Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Jersey

Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Jersey

“The Kid”. Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the greatest baseball players to play the game. He had all the tools. He could hit, run, throw, and field. Having your very own Ken Griffey Jr. baseball jersey is something of high value due to the kind of player that he was. People all over the country enjoyed watching him play and kids running around in their backyards would pretend to be a miniature Griffey. Ken was an idol in the game and was recognized as having the sweetest swing in baseball. All the young players wanted their own Ken Griffey Jr. baseball jersey. Now that is quite the compliment. People wanted to be like him and still strive for that dominance and success that he had today.

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Childhood Years

Ken Griffey Jr. was born in the state of Pennsylvania, but didn’t live there for a lot of his life. He spent the majority of his younger years in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio where his dad played professional baseball. Ken Griffey Sr. played with the Cincinnati Reds for many years. With his dad being into the game of baseball at the pro level, this allowed for Junior to be around the game a lot. He spent time at the clubhouse around the team and was able to learn quite a bit. Ken Griffey Jr. was able to experience the Cincinnati Reds World Series Championship victories in the years of 1975 and 1976. That must have been quite the experience and I’m sure he loved celebrating and being there with them all for that.

Attending Moeller High

During Ken Griffey Jr.’s high school days he ended up going to Moeller High School in the Cincinnati area. Griffey was quite the ballplayer and had obviously learned a lot from his dad, the other major leaguer’s, and from just being around the game. He was a dominant force on the diamond while at Moeller and had a great high school career. The kid had all the tools and many teams had wished he was on their squad. Junior received lots of attention from scouts and this helped catapult his baseball career to get him going in the right direction. The scouts recognized a star when they saw one. The Ken Griffey Jr. baseball jersey was on its way to becoming a fan favorite.

Seattle Bound

With the first pick in the 1987 Major League Baseball Draft, the Seattle Mariners selected Ken Griffey Jr. out of high school. He was quite young at the time, but The Kid had some talent and there was no denying that. He spent the first couple years working his way up the minor league farm systems and made it to the big time stage in 1989 when the Mariners asked for him and to join them. They would not be disappointed in asking him to come up to the show. Griffey would end up being one of the best to put on that Mariner uniform and the city of Seattle fell in love with this young star. The Ken Griffey Jr. baseball jersey was legendary in Seattle.

Ken Griffey Jr. Jersey

Safeco Field

Professional Career

Griffey put up some great numbers throughout his career and from the years of 1990 to 1999 he won ten straight gold gloves.His best years were when he played with the Mariners. While with Seattle, Junior led the American League in home runs four different times in the years of 1994, 1997, 1998, and 1999. He played 22 seasons throughout his years with the Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds, and Chicago White Sox. The Ken Griffey Jr. baseball jersey was a popular item with all of these teams.

The List Goes On

Along with these great accomplishments, Griffey also became a 13-time All-Star and won the Silver Slugger Award 7 separate times. He was the American League Most Valuable Player and finished his career with a .284 batting average, 630 home runs, and 1,836 runs batted in. These are some great stats and some All-Star numbers. There are very few individuals who have made it past the 600 mark and Junior is one of them. Ken Griffey Jr. was inducted into the Hall of Fame with the class of 2016 and will always be remembered as one of the all-time greats. Many people all over the country wanted their own Ken Griffey Jr. baseball jersey.

The 500 Club

There are not many players who became part of the 500 home run club, but on June 20, 2004 Ken Griffey Jr. joined this club of elites. The Reds were playing the St. Louis Cardinals and in the sixth inning of the game Griffey came up to bat. The crowd was hoping that this would be the one that would break the 500 mark. Sure enough, Ken took the pitch to deep right field. This ball was an absolute moonshot; there was no doubt about it. The crowd exploded when the ball came off his bat. They had just witnessed a moment of history and you would have never thought they were playing an away game. Griffey’s father was there and it was Fathers Day. Is there a better gift that Junior could have given his dad? Check out the video below with this special Griffey moment!

Star Status

Ken Griffey Jr. Jersey

Seattle Mariners Stadium

Not only was The Kid a well-known star on the field, but he was off of it as well. He was a young star and was showing up on cereal boxes with the company Wheaties. Griffey also made a deal with Nike and created his own shoe. It was called the Nike Air Griffey Max and they became rather popular. Ken Griffey Jr. was showing up in all kinds of different places and his stardom began to grow even more. A more recent company is that of Swingman. Ken Griffey is well-known for wearing his hat backwards along with his sweet swing. The logo of the company has Junior’s swing with him wearing his hat backwards. That was the famous Griffey move.

