Houston Astros Jerseys & Facts

The Houston Astros are a professional baseball team that competes within Major League Baseball. This team competes in the American League West Division. Houston Astros jerseys are seen all across the country as this organization has many fans. The city of Houston has lots of support for this team and this is where many of the Houston Astros jerseys are seen being worn. This franchise has had some great seasons over the years and have had some of the best ballplayer’s play for their team. The city of Houston Astros is hoping this team can bring a championship back home soon. Check out the link below to pick up your very own Houston Astros jerseys and continue reading for some Houston Astros facts!

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Changing Names

These Houston Astros jerseys came about in the year of 1962 when this organization was formed. The Astros were formed as an expansion team of Major League Baseball, but were not originally called the Astros. They had a different name. Their current name comes from the control center of the space program that is based in Houston. I found this to be a one of the many interesting Houston Astros facts. You know the phrase…”Houston, we have a problem.” Prior to the Astros, they were originally called the Houston Colt .45s. This name lasted only a few years before the name was changed to the Astros. The Houston Astros jerseys were then born.

Houston Astros Jerseys

Nolan Ryan Jersey

Changing Leagues

As you read above this team plays in the American League, but it wasn’t always that way. When the organization was first started in 1962, they were a part of the National League. The Houston Astros jerseys were playing in the National League from 1962 all the way until 2012. Beginning in the 2013 season, the Astros moved to the American League to compete in the West Division. They have been competing in that division ever since that move in 2012. Throughout the years in both the American League and National League, the Astros have had some great years and some pretty terrible years. In 2005, the Houston Astros went to their first World Series. This was a big moment for the organization and city which created a lot of hype and excitement around the Houston Astros jerseys. The Houston Astros jerseys were becoming very well-known due to this deep playoff run.

Tough Start Leads To Success

The 2005 season did not start in a way that you would think would lead to a chance at a championship. The Houston Astros started out with just fifteen wins and thirty losses. Even though it was early in the season, many people had written the Astros off and thought it was just going to be another tough season. A fun Houston Astros fact is that there was one newspaper in Houston that even said “RIP 2005 Astros”. They were wrong. From that point on the team picked it up and started playing better. The Astros then had a streak of 42 wins and just 17 losses. They found themselves at the top of the wild card. This franchise made it in to the playoffs by the hair of their chin. They clinched the wild card spot on the very last day of the regular season. What a tough start, but the team never gave up. They knew they could make a comeback and turn the season around and they did just that. The Houston Astros jerseys were going to be seen in the playoffs.

2005 World Series

This franchise faced off against the Atlanta Braves in the first series of the playoffs. The Astros won this National League Division Series 3 games to just 1. During Game Four of that series, the Astros actually trailed by a score of 6-1 in the eighth inning. They had come from behind all season and did it again in Game Four and won by a score of 7-6. The Houston Astros jerseys would face off against the St. Louis Cardinals jerseys in the Championship Series. The city of Houston won this series in six games and would make their first World Series appearance. In this World Series, the Astros faced off against the Chicago White Sox. The Astros would end up losing this World Series, which was heart-breaking for the city of Houston. They had a great year though and the Houston Astros jerseys had become very well-known all across the nation.People were also starting to become more and more familiar with the franchise and different Houston Astros facts.

Back Again

The Astros had many unsuccessful seasons before making it back to the World Series, but they would do so again in 2017. The Houston Astros jerseys were back in the World Series and this franchise was one of the top two teams left. The Astros had a great season and Jose Altuve had a phenomenal season and was even named the American League Most Valuable Player. He led the league in average with a batting average of .346. Not that is impressive. The Houston Astros jerseys would face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys during this second shot at their first title. The organization would end up making history and winning their first World Series title in franchise history. They made it dramatic though and won the title in the final Game 7. The city exploded in celebration and the Houston Astros jerseys were flying off the shelves. This is one of the fans favorite Houston Astros facts…their team being 2017 World Series champs and nobody is able to take that away.

Check out the video below on the Houston Astros first World Series title in franchise history!


These famous Houston Astros jerseys have been worn by many players over the years. Some of the most memorable players from the Houston Astros include players like Nolan Ryan, Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Roy Oswalt, and Lance Berkman. Nolan Ryan and Roy Oswalt were both pitchers, while the other three mentioned played the field and were solid hitters at the plate. Nolan Ryan is one of the most historic and notable legends that wore the Houston Astros jerseys. Ryan was untouchable at times and holds the Major League record for no-hitters. Nolan threw seven no-hitters throughout his major league career which is very impressive. Any team would have loved to have Nolan pitch for their team. Many of the Houston Astros jerseys that you see will have the name Ryan on the back. Along with Nolan, many legends had the opportunity to wear the Houston Astros jerseys.

Houston Astros Jerseys

Jose Altuve Jersey

Current Stars

Along with the many legends that have worn the Houston Astros jerseys, there are also a lot of current superstars that wear these Houston Astros jerseys. As mentioned above, Jose Altuve is one of those players and the Jose Altuve jersey is extremely popular in the city of Houston and around the nation. Along with Jose, some of these other great players include guys like George Springer, Carlos Correa, Justin Verlander, Alex Bregman, and Yordan Alvarez. Verlander is one of the top pitchers in the league while the rest of the men mentioned are great fielders and have great bats. There is a lot of power and depth within the Astros lineup which makes them very dangerous. It wouldn’t surprise me if the city of Houston won another World Series title soon. These players are hoping to bring the Houston Astros jerseys back to the World Series and are hoping to have the World Series be a part of many future Houston Astros facts.

