6 NBA rings and was the NBA Finals MVP in all 6 of those championships. The most valuable NBA autographed jersey just might be the Michael Jordan autographed jersey. Throughout his career he was also a 5-time NBA Most Valuable Player, a 3-time NBA All-Star MVP, a 14-time NBA All-Star, and a Rookie of the Year award winner as well. Michael holds the record for the highest scoring average at 30.1 points per game.

The Flu Game

Michael Jordan Autographed Jersey

Michael Jordan Autographed Jersey

While Michael had a great career there are certain moments that certainly stand out. One moment that is very memorable came during the 1997 Finals and it is often referred to as the ‘Flu Game’. The Finals was tied 2-2 in the series between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. This was Game 5 of the series which can turn out to be a very pivotal game in a best of seven series. Michael Jordan had flu like symptoms during this Game 5 which included symptoms like dehydration and exhaustion. He decided to play through it and try to help the Bulls win.

Playing Through It

Michael Jordan decided to stay out on the court and compete with his team despite these Flu-like symptoms. Even with Jordan’s body wearing down he had a great night. He scored 38 points and led the Bulls to a 90-88 victory that evening over the Jazz. The Bulls ended up winning the Finals this year. One of the most famous pictures of Michael is him being held up by his teammate, Scottie Pippen, who helped carry him across the court. Jordan stated that he had almost played himself into passing out. The Chicago Bulls were sure glad that he pushed through and had the performance that he did in order to lead them to the victory.

The Game Winning Shot

Another iconic Jordan moment came in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals when the Bulls faced off against the Jazz again. There were 5 seconds to go in the game and the Bulls were down. With the ball in Jordan’s hands he crossed over the defender and hit a game winning shot to lead the Bulls to an 87-86 victory. This topped off a 45 point night for Michael and brought the city of Chicago another ring. Jordan had won his 6th Championship with that clutch shot at the last seconds of the game. The Michael Jordan autographed jersey was a legendary one.

Off The Court Stardom

Not only was Jordan a star on the court, but he was off of it as well. The fans loved him and dreamt of being like Jordan. He starred in a very popular movie called Space Jam. Michael was the main character along with Bugs Bunny and the other Looney Tunes. The movie took off and so did the popularity of Michael Jordan. He started his own sneaker campaign as well that hit the stores. His shoe was named after him and was called Air Jordan. Nike signed him to a shoe deal and people everywhere wanted a pair of these sneakers. Jordan will always be remembered from the things he did on the court along with the accomplishments that he had off the court. Check out more details on the stardom below!

Giving It A Shot

Michael Jordan was a star at the game of basketball and he decided to give another sport a shot. Jordan enjoyed playing baseball and took a break from the NBA to pursue the MLB. There were hopes of him making the Michael Jordan autographed jersey a famous one in baseball as well. Jordan played with the Birmingham Barons which were a farm team in the minor leagues for the Chicago White Sox. Michael made this baseball debut in April of 1994. He brought out a crowd of over ten thousand people. There was a lot of excitement around this game from the fans and the media. Many of these fans probably had or would have loved to have a Michael Jordan autographed jersey. He ended up flying out in his first at bat and didn’t end up getting any hits in his first game. If you look back at the short baseball career that Michael had, you will see a batting average of just .202. Although the average looks like a bust, Jordan was on his way to becoming an MLB star.

Francona’s Opinion

Michael Jordan left baseball and returned to the NBA before his career with the White Sox turned into anything special, but the coaches and people around him knew he would’ve been great. He was coached by Terry Francona who has been around the game for a long time and now has coached many different MLB teams. Terry stated that Jordan had it all. Francona said Jordan had the ability, aptitude, and work ethic and that with another thousand at bats he would’ve made it to the MLB. This shows just how talented Michael was. Everyone knew he was athletic and had a whole different type of talent at the game of basketball, but there were some who saw it in the game of baseball too. The Michael Jordan autographed jersey just might have been popular in the MLB too.

Hard Worker

Although the Michael Jordan autographed jersey is mainly known for the NBA, Jordan was a star at the game of baseball and there were many others who thought so as well. Another man who recognized Jordan’s talents was the teams hitting coach. The hitting coach for the Barons was Mike Barnett. Barnett said Jordan would work on his hitting and go after it five times a day. He had a sort of intensity like no one else and would get blisters on his hands. Even though he didn’t have a solid batting average to show, he had 51 runs batted in and stole thirty bases. Michael was quick and knew how to handle moments of pressure. I mean that is what has made the Michael Jordan autographed jersey so popular, right? Michael’s fly balls started turning into home runs as he progressed at the game and Barnett thought that if he would’ve kept going he could’ve been an extra outfielder at the major league level…maybe even a starter.

