Giancarlo Stanton Jersey

Giancarlo Stanton Jersey

Giancarlo Stanton Jersey

A Giancarlo Stanton jersey is one of the top baseball jerseys on the market. He is a top power hitter in the game of baseball today. The dude can hit…and I mean hit it far. Stanton has hit some baseballs an incredible distance, some reaching over 500 feet. Kids all over the nation are striving to be like Giancarlo one day and are hoping to be able to hit a baseball that far. Stanton is a very talented player and has many more home runs to come. Click HERE to get your favorite Giancarlo Stanton jersey!

Three-Sport Athlete

Giancarlo Stanton was born in the state of California and lived there for the majority of his life. He was the youngest in his family and has two siblings. As a kid, Giancarlo attended Verdugo Hills High School and then he transferred to Notre Dame High School after 2 years. Stanton was an athletic kid and enjoyed playing sports. He participated in three different sport while at Notre Dame High. As you could have probably guessed, one of the sports he played was baseball and he was quite good at it. Stanton excelled in other sports than just baseball though. Along with being on the diamond, he played football and basketball. On the football field he played offense as a wide receiver and defense as a cornerback. If he wasn’t on one of the fields, he was on the court. Giancarlo also played basketball during his high school years. Being a three sport athlete must not have been easy and I’m sure it kept him quite busy.

College Recruitement

Playing three different sports must have been hard to manage at times with all the different practices, games, and workout schedules, but Giancarlo Stanton was able to do it. By playing three different sports it really showcased his athletic ability. Due to his abilities on the field, he got some notice from college recruiters for both the game of baseball and football. He ended up getting offers to play football at UCLA, UNLV, and USC. For the game of baseball he received an offer from Tulane. Stanton did not end up going to any one of these schools to play football or baseball. He not only received great notice from these college recruiters, but the scouts at the professional level liked what they saw in Giancarlo as well.

Giancarlo Stanton Jersey

New York Yankees Baseball

Playing Professionally

With the 76th pick in just the second round of the 2007 Major League Baseball Draft, Giancarlo Stanton was selected. This power hitter was taken by the team out of the state of Florida, the Florida Marlins. The Florida Marlins would later change to the Miami Marlins. Giancarlo started out in the Marlins minor league system, but wasn’t there for too long. He ended up hitting many home runs while running through the minor leagues. He showed off his ability at the plate and made it up to the big league level within three years. In June of 2010, Giancarlo made his major league debut with the Florida Marlins.

Big League Debut

Giancarlo Stanton had a great appearance in that first game in June. He ended up going 3 for 5 that night at the plate. Stanton was only 20 years old when he made his big league debut. A young kid with lots of talent. Stanton has hit all kinds of balls out of the park, but his very first one was no ordinary home run. His first major league home run came during his rookie season and it came with the bases loaded. This first one was a Grand Slam. That is special and I’m sure that is one moment that Stanton will always remember.

Awards And Recognition

Throughout the rest of Giancarlo’s career he has hit many more home runs and has had lots of success. He has been selected as an All-Star four different times and won the National League Most Valuable Player award in 2017. Along with these awards he has won the Silver Slugger award twice, the Hank Aaron award twice, and was the National League Home Run Leader twice. All of these awards came during the years of 2014 and 2017. These two years were his best statistically speaking and in 2017 he also was the National League runs batted in leader. The Hank Aaron award that Stanton received is given out to the top hitter in each league. That is a very special award to win. The Silver Slugger is similar, but this award is given to the top offensive player at each position. This is another great award to win and these just show how talented Giancarlo was at the plate.

Returning Home

Giancarlo Stanton Jersey

Giancarlo Stanton Jersey

In 2018 Giancarlo Stanton was traded to the New York Yankees. Prior to being traded, Stanton had played with the Marlins for his entire career. He has lots of respect and love for the Marlins organization. In August of 2018, Giancarlo returned to his old stomping grounds for the first time as the New York Yankees faced off against his old team, the Miami Marlins. This was a special moment for him as the fans and stadium gave him a standing ovation when he came up to the plate. He acknowledged the crowd and expressed his sense of love and respect for them as well. Stanton went on to say how great of an organization he believes the Marlins are and how he only hopes the best for them. The city of Miami and the Marlins fans love themselves some Giancarlo Stanton. How could you not though…he’s one of the greatest power hitters.

Exit Velocity

One thing that Giancarlo Stanton is widely known for is how hard he can hit the baseball. The velocity at which the ball comes off of Stanton’s bat is incredible. With today’s technology, it is possible to measure the exit velocity off of the bats and how hard they leave the barrel once hit. Stanton has recorded exit velocities at and above 120 miles per hour. Stanton has led all of Major League Baseball in the highest exit velocity in 2015, 2016, and 2017. These balls are hit at 120 plus mph. As a fielder you better be on your toes and ready when Stanton comes to the plate. If you’re the pitcher you better not give him anything too good to hit. It will get crushed.

Top Hitters

Giancarlo Stanton is one of the top hitters in the game of baseball today. He is a threat at the plate and can hit baseballs hard and far. He is intimidating to other teams and it will be interesting to see what kind of numbers he will be able to put up in the future years.

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