Lonzo Ball Jersey

Lonzo Ball Jersey

The Los Angeles Lakers have a new young superstar. A Lonzo Ball jersey could be worth high value someday in the near future with the potential that this kid shows on the court. He is a very skilled and talented young player. The city of Los Angeles was very happy to have picked up Ball and make him an addition to their team. This 20 year old kid has more fame than most kids his age. Basketball fans all across the country have their own Lonzo Ball jersey. Check out the link below to get your favorite Lonzo Ball jersey!

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High School Star

Lonzo Ball was born in the year of 1997 in the big city of Los Angeles, California. He grew up around the game of basketball his entire life. Both of his parents played the game of basketball at the college level. Basketball was in their family genes. Lonzo had two brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, and they all grew up playing the game of basketball together. They all ended up playing on the same high school team at Chino Hills High School in California. Their team ended up becoming the number one ranked high school team in the nation. Lonzo led the team to a 35 win and 0 loss season in his senior year and they ended up winning the state championship.

Awards And Recognition

Ball averaged a triple double and ended up getting all kinds of different high school awards. He received the Naismith Prep Player of the Year, the Morgan Wootten National Player of the Year, USA Today Boys Basketball player of the Year, and the award of Mr. Basketball USA. The undefeated season, state title, and all of these awards sure did bring in a lot of attention and recruitment to Lonzo. He got lots of notice and decided to sign to play with the University right there in his hometown of Los Angeles.

College Career

Lonzo signed with the University of California at Los Angeles; also known as UCLA. The UCLA Bruins were happy to have Ball and were looking forward to the time he would spend there. With Lonzo joining the university, they ended up becoming one of the top scoring teams in the nation. They were a top contender in the NCAA and had a great run in the Wooden Legacy tournament. The Bruins made it to the championship game of this tournament and faced off against Texas A&M. UCLA ended up winning by a score of 74-67 and were able to hoist that trophy over their heads. During this game, Ball ended up having 16 points and 10 assists. He led the nation in assists and the success of Lonzo and the Bruins was beginning to show. Check out the video below of one of Lonzo Ball’s great college games!  

Breaking Records

Another great college moment for Lonzo came in the game against Washington State. During this game he ended up having 14 assists and broke Gary Payton’s record of assists by a freshman in the Pac-12. That is a great accomplishment as Payton was one of the best. Gary was a very successful college and NBA superstar and had held this record for 30 years before Lonzo came along and broke it. The Lonzo Ball jersey was starting to become more recognized and people started to wonder which NBA team would be producing the Lonzo Ball jersey. That is always a big accomplishment when you break a previous NBA stars record.

One And Done

When the NCAA tournament came around and the famous time of March Madness, the Bruins ended up ranking third. They made it to the sweet sixteen before they lost and were kicked out by the Kentucky Wildcats. This was the ending to a great freshman season for Lonzo and would end up being the end of his college career as a whole. With the whole “one and done” that is allowed, many players are able to enter for the draft after just playing one season in college. Ball decided to do this. He got lots of attention from the National Basketball Association and their scouts and would decide to take his talents to the next level. Lonzo was going to try and make the Lonzo Ball jersey famous…and he would do just that.

Lonzo Ball Jersey

Hollywood Sign

Staying in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Lakers ended up drafting Lonzo with the second pick in the first round of the NBA Draft. This was his hometown and he was able to stay in the city of Los Angeles where he had grown up and played his whole life. Lonzo showed what he was capable of during the NBA Summer League as he was playing really well. He got the Summer League Most Valuable Player and continued to carry that success with him over into the season. In just the second game of his NBA career he had 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists. He was just one assist shy of a triple-double and would have been the youngest player to achieve that. Even though he didn’t accomplish that goal in the second game of the season, he did in November. He had a triple-double during this month and finished that game with 19 points, 13 assists, and 12 rebounds. He became the youngest player and passed LeBron James who had held the record before him. Lonzo only beat LeBron by 5 days as becoming the youngest player in the NBA to record double digits in three different categories.

Lonzo’s Future

He sure cut it close with LeBron. Lonzo had many other good games throughout the season, but he was hit with injury along the way. He got injured in the middle of the season, but was able to come back in the spring to play some more. Ball made the NBA All-Rookie Second team. This past summer, the summer of 2018, Lonzo had to get surgery on his knee. He underwent surgery to repair the torn meniscus he had suffered. The surgery had reportedly went well and Ball is scheduled to be back and ready to go for the upcoming season. A Lonzo Ball jersey has become a hot item on the market. Will we see more triple-doubles from the young star and more records to be broken? Tune in this season to see!

Off-The-Court Success

Lonzo Ball Jersey

Lonzo Ball Jersey

Lonzo Ball is not just a basketball player. He has had lots of off-the-court success as well. Ball considers himself a rapper and has multiple rap songs out on iTunes. Lonzo recently dropped a new album called “Born 2 Ball”. Some of his new songs include features from his brothers. Along with his success in the music industry he also made an appearance as an actor in a TV show. Lonzo ended up making an appearance in the sitcom “Fuller House”, which is the sequel to the famous television show “Full House”.

Big Baller Brand

It sure is interesting to see a young basketball star breaking into the music industry along with the acting scene. Along with these endeavors he also has his own brand. Lonzo’s dad, LaVar Ball, started the “Big Baller Brand”. The BBB designs and sells shoes and clothing, but is most widely known for the shoes. LaVar stated that he created it for his sons who all play the game of basketball. It seems like nowadays every superstar NBA player has their own pair of shoes…and now the Ball’s have a pair of their own. Will their shoes and the Big Baller Brand start to take off? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Unlimited Potential

Lonzo Ball is one of the most talented stars in the NBA game today and could end up being one of the Los Angeles Lakers greatest legends. Lonzo is a great player, I mean how could he not be…his last name is Ball. It almost seems as if he was meant to be a basketball player. The Lonzo Ball jersey has become a very popular item among the basketball world. Where do you think he will end up ranking among the all-time greats? Will the Lonzo Ball jersey be one that will be retired in the future? Please leave your comments below!

  1. I agree with buying products with names on clothing.
    I bought 500 Jim Thome baseball cards when he was
    a rookie, and now he is in the Hall of Fame. I like your
    page layout.

  2. Ivan Brozincevic

    I think Ball will end up very high. How high, only God knows. Now he has probably the first big test of his career. To play shoulder to shoulder with great Lebron James is a unique opportunity for him to grow as a young start. If he passes the test, he can become one of the best players league ever saw. I believe he is a smart kid and he will do wonders in Lakers. A ring or two would be an excellent pump for young talent like that.

    • Yes, only God can tell where Lonzo will end up! It will be interesting to see how he will do playing next to LeBron and learning from him. It will be a fun season to watch!

  3. Fine article here on Lonzo Ball, although, I think it s fair now to point everyone in the direction of LeBron James once again. After all, the Lakers won’t even have a shot at the title without LeBron. Oh and the ironic thing: Los Angeles doesn’t have any lakes, but yet there’s a team called the Los Angeles Lakers? Go back to Minnesota! Thanks.

    • Yes LeBron James sure is taking over the Laker name! It will be fun to watch him and Lonzo take the court together. Great point you make also, it is funny how the Lakers never changed their name once they moved to Los Angeles!

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