Jose Altuve Jersey

Jose Altuve Jersey

One of Major League Baseball’s greatest stars stand at only five feet and six inches tall. Jose Altuve is one of the shortest players to ever play at the professional level. His talent and numbers match up as well as anybody though and often times he is at the top of the statistic line. Altuve has speed and power and sure can play defensively as well. He is an all-around ballplayer and has had great success up to this point in his career. A Jose Altuve jersey is one of the top MLB jerseys to add to your collection. The man knows how to play the game.

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Turned Down

Jose Altuve was born and raised in the country of Venezuela. He grew up in that country and enjoyed playing the game of baseball. Altuve became quite good at the game and would compete and play in leagues at a young age. He had met Salvador Perez who was a major league baseball player as well when he was just a young boy. Jose continued to play the game of baseball and when he was 16 he decided to try out for the Houston Astros. This MLB team had a tryout camp in Venezuela. Jose wanted to give it a shot, but they turned him down and wouldn’t allow for him to participate because of his height and they thought he was lying about his age. Jose looked too young to them…but he didn’t give up.

Never Gave Up

Jose Altuve came back to the Houston Astros tryout camp the next day and brought his birth certificate with him. He was ready to prove somebody wrong. When he had returned and showed his birth certificate the Astros coaches had asked him if he could even play. Jose responded by saying “I’ll show you.” Altuve was confident in his ability and rightfully so. He went on to show the scouts what he was capable of and they liked what they saw in the young kid. Altuve had proved them wrong and the Astros decided to sign him to an undrafted free agent contract in 2007. By signing with the Houston Astros, Jose Altuve was on his way to the big leagues.

Moving Countries

Altuve started out by playing in the Venezuelan Summer League. He performed and played well in this league in which he was then sent over to the United States to begin his path in the minor league system. Jose started out in rookie ball and moved his way up from there. There was a lot of change going on in Altuve’s life all at once. He went from being a 16-year-old baseball player in Venezuela to getting signed by a Major League Baseball team, moving countries, and playing in the minor leagues. This is a lot of change, but I’m sure Jose loved it and the opportunity he had been given to compete at the professional level. All throughout his time in the minor leagues Jose was hitting for average and for power. That is a great combination that the Astros loved to see.

Proving Himself

Jose Altuve performed well during his time in the minors and showed what he was able to do on the diamond. The Astros organization noticed his skills and in July 2011 they called Jose up to make his major league debut. The city of Houston would be glad that they called up this young star. Altuve played well in his first few games and tied the Houston Astros record for consecutive games with a hit to begin a career. He had seven straight games with a hit to start off. Jose was on a roll. Throughout his rookie season and the rest of his career Altuve continued to have lots of success. Check out the video below on this baseball star!



List Of Accomplishments

Jose Altuve has accomplished a lot throughout his career so far while with the Houston Astros. He has been named to the All-Star game six different times and is also a four time Silver Slugger Award winner. The man knows how to hit. Jose was named the American League batting champion three times in the seasons of 2014, 2016, and 2017. He led the American League in stolen bases in 2014 and 2015. Jose was quick and also knew how to swipe some bags. Along with these awards, Jose also received the Gold Glove Award in 2015 and the American League Hank Aaron Award in 2017. 2017 was a big year for Jose Altuve as he also won the American League MVP Award. That is quite the award to get and not only that, but in that same year he had become a World Series Champion.

A World Champion

Jose Altuve Jersey

Jose Altuve Jersey

The Houston Astros became the 2017 World Series Champions. Jose Altuve helped lead the city of Houston to its first ever World Series title. They faced off against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series and the series went all the way to a game seven. That is about as dramatic as it can get, but Altuve and the Astros came out on top in the end. Throughout the playoffs that year Jose put up some great numbers. He hit with over a .300 batting average, had fourteen runs batted in, and hit seven home runs. Talk about playing well when it matters. With the season and championship on the line Altuve continued to play well. Jose had won his first championship and got that big shiny ring on his finger. What a year for Mr. Altuve.

Jose’s Faith

Jose Altuve is a believer in the Christian faith and has been since he was younger. He stated that he always grew up believing that in order to achieve success you needed to have God in your life first. Jose defines success as not getting to the major leagues or being the best at baseball, but he defined success as living the way that God wants you to. He believes that it is important to always thank God for what he’s done and the blessings, health, and family that you have. Jose knows that there is more to life than the game of baseball and that the most important thing is God and his faith. It is great to see somebody as successful as Altuve have the kind of perspective and faith that he does.

Jose Altuve Jersey

Jose Altuve is one of the top players in the Houston Astros organization and in all of Major League Baseball. He has had many great accomplishments, but even through all of this success he realizes and knows that there is more to life than baseball. That there is a greater purpose. Please leave your comments below and leave any recommendations for which athletes you want to learn more about!

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