Kris Bryant Jersey

Kris Bryant Jersey

Kris Bryant Jersey

A Kris Bryant jersey is one Chicago Cubs jersey that you will want to have. Talk about achieving everything you dream of doing in your entire career within the first few years. Kris Bryant has done in two years what most baseball players dream of doing once in their entire career. This man has won the Rookie of the Year award, been to the All-Star Game, won the Most Valuable Player award, and got himself a World Series Championship ring all while in his early 20’s. This young stud has had quite the career so far and it will be exciting to see what the rest of the future holds for him. Click HERE to get your favorite Kris Bryant jersey.

A Baseball Family

Kris Bryant was born and raised in “Sin City”. He grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada with his family. His dad was a former ballplayer himself, so Kris grew up familiar with the game of baseball. Kris’s dad had played in the minor league system with the Boston Red Sox for some years. He ended up coaching some of Kris’s baseball teams throughout his younger years as well.

Community Of Stars

Not only did baseball run in the Bryant family, but it ran through the city of Las Vegas at the time too. Along with Bryant, there were some other young baseball stars in the area as well. Kris grew up playing with Bryce Harper and Joey Gallo who lived in the Vegas area as well. These future stars all grew up playing together and are all now playing at the professional level. It sure is interesting to see how these players grew up together and how far they have come from those young days in Nevada.

Young Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant Jersey

Wrigley Field

While in Las Vegas, Kris Bryant attended Bonanza High School and was on the varsity baseball team all four years he attended. Bryant ended up hitting over .400 and had close to 50 home runs. During his high school years he also played with the All-USA baseball team. These are the best players across the country who play on this team and Bryant was one of them. Due to his great statistics and ability he had shown, Kris received a good amount of notice from the professional level at a young age.

MLB Or College?

The 2010 MLB Draft was coming around the corner and Kris was selected out of high school to play professional baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays picked Bryant in the 18th round of the draft. Kris also got some notice from colleges and universities and got offered to play baseball for the University of San Diego as well. He had the choice of going to play professionally or continuing his career and academics at San Diego. Kris surpassed the opportunity with the Blue Jays and decided to continue his academic and baseball career in college. I’m sure this wasn’t an easy decision for Bryant, but the University of San Diego was happy to have this young star. Kris was a smart kid with a great grade point average and would be continuing his education as well. He would pursue a degree in finance while at San Diego…and baseball of course.

Heading To San Diego

The San Diego Toreros were ecstatic to have this young prospect join their squad and Kris would show his ability throughout the years there. He put up some great numbers and had high batting averages with a solid amount of home runs to go along with it. During Bryant’s junior year with the Toreros, he led the nation in home runs. He hit 31 bombs on the year and that was quite an accomplishment. The University of San Diego couldn’t be more happy to have Kris represent them and he received numerous amounts of awards while in college.

The Awards

Just as a freshman, Kris Bryant was named an All-American and also received West Coast Conference Co-Player and Co-Freshman of the Year. Talk about having a good first year in division one college baseball. During his sophomore season he was selected to First Team All-West Coast Conference and again was named an All-American. During the summer he played more baseball and had the opportunity to play with the collegiate Team USA. You had to be one of the top college players in the nation to play on this team, and Bryant sure was one of those. After his stellar junior season he was awarded the Golden Spikes award and the Dick Howser Trophy. These awards are given to the top collegiate baseball player in the nation. Needless to say, Bryant received some notice from the professional scouts.

MLB Dreams

With just the second pick in the first round of the 2013 MLB Draft, the Chicago Cubs had selected Kris Bryant. Kris would be taking his talents to the city of Chicago and they were excited to have him. Bryant worked his way through the minor league system in about 2 years and made his major league debut with the professional club in April of 2015. He showed what he was capable of and had a great rookie season. Kris was named National League Rookie of the Month that year and came out of the gate hot. He was one of the top rookies in baseball and was awarded Rookie of the Year. After a successful first season with the Cubs, Bryant continued to thrive and be successful at the major league level. He has made the All-Star Game twice and won the MVP award in 2016. In 2016, he also helped lead the Chicago Cubs to a World Series Championship.

Ending The Drought

Kris Bryant Jersey

Kris Bryant Jersey

Perhaps Kris Bryant’s greatest accomplishment throughout his career is getting a ring and bringing back a World Series title to the city of Chicago. I mean the man has had all kinds of awards from college to professional, but there’s nothing like winning a championship and getting that ring on your finger…especially after 108 years. The city of Chicago had not seen a World Series title for 108 years before Kris Bryant helped lead the team there in just his second year in the big leagues. This was a long drought for the organization and the city of Chicago. They wanted one so bad. During this 2016 championship series the Chicago Cubs faced off against the Cleveland Indians. They were down 3 games to 1 in the best of seven series. Luckily, Kris Bryant and the Cubs turned it on and came back to bring the game to a final Game 7. The cubs ended up winning this dramatic Game 7 and would end the 108-year drought. Throughout these playoffs Kris hit over .300 with 3 home runs and helped bring in 8 runs batted in. The Cubs took home the championship to the city of Chicago and celebrated with this young star. Winning a World Series Championship before the age of 25. Wow. That sure is something.

Bright Future Ahead

Kris Bryant is one of the top players in the game today and it will be interesting to see where the rest of his career takes him. Will he be able to bring home another championship to the city of Chicago? Along with being one of the top players, Kris Bryant has one of the top selling jerseys in the game of baseball for the past few years. The fans love the Cubs jersey number 17.

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  1. Wow, I really liked your content about Kris and his career. Your layout is organized, readable, and pleasant to read. Not too much, but just enough content to hold my attention. I learned a lot about Kris Bryant.

  2. That’s a really inspiring story! Even though I’m an Angeles Fan, I remember the day when the Cubs finally won the World Series, I was cheering for them. I’m happy that Kris Bryant helped them out and I hope he continues his legacy and breaks more records!

  3. Colleen

    WOW! Kris Bryant sure has accomplished so much in such a relatively short career! How exciting to be part of the Cubs when they won the World Series.

  4. Glenn Hodges

    Nice jerseys, I prefer the pinstripes, of course. I’m a huge fan. I can still remember Bryant’s first hit back in 2015, I think.
    Anyway, love the jersey.

    • Great thank you, I hope you are able to find what you’re looking for! Let me know if you need help finding any specific jersey!

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