There are all kinds of Houston Rockets facts and many of them will be revealed today! If you are unfamiliar with this team, the Houston Rockets are a professional basketball team that competes in the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association. The Rockets are based out of Houston, Texas and have been around for many years. This franchise has had some great years and some not so great years as well. There have been many superstars that have worn the Houston Rockets jerseys. The city is hoping for many more successful years and for this franchise to continue to grow and win on and off the court. Over the years there have been many Houston Rockets facts and more Houston Rockets facts continue to keep coming. Keep reading to learn some more Houston Rockets facts and click the link below to check out some stunning Houston Rockets jerseys.

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San Diego Rockets

One of the Houston Rockets facts you may be looking for is when did this team and franchise start. In 1967 this franchise was established, but not as the Houston Rockets. They started out as the San Diego Rockets and were originally based in the city of San Diego, California. The San Diego Rockets started out as an expansion team of the NBA. The NBA was looking to grow and wanted to add some more teams. San Diego had a strong economic system and there was population growth. People seemed to enjoy the city of San Diego and it seemed to continue to grow. With the mixture of the NBA looking to expand and the city of San Diego with great potential, that is how you get the San Diego Rockets. This is very interesting and I find many of these Houston Rockets facts to be intriguing.

Moving Cities

The Rockets got their name from the contest that the organization held. These San Diego Rockets lost their first two games, but then started to see some victories. The franchise made their first playoff appearance in 1969, but would not end up winning the championship. They had some losing seasons to follow and the attendance to these basketball games was not as good as they were hoping for. The owner decided to sell the team. Texas Sports Investments decided to step up and buy this basketball franchise. Being from Texas, they wanted to move the team to Houston. They were renamed the Houston Rockets and they had now become the first ever NBA organization in the state of Texas. Houston Rockets facts were starting and continuing to build. As you can see the team is still around today, so it shows that the basketball market in the state of Texas must have been good!

Houston Hype

This change in cities for the Houston Rockets took place in 1971, just about four years after the start of the franchise. They were hoping to make a fresh new start and see a lot more victories. The Houston Rockets jerseys were starting to be made and become popular around the city with a new team moving in. The Houston Rockets facts were growing, but there was not a lot of early success for the team. They did make it back to the playoffs in 1975 and this is when the city of Houston really started to love and support the team. Many of the home games were sold out. Talk about a change in pace. The Houston Rockets jerseys were becoming very well-known. Every single one of the home playoff games were sold out for the team as well. Those are some exciting Houston Rockets facts to see.

Not Giving Up

The Houston Rockets saw a lot of support over the years, but were still looking for their first NBA title. In the 1993-1994 season, this NBA team started out winning fifteen straight games. Talk about an exciting start…this team just could not lose. People like to see these types of Houston Rockets facts. The team ended up having a great season and would make the playoffs. The defeated the Trail Blazers in the first round, but then lost the first two games to the Phoneix Suns in the second round. People were starting to doubt the team and even the media and newspapers seemed to have given up. Newspapers came out with headlines that read things like “Choke City”. People are so quick to turn and doubt when things start to go bad, but the Houston Rockets kept believing. They did not give up.

Clutch City

With a lot of doubt and uncertainty around this second series against the Phoenix Suns, the Rockets kept playing hard. This is a great lesson for many of us to learn from. Always keep trying and never throw in the towel. The Rockets would end up making a comeback and would win the series in seven games. They had turned it around to becoming now known as “Clutch City”. The Rockets beat the Utah Jazz in the semifinals and made it back to the NBA Finals. They faced off against the New York Knicks. Moments like these are wear history is made and when Houston Rockets facts are built. The Knicks led the series 3 games to 2. They Rockets never gave up, just like the rest of the season and came back to win the series. They won the last two games at home and the city of Houston exploded with celebration and excitement. History was made and these Houston Rockets facts were built in a positive way.

Back to Back

With the Rockets making it all the way to the Finals and winning it in 1994, this made the Houston Rockets jerseys very popular. The city and franchise was hoping for another winning season just like the last and that is what they would get. The Rockets started off slow, but would pick it up. They entered the playoffs as a six seed, but would blow that out of the water. Houston defeated some of the best teams in the league in the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, and San Antonio Spurs to make it back to the championship. This year the Rockets faced off against Shaquille O’Neal and the Orlando Magic. This was a good match up, but the Rockets ended up sweeping the series in four games. They came out and handled business quickly instead of having to come from behind like the previous year. More championship Houston Rockets facts were made. They had just gone back-to-back.

Rockets Legends

The Houston Rockets have had many great players play with them throughout the years. Some of these athletes that have worn the Houston Astros jerseys are seen as legends in the eyes of Rockets fans. Some of these phenomenal athletes that have worn the Houston Rockets jerseys include guys like Hakeem Olajuwon, Tracy McGrady, Clyde Drexler, Moses Malone, Calvin Murphy and Yao Ming. Hakeem is one of the team’s most popular stars as he helped lead the squad to the two back-to-back championships in 1994 and 1995. This man created a lot of excitement around the city of Houston and helped make the Houston Rockets facts included some championships in them. McGrady is one of the more well-known players from the Rockets as well. This man had a whole different type of talent and was considered a superstar by many. Many of these legendary players have helped to create these Houston Rockets facts and the current players of today will continue building more and more Houston Rockets facts.

Check out the video below on this Houston Rockets legend Hakeem Olajuwon. His nickname was The Dream. Wow, what an incredible player.

