Francisco Lindor jersey

Francisco Lindor jersey

Do you know someone who has that big bright smile or that person who just always seems to be smiling? Well, that is one of the many things that Francisco Lindor is known for. He always seems to be smiling and he is even nicknamed “Mr. Smile”. That is a good trait to have. This baseball star is known for more than just his smile though; the dude can flat out play. Lindor is one of the best players in the game of baseball today. A Francisco Lindor jersey is one of the best jerseys you can get. Francisco is continuing to improve and develop into one of Major League Baseball’s brightest stars.

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The Hill Drill

Francisco Lindor was born and raised in the country of Puerto Rico. He had three other siblings and grew up with his mother and father. Puerto Rico is one of the countries that is known for the game of baseball. Due to this he became quite involved in the game. Lindor started playing the game of baseball at a very young age. He was a solid athlete and became rather good at the game. With help from his dad he continued to improve. Francisco’s dad would help train him when he was younger and would even hit baseballs down a hill at him. Francisco would stand down the slope of the hill and try to field these balls that were coming at him. That sounds like an interesting drill, but it sure seems as though it worked. Francisco is one of the best defensive players in the game today.

Big Move

Francisco Lindor continued to improve and become very successful at the game of baseball. While Lindor was still at a young age he ended up moving to the United States. His family and he moved to the state of Florida. This had to be a difficult transition and something to get used to for both Francisco and his family. That is quite the life change. While in Florida, Francisco attended the Montverde Academy which was located in Montverde, Florida. While living there he continued to play the game of baseball and chase the dream of one day playing professionally and making that Francisco Lindor jersey a famous one.

Highly Recruited

Francisco Lindor had success while playing at Montverde and became named to the All-USA high school team. Lindor was one of the top players in the country and received notice from scouts at the college level. Florida State University was one of the schools that had lots of interest in Lindor. They ended up offering him a full ride to attend school there. It is difficult to get full rides for college baseball because there are not many scholarships to offer. That shows just how good Lindor was and how bad that the Seminoles wanted him. There were some other scouts that wanted Francisco too…those at the professional level.

A First Rounder

The Cleveland Indians were one of the teams with their eye on Lindor and they ended up drafting him with the eight overall pick in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft. He had a decision to make between the full ride scholarship offer he had from Florida State and the opportunity to play at the professional level. When you get drafted in the first round of the draft it is kind of hard to turn that down. Lindor chose to pursue a career with the Indians and signed for 2.9 million dollars. That is a good amount of money and I’m sure that made it even harder to turn down. Even without the money, playing professional baseball is every young players dream. The potential was through the roof for this young baseball star. What an exciting time in Lindor’s life.

Working Up The Ladder

Francisco Lindor started out in the minor league system with the Cleveland Indians and worked his way up. He started out his professional career with the Single-A team. Francisco played well with them and moved up in the organization. He made it all the way up to the Triple-A team in 2014, which is the step right before the major leagues. In June 2015 the Indians decided to give Lindor his shot. The Francisco Lindor jersey was starting to make its way in the market.

Rookie Year

Francisco Lindor Jersey

Francisco Lindor jersey

The Cleveland Indians had called him up to the big leagues. Francisco ended up getting his first major league hit in just his first game at the big league level. That sure is exciting and from that point on he continued to have success. The rookie Francisco Lindor jersey was starting to sell all over Cleveland. He was named as the Rookie of the Month for the month of September during this rookie season. Lindor had a stunning first season and hit with a batting average of over .300. He hit over 12 home runs as well. Lindor was on the rise. He was one of the final contestants to win the Rookie of the Year Award. Lindor didn’t end up winning, but that doesn’t take anything away from what he had accomplished during that season.

World Series Appearance

Francisco Lindor continued to have success throughout the rest of his years with the city of Cleveland. In 2016, he helped lead the team to a World Series. The Cleveland Indians faced off against Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and the Chicago Cubs. The Indians would end up losing this series, but Lindor played well. He became the youngest Indians player to six hits in the World Series. Lindor is still looking to get himself a World Series Championship. Just like everyone else in the league, Francisco is wanting to get that championship ring on his finger.

All-Around Player

Although he didn’t win the World Series, Lindor has accomplished a lot and received multiple other awards. He has been named as a 3 time All Star in the years from 2016-2018. Lindor is an all-around ballplayer and has been successful both on the offensive and defensive side of the game. On the offensive side, Francisco has been named to the Silver Slugger Award twice in the years of 2017 and 2018. On the defensive side of the game he has won the Gold Glove Award and the Platinum Glove Award in 2016. Lindor can swing the bat and flash the leather. The kid can do it all.

Francisco Lindor Jersey

Francisco Lindor is one of the top players in the game today and has truly shown just how good he is. The Francisco Lindor jersey is loved by fans all over the country. The city of Cleveland loves having him as a part of their team. They are hoping for many more years of success for this young superstar and that hopefully he will be able to lead them back to another World Series. This time to win it all.

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  1. Ok, now I want a Lindor Jersey. What a great background on this player! I had no idea that he was so accomplished or that he had won so many awards! His world series win is always looked forward to. Fantastic post, thanks!

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