Crazy Potential

The Michael Jordan autographed jersey is well known around the nation and he almost made it famous in baseball too. The colors of the MLB Michael Jordan autographed jersey may have been different, but it still would’ve been special. Curt Bloom was the man who called the games for the Barons and he even said that Jordan worked his butt off and swore that he was going to make it to the majors. Bloom said that Jordan enjoyed himself and had some great connections and bonds with the teammates. The Michael Jordan autographed jersey is a very popular one and that must have been crazy for some of those minor leaguers to be playing next to this NBA star. I wonder what was going through their minds. It sure would have been interesting to see just how far Michael Jordan would have made it and if the Michael Jordan autographed jersey would have become famous in the MLB as well.

Air Jordan

The Michael Jordan autographed jersey is one great piece of merchandise that represents the legendary athlete in Michael Jordan, but he also has his own brand. The brand is Air Jordan. It consists of basketball shoes and different types of clothing. This brand has the jumpman symbol as the logo. Many basketball fans are very familiar with this logo. The first Air Jordan shoes came out in 1984These have become quite popular just like the Michael Jordan autographed jersey. Jordan’s are worn by many athletes and NBA stars today. Not only do athletes wear them, but Air Jordan also sponsors other leagues such as the NFL, MLB, WNBA, and NASCAR. In 2018, he even expanded to a French soccer team. This is the first time he has joined the game of soccer. Air Jordan is everywhere!

Become Legendary

The Air Jordan brand has also become very inspirational. Their slogan is “Become Legendary”. Jordan has made multiple commercials on television that show this become legendary phrase and ones that are very inspirational. The first commercial came out in January of 2009 which is about a college football team working hard and relentlessly to become successful…or to become legendary. This particular commercial is called Simple Math and has a quote within it that states “Success is not calculated. It’s earned.” Along with these inspirational commercials, you know what else is legendary…those Michael Jordan autographed jerseys. He is arguably the greatest player to play in the NBA. Check out one of the become legendary commercials below!

Space Jam

So, Michael Jordan has a clothing and shoe brand and has played two different sports at an extremely high level. What else can the man do? Well, he can also be a star of a movie. All of these accomplishments just adds to the value of the Michael Jordan autographed jersey. The movie that Jordan was the star of was called Space Jam. This is a classic movie. Some of the Looney Tunes like Bugs Bunny, the Tasmanian Devil, Tweety Bird, and Lola are also stars of the movie. This movie is a mixture of animation and real humans. There are other NBA stars featured in it as well like Larry Bird and Charles Barkley. Jordan helps save the day in the movie and as you can imagine…is the star on the court too. This is a great family film and if you have never seen Space Jam you will need too! It’s a classic that gives even more meaning to the Michael Jordan autographed jersey.

NBA Owner

With all of the things that Michael Jordan has accomplished, there is always more. This is what makes the Michael Jordan autographed jersey such a great item. I can only imagine the value of this jersey to continue to go up. These Michael Jordan autographed jerseys are very valuable now and I can’t imagine how much more the value will increase when Jordan passes away. He is an NBA Legend. One of the other great accomplishments that Michael has done is becoming an owner of an NBA team. Michael is the principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets. He has a lot of say in the moves and decisions of the organization. He does have a little experience in management as he previously had owned minority stake in an NHL team, the Washington Capitals. It will be interesting to see just how far Michael can take the Hornets. He has been rather successful in many of his endeavors…so we will see if this is another one for him. The Michael Jordan autographed jersey continues to rise in value!


The Michael Jordan autographed jersey is a very popular one and one of the things that makes this Michael Jordan autographed jersey so well-known is the quotes that it is associated with. Some of the most popular quotes in the sports world have come from Michael Jordan. One that you may have heard before is “I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” This is a quote about pushing through hardships and failures, which Michael is well-known for. Another quote that is associated with the Michael Jordan autographed jersey is “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” This is yet another very inspirational quote from an NBA legend. Jordan has inspired many people and that is another reason why many love the Michael Jordan autographed jersey and what it represents.

Why 23?

The Michael Jordan autographed jersey is mostly seen with the number 23 on it. So why did Michael choose to wear the number 23 as his number? When Michael was a kid, his favorite number was 45 because it was his brother’s basketball jersey number. His brother Larry played the game of basketball too. When Michael started playing, he couldn’t have 45 because his brother had it, so he decided to cut 45 in half and round up to 23. This is where Jordan got the number 23. Michael carried this number with him into college and the NBA as well. Jordan would end up changing to 45 when he returned to basketball after taking his shot at baseball. The Bulls had retired number 23 when he left, and so Michael chose to wear 45 when he came back from baseball. Jordan had reasons behind the numbers he wore, which shows how important family is to him. The number 23 is an iconic number in the game of basketball and many people think of Michael and the Michael Jordan autographed jersey when they see this number.

Others Who Wore 23

The Michael Jordan autographed jersey is very well known for the number 23. There have been many others who have worn this number throughout their NBA career as well. Some of these players have worn it for a long time, while others just wore the number 23 for a short period. LeBron James is probably the most notable player that wears 23 other than Jordan. LeBron has worn 23 for a lot of his career. Some other NBA players that have worn 23 include guys like Marcus Camby, Ron Artest, Jason Richardson, and Anthony Davis. These are just a few. Although many others have worn 23, the Michael Jordan autographed jersey comes to mind for most people when they think of the number 23 in the game of basketball.