Family Man

Ken Griffey Jr. became a star with the Mariners, but he was quite the family man as well. He loved his family and wanted to be close with them. Junior wanted to live closer to his family and be there to help raise his kids. He felt that was something that was very important. Ken put his family in front of the game of baseball. He wanted to live in Cincinnati and so the Mariners traded him to the Cincinnati Reds in the year 2000. It is inspiring to see someone who is so successful and who has become such a star put others before himself. Fans all across the country wanted to get their very own Ken Griffey Jr. baseball jersey.

Top Priorities

Ken Griffey Jr.’s superstar status had declined some when he went to Cincinnati. He didn’t have as good of years with the Reds that he did with the Mariners, but he still put up some good numbers. Griffey got injured quite a few times with Cincinnati and that caused him to miss parts of many seasons. With all the injuries, he still had many memorable moments. The city of Cincinnati had fallen in love with The Kid and they were so excited to have him join their team. Family has always been a top priority for Ken Griffey Jr. and he also showed that through his number change. Griffey decided to change his number from #30 to #3. This was to represent the number of children that he had.

Suicide Attempt

One thing that many people don’t know about this young star and Hall of Famer is that he struggled with depression and suicide at a young age. He felt lots of pressure from baseball and always felt like he was getting yelled at on the field and at home. There was a lot expected of him as the first pick in the draft and it became overwhelming and a lot for him to handle. At the age of 18 Griffey swallowed 277 aspirin pills. He was rushed to the hospital for critical care and survived. Junior is open about this struggle he had and hopes to spread awareness and help others by sharing his story. The relationship between him and his father grew and they became closer from it. Everyone struggles with something and Ken Griffey Jr. showed that and is an inspiration.

Off The Warehouse

Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Jersey

Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Jersey

There were many memorable moments that came throughout Griffey’s career. He is famous for one home run that he hit during the 1993 home run derby. The derby was held at Camden Yards and Griffey hit a ball at that park where no one else ever has before. There is a warehouse out behind right field, which is outside of the stadium and Junior hit it on the fly. The ball soared out of the stadium and hit this warehouse. No player has ever done that still to this day. There is a plaque hung up there in the memory of this incredible moonshot that Griffey had. Ken Griffey Jr. ended up winning the home run derby three times throughout his career.

The Double

One of the most memorable moments and times that Ken Griffey Jr. is remembered for came early on during his career. It came in Game 5 of the American League Division Series. The Seattle Mariners were facing off against the New York Yankees. The game went into the 11th inning and Junior was on first base. Edgar Martinez stroked a double to the outfield and Griffey was heading for home to try to score the game-winning run. The throw came to the plate, but it was not in time. He slid in safely and the Mariners had won. The crowd was going crazy and loved the speed of Griffey around the bases. This was the first playoff run for the city of Seattle, so it was a big deal to the fans and organization.

Father-Son Duo

Not many people are able to say they have hit back-to-back home runs and no one is able to say they have accomplished that with their dad. Early on in Junior’s career, his dad joined the Mariners and they played together. In 1990, they hit back-to-back home runs. They are the first ever father and son duo to play on the same team together and to hit home runs back-to-back. This was a special moment for them and the Griffey family and something that will always be remembered. They only ended up playing 51 games together before Senior retired. Will we ever see another father and son duo of this nature?

Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Jersey

Ken Griffey Jr. is a legend to the baseball world and will always be remembered. This Ken Griffey Jr. baseball jersey is a popular one no matter which team you choose to buy his jersey from. Fans all across the country have their very own Ken Griffey Jr. baseball jersey. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame and the Mariners retired the number 24 in honor of him. He was the first player in the Mariners organization to have his number retired. Ken Griffey Jr. will always be known for having one of the sweetest swings in baseball. Now that Ken Griffey Jr. is retired, who do you think has the sweetest swing in baseball? Which star will be the next to reach the 500 Home Run Club? Please leave your comments below!

  1. Wow! I love that you included the history behind Ken Griffey Jr. It makes it so much more interesting when you purchase a jersey of a ball player that you know something about.

  2. I just saw a TV programme in the UK about Ken Griffey Jr but I didn’t know who he was as baseball is not well known over here. I’d heard the name but didn’t know to which sport he was associated. This is a very interesting read, so thanks very much for the information about him.

    Sad to learn that he had depression so young though… can’t imagine taking that many tablets! Maybe it made him the man he became?

    • That is interesting to hear about Griffey being on a television program in the UK. I am glad that you were able to learn some more information on him. Yes, I do think that his struggles turned him into the person he was and is today and I think that’s how it is with us all!

  3. That’s pretty amazing that a father got to play with his own amazing son professionally. I have actually never heard of that before, I guess you can see why Junior was such a family man, as well as being a top athlete.

    • Glad you enjoyed Tony, yes that sure had to be some special games and moments to be able to play alongside your father at the professional level like that.

  4. I love how you shared the life of Griffy, I would make owning his jersey so much more personal. Thank you for the info!

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