Current Stars

Not only did this franchise have some great players from the past, but they currently have some amazing players in their organization today. The Rockets have a roster that has a lot of potential. This team could create some more championship filled Houston Rockets facts. Some of the stars of today include guys like James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Nene, Austin Rivers, P.J. Tucker, and Clint Capela. Westbrook and Harden are the two stand out stars of this team who have some great skill. Harden has been with the Rockets for a few years now, while Westbrook is a brand new addition to the city of Houston. This could be one heck of a dynamic duo. It will be fun to see if they are able to bring back the third title to the city of Houston and add more championship facts to the list of Houston Rockets facts.

Retired Numbers

There have been many players come through the Rockets organization and had the opportunity to put on those Houston Rockets jerseys. With all the successful players that they have had, there are six retired numbers from men who have worn the Houston Rockets jerseys. These athletes include Yao Ming (#11), Clyde Drexler (#22), Calvin Murphy (#23), Moses Malone (#24), Hakeem Olajuwon (#34), and Rudy Tomjanovich (#45). Rudy was a head coach for the Rockets while the rest of these guys were players. To have your jersey retired is quite an honor and a type of recognition that one should be very proud of. Many of the contributions to the great Houston Rockets facts that involved winning seasons included these names. They will forever be remembered by this NBA franchise.

Manager #1

There have been multiple coaches come through the Houston Rockets organization over the years. Some bringing a lot of success while others not so much. The very first manager for the Rockets was a man by the name of Jack McMahon. Jack coached the team from 1967 to 1969. He didn’t have a whole lot of success, but that sure is a big challenge to be the very first head coach of a brand new franchise. Over the years Jack won 61 games, but lost 129. Not exactly the win to loss ratio he was looking for. Jack had a winning percentage of just .321. The coaching would improve over the years and there was one man who really became a favorite within the city of Houston. This particular coach helped lead the Houston Rockets facts in a positive and winning direction.

The Back-To-Back Coach

The coach that received lots of love and recognition from the franchise and the city of Houston was Rudy Tomjanovich. As seen above, his number was retired. Rudy was loved by the fans due to the success that he helped bring to the franchise. Tomjanovich was the coach that led the team to the back-to-back titles in the mid 1990’s. That is quite impressive and is certainly something that will get you on the organizations good side. Rudy coached from 1992 to 2003 for the Rockets. Over those seasons he had 503 wins and 397 losses with a winning percentage of.559. That is a solid amount of victories. Rudy is reference in a positive way in many Houston Rocket facts. He is one coach that will be remembered for a very long time by the city of Houston. He helped to make the Houston Rockets jerseys popular items.

Following Coaches

After Rudy came some more successful coaches, but none that would end up winning anymore titles. From 2007 to 2011 the team was coached by Rick Adelman. He had a winning percentage of .588 with 193 victories. Rick is known for coaching the team with the fourth longest winning streak in NBA history. The Rockets won 22 games in a row in the 2007-2008 season. That is a very interesting Houston Rockets fact. The Los Angeles Lakers have the longest steak with 33 straight wins. The current coach of the Houston Rockets is Mike D’Antoni. He has a winning percentage so far of .703. Mike has won 173 games and has been coaching the city of Houston since 2016. He won the 2016-2017 NBA Coach of the Year. The Rockets have had a lot of recent success and it seems as if their future is bright. There may be more championship type Houston Rockets facts coming soon.

Toyota Center

The Houston Rockets play at the Toyota Center which is located in Houston, Texas. This arena has Houston Rockets jerseys all over it. Many fans are wearing these Houston Rockets jerseys. The Toyota Center can hold up to a little over 18,000 people for the basketball games. This arena was opened in 2003 and cost around 235 million dollars to build. The Rockets are not the only team that calls this stadium their home. The WNBA team and AHL team also play their home games at the Toyota Center. Concerts are held here throughout the year as well. The Toyota Center is a beautiful place and one that many fans enjoy. All kinds of Houston Rockets facts are seen across this arena as well.

Clutch the Bear

The Houston Rockets have a mascot that is present at all the team’s home games. If you were to visit the Rockets arena you would see this mascot interacting with the fans all throughout the stadium wearing the Houston Rockets jerseys. This mascot goes by the name of Clutch and has been reppin’ those Houston Rockets jerseys since 1995. Clutch is a gray bear and was named the NBA Mascot of the Year in 2005. That is a great award to win. Clutch the bear not only appears at the basketball games, but he is also seen all across Houston throughout the year. He makes about 250 appearances throughout the city each year and also makes 20 out of town or even international appearances. The Houston Rockets mascot, Clutch, has added some fun to the Houston Rockets facts.

Importance of Giving

The Houston Rockets organization and individual players are very involved in giving back and supporting the community. The Rockets have many different community programs that they are involved in. These programs are in the educational, fitness, athletics, and giving areas. The Rockets have a charity of the month program where every month they pick one charity and help to raise money for them and their efforts. This shows just how important it is to impact others and have a positive impact on the world. The Rockets are using the platform and success that they have been given to make the world a better place by donating time and money to those in need. Along with the organization as a whole, there are also many individual players who believe in the act of giving. Recently, there have been multiple Houston Rockets stars to give and donate to the Bahamas where a tragic hurricane had struck. They are helping out those going through a hard time and we all can learn from their great example.

Houston Rockets Facts

There are all kinds of different Houston Rockets Facts and Houston Rockets jerseys. This team has had some very successful seasons over the years. There have been some great athletes play for the Rockets and I am sure there are even more and more to come. The team and not only believes in basketball success, but success off the court. They have an unselfish trait that is very refreshing. We all can learn from this organization by learning to give, love and support people in our world who need help. The facts about giving are some of my favorite Houston Rockets facts of all.

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