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Kawhi Leonard is one of today’s superstars in the National Basketball Association. He has grown throughout his basketball career and it will be fun to watch him play in the years to come. One jersey that would be great to add to your collection would be a Kawhi Leonard jersey. This athlete is one of the top in his sport and it will be exciting to see where he ends up ranking among the greatest of all time. Click HERE to pick up your very own Kawhi Leonard jersey!

The Leonard Family

Kawhi Leonard was born and raised in the state of California. He was the youngest child of 5 and he has 4 sisters. At a young age, Kawhi had something terrible occur to him and his family. He lost his father to a shooting. This had to be tough and I can’t imagine what the Leonard family had to go through. The tragic death of a family member like that is something that nobody should have to experience. Along with the four sisters and mom he grew up with, Kawhi also has a family of his own now.

Kawhi’s Own Family

Kawhi Leonard has a little baby girl with his girlfriend, Kishele Shipley. Kawhi loves his little daughter and the fans were able to see just how much he adores her from a video that leaked on the internet and social media a little while back. A video of his daughter’s birthday party ended up going around the internet and it showed just how much fun he had with is daughter. The fans loved to see this side of Kawhi because many of them only see him as a basketball player. They don’t get to see the personal side of him. Leonard is more of a quiet star who stays out of the media for the most part. This was rare to see something personal about Kawhi, but the fans enjoyed the video and the love that Kawhi shows by throwing a nice birthday party for his little girl. It’s good to see the different sides and personalities of athletes outside of their sport.

High School Career


While in California, Kawhi enjoyed playing the game of basketball and became quite good at it. He was one of the best players on his team and he attended Martin Luther King High School there in California. Leonard had a stellar senior season and averaged around 22 points, 13 rebounds, 3 blocks, and just shy of 4 assists per game. These were some great averages and really showed what he was capable of. There was a lot of potential with Kawhi and where his game could take him. He got lots of notice from college recruiters and stayed in his home state to further his academic and athletic career.

Becoming An Aztec

San Diego State University was the lucky University to get this future NBA star. He played with the Aztecs for 2 seasons before pursuing his career in the National Basketball Association. While at San Diego State, Kawhi helped lead the team to two NCAA tournament appearances. This is also known by many as “March Madness”. The Aztecs ended up losing in the tournament and never ended up winning a National Championship, but Leonard had some great appearances. He averaged 12.7 points per game his freshman year and 15.7 points per game his sophomore year. Throughout his college career he ended up receiving multiple different awards. He was named Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year and first team All-MWC. In 2010, Kawhi was named the MWC Tournament Most Valuable Player and he also ended up receiving the award of Second team All-America while at San Diego State. In both of his years with the Aztecs he helped lead them to the conference championship. He brought back two Mountain West Conference Championships to the University during his time there. Leonard had quite the awards and accolades and it didn’t go unnoticed. He received notice from scouts and he decided to enter into the NBA Draft in 2011. Kawhi had quite the career while at San Diego State and helped bring a lot of success to that school. Where would his basketball career take him from here?

NBA Finals Loss

Kawhi Leonard was selected 15th overall in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft. He was initially picked by the Indiana Pacers, but they traded him to the San Antonio Spurs. After seeing where his career has taken him I’m sure the Pacers regret their decision. He is one of basketballs stars today and the year of 2012-2013 is when Leonard really began to see a lot of time on the court. He helped lead the Spurs to the finals against the Miami Heat. They ended up losing the Finals that year, but that wouldn’t be the only shot that Kawhi and the Spurs would get. Even though they lost, he had a good appearance in the championship games and averaged 14.6 points and 11 rebounds. In 2014, they would get another shot at the Finals and the Miami Heat.


Kawhi Leonard would meet back up with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, but this time he wouldn’t let this opportunity slip by. Kawhi had a tremendous NBA Finals and helped shut down the famous LeBron James. He had solid lock down defense throughout the series and his best games came in the last few games of the series. Leonard scored 20 plus points in multiple games that series and showed that he could compete with the best of the best. He played great basketball on both ends of the court and the Spurs ended up winning the series in 5 games. Kawhi Leonard earned the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player award. He was the third youngest player to win this award. This was a big moment in his career and many people started to become familiar with his name. The city of San Antonio was ecstatic that the Spurs were able to bring home a championship. Bringing home the ship was a big accomplishment in Leonard’s young career. Along with the ring, so far throughout Kawhi’s career he has been a 2-time All Star and was an All-Rookie in his 2011-2012 season. Leonard has also won the Defensive Player of the Year award twice. He has had a great career so far, but where will the rest of it take him?

Best Of The Best


Another great moment in Kawhi Leonard’s career came on January 21, 2017. The San Antonio Spurs faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kawhi was going up against LeBron who is arguably the best player in the game. Leonard ended up having a career night and truly showed that he can compete with the best of the best. LeBron finished with just 29 points that night and Leonard had a high of 41. He helped lead the Spurs to a victory over the Cavs. Kawhi’s name spread after this performance as he faced off against “The King”. It was a chance for Leonard to prove himself…and he did just that.

New Home

Kawhi Leonard was most recently traded from the San Antonio Spurs to the Toronto Raptors in a deal that went down during the summer of 2018. The Raptors traded Demar Derozan and Jakob Poltl for Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. It will be interesting to see the kind of career that Kawhi will have with the Raptors. Will he be able to bring a championship home to Toronto? He is one of the greatest players in the game of basketball today and it will be exciting to see where the rest of his basketball career takes him and what accomplishments he may come across. Where do you think Kawhi will end up ranking among the basketball legends?

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