Jayson Tatum Jersey

Jayson Tatum Jersey

Jayson Tatum Jersey

One of the youngest basketball stars in the game today plays for the Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum. A Jayson Tatum jersey is one jersey that you will want to get your hands on as this kid has a very bright future ahead of him. From shooting long range jump shots to taking off down the lane and dunking it, Tatum can do it all. So where did this superstar come from? Click HERE to get your favorite Jayson Tatum jersey!

Runs In The Family

Born and raised in the state of Missouri, Jayson grew up with a brother and a sister. He was raised by his mother and father who was also involved in the game of basketball. His dad played basketball at St Louis University and then decided to become a basketball coach and teacher. This caused Jayson to be around the game quite a bit. Along with his dad being involved in basketball, so was his cousin. Jayson has a cousin by the name of Tyronn Lue. You may recognize this name as he is the head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jayson and the Celtics have played and faced off against the Cavaliers. That must be interesting for them as it creates a little family rivalry. That what makes it fun though, some good healthy competition. Maybe the game of basketball just runs in the family.

Top Recruit

While living in Missouri, Jayson Tatum went to Chaminade College Preparatory School. He played basketball while he was there and was one of the team’s top stars. He was a great scorer and knew how to put the ball in the hoop. During the summers he played on an AAU Nike Elite basketball team. Tatum traveled and played against top talent in the country. This brought him some notice from college recruiters. Along with playing in this elite league, he also helped lead his high school team to a state championship. Jayson received lots of notice and decided to commit to one of the country’s top basketball powerhouses, Duke University. During his senior season he averaged close to thirty points and about 9 rebounds. He had multiple forty point games and some great performances. Jayson was named as the 2016 Gatorade National Player of the Year. Duke was happy to have his commitment.

Jayson Tatum Jersey


A Duke Blue Devil

The Blue Devils were excited to have Jayson Tatum, but would only end up having him for one season. The ‘one and done’ is very popular in college basketball and Tatum ended up doing that as well. The ‘one and done’ is when the players play for one season at the college level before going to the NBA. While at Duke, Tatum played extremely well. He had multiple games where he scored twenty plus points. Jayson excelled on the court and truly showed his ability. He helped lead the Blue Devils to the ACC Championship victory over the Irish of Notre Dame. Along with winning the ACC title, Tatum and the Blue Devils also earned a spot in the NCAA Tournament as a number 2 seed. They didn’t go on to win the National Championship, but Jayson had a great season. He decided to enter the draft and take his shot at the NBA dream.

Success As A Rookie

The Boston Celtics selected Jayson Tatum with the third pick in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft. Tatum got off on the right foot and had a great season in the summer league. His success in the summer transferred over to the season as he was the Celtics starting forward. In just his first game he put up a double-double with fourteen points and ten rebounds. His success continued and he was named Rookie of the Month for the month of December. Tatum ended up have a great regular season and led the Celtics to a record of 55 wins and 27 losses.

Breaking Playoff Records

Jayson Tatum Jersey

Jayson Tatum Jersey

Jayson Tatum helped lead the city of Boston to a playoff appearance in the year of 2017. Tatum showed out in the playoffs and scored 28 points in the victory over the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round of the playoffs. Tatum was the first Boston Celtics rookie to score over 25 points in the playoffs since the year of 1980 when Larry Bird did this. Another playoff record that Jayson matched up with Bird at was consecutive games. Jayson Tatum passed Larry Bird with this record and became the first Boston Celtics rookie to score twenty plus points in five straight playoff games. Larry only did it in four. Tatum was a playoff player and stepped up his game when the season was on the line. That is the kind of player you want on your team and in your organization. He was recognized by players across the league as one of the top rookies. LeBron James spoke of Tatum as being a great player and even said that he was built for stardom. Jayson ended up being named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. That is a great achievement for a young player. Tatum had a solid first season at the professional level.

His Faith

Jayson Tatum’s faith is a big part of who he is as he is a part of the Christian faith and is a believer in Jesus Christ. Tatum says that his faith comes from his grandmother and that she had taught him a lot about it. She helped instill some of these values in him. Jayson stated that his grandmother always reminded him of how blessed he was with the position he was in and the talents that he had. He grew up in the church and his faith is something that has grown over time. Tatum believes that in everything you do, do it for Jesus. He has a wristband that even says “In Jesus name I play”. Jayson says his faith is always with him and that it is something that keeps him grounded and humble, especially within the game of basketball. Jayson knows that there is a greater purpose in life and that there is more to life than the game of basketball.

Time For Take Off

Jayson Tatum is one of the top young stars in the game of basketball today. He is on the rise and many other stars in the league are able to see and realize this. The city of Boston is excited to have this star and are looking forward to the years to come with him. Tatum has a greater purpose behind what he does and it will be fun to watch his career continue to take off.

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