“L.T.” The throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey is one of the greatest NFL throwback jerseys of all time. Born in Williamsburg, Virginia, this linebacker was a force to be reckoned with. He was known as one of the toughest defensive players in the NFL and changed the way the linebacker position was played. Taylor attended college at the University of North Carolina and had an All-American career. He was the second pick in the 1981 NFL Draft and went to the New York Giants.

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Professional Career

Throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey

Throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey

Lawrence Taylor played 13 years with the Giants from 1981 to 1993. He started of his career hot right out of the gate. The throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey started to become known right off the bat. In Taylor’s rookie season he had 133 tackles, 9.5 sacks, and 8 passes defensed. He also had 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, and 1 interception. He led the Giants to a 10-0 start that season. Lawrence was named to the first team all-pro in his first 9 seasons in the NFL. He was big, strong, and athletic and changed the way the linebacker position was played.

Big Blue Wrecking Crew

Many people played the linebacker position as more of a read and react position, but not Lawrence Taylor. He took it to his own level and played it very aggressively by out-running and out-muscling the offensive lineman. Taylor took charge of the defensive game and became dominant in the NFL. He led the Giants defense to earning the nickname of “the big blue wrecking crew”. Lawrence’s superiority at the linebacker position earned him the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1981, 1982, and 1986. His best season came in 1986 when he earned the NFL MVP and was the first defensive player to do so since 1971. In this spectacular season Taylor recorded 20.5 sacks, 105 tackles, 5 passes defensed, and 2 forced fumbles.

Tough Moments

One of Lawrence Taylor’s toughest moments came in the game when the Giants played the New Orleans Saints. Taylor had a rough injury, but decided to play through it and get back out on the field. He had suffered a torn pectoral muscle in his shoulder and yet continued to compete. He still managed to be a defensive force and had 3 sacks, 7 tackles, and 2 forced fumbles. The New York Giants won 13-12. Determination and grit was presented by the famous linebacker on that day. Many fans supported him and owned their very own throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey.

Taylor’s Background

Lawrence Taylor was a troubled and mischievous child. He had two other siblings and was more troubled than them. While his siblings would ask before doing things and check with their mother Lawrence was a little different than that. He would just do it, but this made him into the man he became. Of course this got Taylor into some trouble, but it showed his initiative and taking control ability. If he wanted to do something or get something done he would just do it. This went along with the game of football and may be one of the reasons why he was so dominant. The throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey is seen all across New York.

Physical Capabilities

Along with his physical features and capabilities, he also had the mental strength and determination. As we can see, he sure took control of some of the games within the National Football League. Prior to becoming the big star, he was not highly recruited out of high school. He played football at UNC, but was not recruited as a linebacker. He was mainly looked at as a defensive lineman, because of his size and strength. Lawrence showed that he had the linebacker mentality and skills and I think part of this came from his childhood and who he is as a person. Our personalities and experiences form us into the people were meant to be. L.T. sure was meant to be a linebacker.

Reckless Mentality

The reckless childhood that Lawrence Taylor had transferred over into his style of play. The man played fearless. He would throw his body and jump and tackle so intensely that people thought he was going to surely injure himself. Taylor had no care in the world, but this is what made him so good. He had a certain style of play where he would just throw himself out there and put his body on the line for each and every play. Football coaches loved this fearlessness in Taylor and this is what caused him to be so dominant. He almost had a disregard for his own body. The throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey has become one of the best pieces of NFL memorabilia.

The Injury

Lawrence changed the way the linebacker position was played, but he did end up getting injured. This seems like the fate of every NFL player at least one point throughout their career. In 1992, Taylor ended up rupturing his Achilles tendon. He was out for a little while in order to heal, but he would end up playing the full season in 1993. This was his last season. He had a great career as a linebacker and many other football players around the country looked up to Taylor for his style of play and his recklessness on the field.

Off The Field

Lawrence Taylor was a great football player and athlete on the field, but he did have some trouble off the field. He didn’t always make the best choices and ended up getting caught up in drugs. This was throughout his career as well as after his career when he was retired. After his career he eventually ended up becoming clean and tried to pursue his career as an actor. The throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey is one of the more popular throwback jerseys.


He actually did have some success as an actor and if you have ever seen the movie “The Waterboy” with Adam Sandler you may recall Lawrence Taylor making an appearance in a scene during that movie. This is a football movie and Taylor showed up to the team’s football practice to talk to the kids. He ends up speaking to the team and you may remember where he tells them to not smoke crack. The movie is a comedy and it was fun to see the famous New York Giants linebacker make an appearance. The man had many accomplishments throughout his life.

A Legendary Linebacker

Throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey

Throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey

Throughout Taylor’s career with the Giants he led them to 6 playoff appearances and won the Super Bowl twice in 1987 and 1991. He ended his career with 132.5 quarterback stats, which didn’t include his rookie season because the sack didn’t officially become an NFL statistic until 1982. Taylor also finished with 1,088 tackles, 33 forced fumbles, 10 fumble recoveries, and 9 interceptions. He played in 10 Pro Bowls and was named to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team in 1994. The New York Giants retired his jersey, number 56, in 1994 and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999 as one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game.

Throwback Lawrence Taylor Jersey

Lawrence Taylor is one of the best football players of all time. He was a reckless linebacker and changed the game of football. Taylor will be remembered for a long time. People all over the country love representing this NFL legend with by wearing or displaying their throwback Lawrence Taylor jersey.

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