The Joe Namath jersey is a legendary jersey within the game of football. Namath is a legend in the history of the game and is recognized by many as one of the greatest to ever play the game. The Joe Namath jersey is a very popular jersey and is worn by many people all across the country, especially in the city of New York. Joe was the quarterback for the Jets during the 1960’s and 70’s. Many young football players strive to be as good as Namath and would wear this Joe Namath jersey dreaming of being the next star quarterback. The Joe Namath jersey is mainly in the colors of green and white. If you are looking to check out the Joe Namath jerseys or pick up your own Joe Namath jersey click the link below.

Joe Namath Jersey

Joe Namath Jersey

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Growing Up In Pennsylvania

Joe was born and raised in the state of Pennsylvania; the city of Beaver Falls specifically. Namath lived with his mother growing up after his parents ended up getting divorced. That is always sad to see parents split up and divorce. Joe was involved in sports as a young kid and this was prior to the Joe Namath jersey becoming very well-known. He attended Beaver Falls High School and became involved in football, basketball, and baseball. Namath was a three sport athlete and was very athletic. He enjoyed sports and seemed to play well in them all. Playing three different sports sure helps teach someone many athletic skills. This can be great in the development of a young athlete and Joe was just that. He had a bright future ahead of him in sports. He would hope that the Joe Namath jersey would one day be famous

Three-Sport Stud

Joe excelled at all three sports. In football, he was a standout quarterback and led his high school team to an undefeated season. In basketball, Namath was a star too. He could dunk the basketball and would do it quite often. This was surprising as not too many people were able to dunk at his age. Joe was a great baseball player too. The kid could do it all. Joe got lots of attention from scouts at the professional level for his ability at the game of baseball. Joe received multiple offers to play professionally. He got offers from teams like the New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies, and Cincinnati Reds. Many major league baseball clubs wanted Namath to be a part of their team. This caused Joe to have a difficult decision to make. Which sport should he choose to stay with?

School Or Pro Ball?

It seems like the Joe Namath jersey could have become a popular jersey in multiple different sports, but the game of football is where the Joe Namath jersey truly became well-known. Joe was talented at football and decided to continue his football career. I’m sure it was difficult to say no to the professional teams within Major League Baseball. It seems that one of the main reasons Joe decided to play football instead of baseball is because his mother wanted him to get his college education. That is a smart decision and seemed to have worked out great for Namath. Many big football programs across the United States had interest in Joe. Some of these include great schools like Penn State, Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, and Maryland. Joe had another decision to make now…which school?

Another Decision

Namath had initially decided to commit to the University of Maryland, but was unable to get into the school due to his academic scores. They were just below the needed amount in order to get in. There were multiple other schools that would love to have Joe. The University of Alabama was one of them and had offered him a full scholarship to come there. Namath committed to the University of Alabama and this was just the start of his great football career. This university and football program were excited. Little did they know at the time they were getting themselves a future NFL legend. The Joe Namath jersey was going to be a big deal one day.

Success At Bama

Joe Namath became a star at the University of Alabama and was the team’s starting quarterback. He helped lead the Crimson Tide to a National Championship in 1964. What a great time that is for a young star and program. I can’t imagine how great of a feeling that is to win the National Championship. Joe played three seasons with the university before moving on to the NFL to play the game professionally. Namath was one of the greatest to ever play at Alabama as he had led the team to a record of 29 wins and just 4 losses during his three years there. Joe developed his skills at the college level and became a top NFL prospect. Namath was good and many scouts saw that. Which NFL team would have the privilege of manufacturing the Joe Namath jersey and having him as a part of their squad?

Joe Namath Jersey

Joe Namath Jersey

Getting Drafted Twice

The St Louis Cardinals drafted Joe Namath with the 12th
pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. The New York Jets selected Joe with the first overall pick of the AFL Draft. This was prior to the merger of the NFL and AFL, so now there were two professional teams going after Joe. Joe had a salary request and the Cardinals stated that they would agree to his requests if he would sign prior to the Orange Bowl with the University of Alabama. This would cause Namath to not be able to play in this bowl game. Joe did not like that and wanted to play. As you can imagine, he decided to sign with the New York Jets. The kid was heading to the Big Apple.

AFL Greatness

Joe had a phenomenal career with the Jets and made his mark in the franchise and the game of football as a whole. The Joe Namath jersey would go down in history. Throughout his professional football career, Joe ended up becoming an All-Star during four seasons with the AFL. He was also the AFL Rookie of the Year, the AFL Most Valuable Player twice, and the AFL passing yards leader twice. Namath became an AFL Champion in 1968. When the AFL and NFL merged together, Joe continued to have success.

NFL Accomplishments

While in the NFL, Namath became the NFL passing touchdowns leader and the passing yards leader in 1972. In that same season, Joe was named to the Pro Bowl. Joe helped lead the New York Jets to a Super Bowl victory in January of 1969. This was Super Bowl III. The Jets won by a score of 16-7 over the Baltimore Colts. Joe continued to have a great career and in 1974 he was named as the NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Throughout his career, Namath passed for over 27,000 yards. The dude was good and became a Super Bowl champion.

Joe Namath Jersey

The Joe Namath jersey is one of the most legendary NFL jerseys in the history of the game. Namath was a star quarterback and one heck of an athlete. There are not too many quarterbacks who were as skilled as Joe. The green and white Joe Namath jersey is a very popular. Many kids and fans all across the country wear and represent this Joe Namath jersey. The Joe Namath jersey is extremely well-known in the city of New York. If you are looking to pick up your very own Joe Namath jersey check out the link above. The Joe Namath jersey will be remembered for a long time.

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