UNC Basketball

As seen above, this great NBA legend in Michael Jordan came from the Tar Heels. He played for the University of North Carolina from 1981-1984. So how did Jordan end up at UNC? Well, he was from North Carolina and decided to attend one of the school’s basketball camps. The coach of the Tar Heels liked what he saw and decide to start recruiting Michael. After seeing him play, the decided to give him an offer and in November of 1980, Jordan decided to commit to becoming a Tar Heel. Jordan worked hard and ended up earning a starting spot as just a freshman. The kid was good and the team soon realized this as well. At the time they didn’t realize the Michael Jordan autographed jersey would be of such high value one day.

Tar Heel Years

Michael Jordan had lots of success at the University of North Carolina. He was on his way to making the Michael Jordan autographed jersey a famous one. In 1982, the Heels made it to the championship and won on a game-winning shot by a score of 63-62. Any idea who made that game-winning shot? Yes, the man, the myth, the legend, Michael Jordan himself hit that clutch shot. Many people were seeing just how good this young basketball star was. He had a lot of upside and talent. Throughout the rest of his time at North Carolina, Jordan played well and had some more great years. Many knew he would go on to bigger and better things in the NBA and that one day the Michael Jordan autographed jersey would be worth a great deal.

Coaches of Michael

Throughout Michael’s career, he has played under many different coaches. Even with him having different coaches, he was still a one of a kind type of player. The Michael Jordan autographed jersey would have been famous regardless of which coach he had because of just how good Jordan was. Starting out with the Chicago Bulls he was coached by Kevin Lougherty, Stan Albeck, and Doug Collins. These men coached at different times from the years of 1984-1989. The one coach that many remember with Michael Jordan was Phil Jackson. Jackson coached Michael with the Bulls from 1989 t0 1998. He was a solid coach and during these years is when Jordan won his six championships. They obviously worked well together and had created a dynasty for a few years there in Chicago. These years are what has truly made the Michael Jordan autographed jersey a very memorable and valuable item. Phil is a very good coach and Michael is a great player. This makes for a successful combination.

NBA Records

Another reason the Michael Jordan autographed jersey is so valuable is also because of the many NBA records that Jordan holds. Michael holds the record for the most NBA scoring titles and the most consecutive scoring titles. He has ten total scoring titles and has seven of them coming in a row. This man was dominant. Jordan also holds the record for the most Finals MVP awards with six. That is the same number of championships that he has as well. Michael also averages the most points per game in the playoffs with 33 plus per game. That is quite impressive also. Jordan is the only NBA player to ever win the Defensive Player of the Year as well as the scoring title in the same season. Michael was extremely talented on both sides of the court, which is what made him so good. The Michael Jordan autographed jersey is one that will be remembered for a long time.

Giving Back

The Michael Jordan autographed jersey is mainly known for the game of basketball and what he accomplished on the court…but Jordan has had an impact outside just the game of basketball as well. In 2001 when Jordan came back to play in the NBA, he played for the Washington Wizards and this was shortly after the September 11th attacks on the United States in New York City. Many are unaware of this, but Michael gave his entire salary for the year to relief efforts of these 9/11 attacks. This was made up of about $900,000 to multiple different organizations as well as about $100,000 to children who had lost their parents in these attacks.

Bigger Purpose

Giving back like this is something that speaks louder and has a greater impact on the world than the game of basketball. Jordan truly gave back and helped out people who were in need and who were at a very bad and painful point in their lives. This is a great example of how important it is to use the gifts that God has given you and the talents that you have been blessed with to impact others in a positive way. Michael did just that. To me, the Michael Jordan autographed jersey represents more than just the game of basketball. We all can learn from Michael’s actions, by giving back, helping others, and using what we have to impact the world and people around us in a positive way.

Michael Jordan Autographed Jersey

Number 23 will always be remembered as one of the best basketball players to ever play in the NBA. Teams couldn’t seem to stop him and he was a basketball phenomenon. People all across the country admire Jordan and have their very own Michael Jordan autographed jersey. Who do you think is the greatest basketball player of all time? Is Jordan at the top of your list or do you have the number one spot taken by somebody else? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. Very creatively done post. Don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Michael Jordan. Nice bio of his accomplishments. It is a very coveted jersey because of it–even now; and the sales on his stuff never seems to decline.

  2. Wow, What a legend. It’s incredible how motivated he was and determined he was to make all his dreams come true. I can’t believe they said he was too short.
    There’s quite a bit of info here about Michael Jordan that I didn’t know, especially about not making the varsity squad. How did he not make the team?? anyway, I’m glad I read this article. Thank you.

    • Thank you! Yes it sure is crazy to see that someone as successful as him didn’t make the varsity team during his early High School career.

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