Ha Ha Clinton Dix is a professional football player that competes in the National Football League. Were you one of those young kids who dreamt of one day playing in the NFL? Or maybe one day playing the sport you loved at the professional level? Well, this dream came true for Clinton-Dix and he is now able to play football for a living. The Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey is a valuable item as he is a very skilled player. Many people all across the country love and support Clinton Dix by wearing this Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey. He plays on the defensive side of the game as a Safety. Clinton Dix is one of the best safeties in the league and has a bright future ahead of him. If you are looking to get your very own Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey click the link below!

Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey

Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey

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The Nickname

Ha Ha Clinton Dix has not always been called Ha Ha. His real full name is Ha’Sean Treshon Clinton Dix. When he was extremely young his grandma gave him the nickname of Ha Ha and it has stuck with him ever since. It seems like everyone refers to him as Ha Ha versus Ha’Sean. Clinton Dix stated that he likes the name and prefers to go by the name Ha Ha. Many people in the game of sports have their own nickname.

Edgewater High Star

Before the Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey became famous, Clinton Dix was playing football in Florida. Clinton Dix was born and raised in the state of Florida. He lived in the Orlando area and got involved in the game of football. He had the skills in order to be successful and that’s just what he did. Ha Ha became a football success. He attended Edgewater High School in the Orlando area for his freshman and sophomore seasons. While he was at Edgewater, Clinton Dix played on the offensive side of the football. He became the running back for the school. Clinton-Dix continued to improve and develop his skills at the game. Prior to his junior season, Clinton Dix ended up transferring to a different high school. He didn’t know it at the time, but one day people all across the country would be buying that Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey.

Multiple Sport

Dr. Phillips High School was the school that Ha Ha would end up transferring too. This school was also located in the Orlando area. While going to Dr. Phillips he continued to play the game of football, but also became a multi-sport athlete. Along with football, Ha Ha participated in basketball and track. Clinton Dix was one of the top athletes at the school. While playing football at Dr. Phillips, Clinton Dix changed to the defensive side of the game along with special teams. He played safety and also was the kick returner. Ha Ha was extremely good as a safety and was ranked one of the top safeties in the nation. The website Rivals.com ranks the top high school players and they had actually ranked him at number one. He was ranked the number one safety and the sixth overall player in his class.

Headed To ‘Bama

Due to his great skills and high rankings, Ha Ha got lots of notice from colleges and universities. There were many schools that wanted this young star to come play for them. One school in particular that had lots of interest in Ha Ha was the University of Alabama. He decided to commit to the crimson tide and would be continuing his football career with them. They have had lots of success over the years as a team, which made Ha Ha’s decision a good one. Alabama could definitely help Ha Ha make the Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey a famous one. Clinton Dix had a solid career while at the University of Alabama and got a decent amount of playing time as just a freshman.

Back To Back Titles

As a freshman, Clinton Dix would end up winning the National Championship with the crimson tide. He would do so again in 2012 as a sophomore as well. In 2011, the tide beat LSU by a score of 21-0. In 2012, Notre Dame was the team that had fallen to the University of Alabama. Ha Ha helped lead the way in the 2012 title game. He made seven tackles in that championship game that would help lead the team to the victory. Alabama ended up winning that year by a score of 42-14. What an exciting time in one’s life. There are not too many people who are able to say that they have won a national championship…much less two of them back to back. The Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey was getting noticed.

Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey

Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey

Shot At The NFL

Ha Ha Clinton Dix ended up having a successful junior season as well to go along with his solid college career. He had 51 tackles and 2 interceptions during his third year at Alabama. Clinton Dix decided to forego his senior year at Alabama and take a shot at the NFL. Ha Ha was selected to the first team all SEC and was also named as one of the top five safeties in college football. The future was looking bright for the young star. It was looking like the Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey was going to soon be made for an NFL team.

Solid Early Career

The Green Bay Packers selected Ha Ha Clinton Dix with the 21st
overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He was one of the top safety options and that’s just who the Packers wanted. The Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey was going to be made up of that Green Bay green and gold. Clinton Dix has had a successful NFL career so far. As a rookie he was selected to the PFWA All Rookie Team. Clinton Dix had a stellar season in 2016 and was selected to the second team All-Pro. He was also selected for the Pro Bowl in that same year. The Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey has become quite popular. In 2018, Clinton Dix got traded to the Washington Redskins and his jersey colors changed. He has not won a Super Bowl yet, but is hoping for one in the near future.

Ha Ha Clinton Dix Jersey

Although Clinton Dix has not won the Super Bowl, he has had a solid NFL career so far. The Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey is a popular one and many people all across the country have their very own. Whether it’s the old Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey from when he was in Green Bay or the newer Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey from his new team in Washington, this jersey is seen all over the place. Pick up your very own Ha Ha Clinton Dix jersey by clicking the link above.

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