Retired Numbers

As you can see there have been many great players who have played for the Houston Astros. This organization has retired nine numbers over the years to honor some of their best players. These nine players include Jim Umbricht (#32), Don Wilson (#40), Jose Cruz (#25), Mike Scott (#33), Nolan Ryan (#34), Larry Dierker (#49), Jimmy Wynn (#24), Jeff Bagwell (#5), and Craig Biggio (#7). Nolan Ryan is mentioned here again along with the other Houston baseball legends. Biggio was the last player to have his Houston Astros jersey number retired. The franchise retired his number back in August 2008. It will be fun to see who will have the next Houston Astros jersey number retired. Who do you think it will be? Please leave your comments below on who you think will have the next Houston Astros jerseys retired!


There have been many different men who have coached the players in the Houston Astros jerseys over the years. Some of these coaches have had a lot of success, while others not so much. The first coach of this franchise starting in 1962 was a man by the name of Harry Craft. Craft won 191 games throughout his coaching career and coached the team until 1964. He had an overall winning percentage of .406 which is losing more games than winning, but isn’t extremely terrible seeing that it was a brand new organization. Some of the most interesting Houston Astros facts have to do with their coaches over the years.

NL Managers of the Year

A more successful coach came for the city of Houston from 1986-1988. This coach was a man by the name of Hal Lanier and he ended up having a winning percentage of .523. That is pretty solid and he won 254 games over his few seasons. Lanier was also named the 1986 NL Manager of the Year. That is quite the accomplishment as he was able to lead the athletes in the Houston Astros jerseys to many victories. Another coach who was awarded the NL Manager of the Year for the Astros was Larry Dierker. Larry won this award in 1998 and had an even higher winning percentage at .553. Dierker knew how to win some ball games with the men in the Houston Astros jerseys. Larry coached for the team from 1997 to 2001. These two coaches had a solid amount of success with the Houston Astros.

World Series Coaches

None of the coaches were able to bring the franchise and the Houston Astros jerseys to the World Series until Phil Garner did in 2005 when they faced off against the White Sox. Although they didn’t win the title that year the 2005 team had a lot of success and that was great for Phil. He showed that city that he was capable of winning and competing at a high level. Phil won 277 games and coached from 2004 to 2007. The next coach to make it to the World Series with the Houston Astros jerseys was A.J. Hinch. Hinch is currently the coach of Astros and has had lots of success over the years. Hinch helped lead them to their first ever World Series title in 2017 which is what the city of Houston may always remember him for. Along with that championship season, Hinch has won 374 games over his time in Houston and has been the coach since 2015. This is a very exciting time for the franchise and many are hoping that the Astros are able to bring back another title to the city of Houston with A.J. Hinch. Hinch is looking to bring those Houston Astros jerseys back to the World Series.

Minute Maid Park

These Houston Astros jerseys are sold all over their home baseball stadium and the city as well. The Astros have a nice stadium today in Minute Maid Park. This park was opened in the year 2000 and is located in downtown Houston, Texas. Minute Maid Park has the first retractable roof stadium in the city, which makes it very nice. This stadium can hold around 41,000 fans and had a record of 44,000 plus in 2001. The construction cost about $250 million dollars. That is a lot of money, but well worth it for the city of Houston. Prior to Minute Maid Park being built, the Houston Astros played in the Astrodome which opened in 1965. This was the world’s first multi-purpose domed sports stadium. It was very exciting and many referenced the Astrodome as the eighth wonder of the world. This franchise has had some great stadiums throughout the years and there are always Houston Astros jerseys being worn and sold around the stadium.


One person who seems to always be wearing Houston Astros jerseys and gear is the team mascot, Orbit. Orbit gets his name from reference to the city’s connection to NASA. Houston is associated with NASA and is even nicknamed Space City. This mascot is a green alien with antennae’s that have baseballs on the ends of them. Orbit is a fan favorite and is seen all over the stadium wearing the Houston Astros jerseys on game day. This mascot not only makes appearances at the field, but he also makes about 300 appearances a year just within the community. Talk about not having a lot of time off…he stays busy! These appearances include things like private events, birthday parties, festivals, parades, and volunteer work. Orbit cares for more the community and not just the game of baseball. He helps make a difference and has a positive impact on many people throughout the year. Orbit is a great example for us all to follow.

Giving Back

The Houston Astros jerseys are very popular in the city of Houston and all across the nation. This franchise and organization cares about a lot more than just what happens in between the lines. The Houston Astros enjoy giving back and help in many different areas within the community. The Houston Astros have their own foundation that supports and gives to charities. This is what it’s all about, having a greater impact than just sports. The foundation shows support within youth sports programs, childhood cancer awareness, the nation’s military, and efforts to reduce homelessness. This foundation holds many volunteer and charity events throughout the year. Houston Astros jerseys are representing more than just the game of baseball. It is important for us all to help others and give our talents, time, and efforts to make the world a better place. God has given us all so many talents and gifts to give back and share with others. The Houston Astros foundation is just one great example of giving back and using what you have to make a positive impact on the world. Make a difference today!

Houston Astros Jerseys

The Houston Astros jerseys are some sweet-looking jerseys that not only represent a solid baseball organization, but also ones that support and give back to the community. The Astros have had a solid amount of success over the years with some great players and coaches. Many of these stars are hoping to bring the Houston Astros jerseys back to the World Series to win another title. The future is promising for this Astros organization and it will be fun to see just how successful they will be. These Houston Astros jerseys have a great color scheme. You will see white Houston Astros jerseys, navy blue Houston Astros jerseys, and orange Houston Astros jerseys. Which color scheme is your favorite and when do you think the city of Houston will make it back to the World Series to win another title? Please leave comments below!

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