Donovan Mitchell Jersey

Donovan Mitchell Jersey

Donovan Mitchell Jersey

Young professional athletes sure are fun to watch and Donovan Mitchell is one of them. He is one of the top players in the National Basketball Association today. A Donovan Mitchell jersey is one that you will want to have. Mitchell is on the rise and has such a bright future ahead of him. He has already shown what he is capable of and the skills that he has. The Utah Jazz are one lucky organization and it will be interesting to see how Donovan will continue to develop as a player. Click HERE to get your favorite Donovan Mitchell jersey!

Starting Young

Donovan Mitchell grew up in much of the Northeast region of the United States. He was born and raised in Elmsford, New York but would later go to high school in other states. Mitchell grew up around athletics as his dad worked for the New York Mets. He was in player relations with the Mets organization, so Donovan was very familiar with the game of baseball. Along with baseball, Donovan really enjoyed the game of basketball. He played both baseball and basketball as a kid, but was a star on the court. He joined an AAU basketball team as a child that was based out of New York City. AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union and is an organization that puts on basketball programs and leagues. It is very competitive and the teams travel to away places in order to play games and compete in tournaments. Mitchell was into the game of basketball at a young age.

Getting Noticed

Donovan Mitchell attended a school in Connecticut his first couple years of high school, but then transferred to Brewster Academy. This school allowed for him to receive more notice from scouts and recruiters at the college level. Donovan had played both baseball and basketball before he transferred schools. After the switch, Mitchell decided to focus more on the game of basketball in hopes to develop his skills in order to play at the college level. He was a great high school player and did receive notice from college recruiters.

A Louisville Cardinal

Donovan Mitchell Jersey


The University of Louisville was one of the many schools that had interest in Donovan Mitchell. The Cardinals liked what they saw in the young kid and offered him the opportunity to play basketball with them. Louisville is a big basketball school and Mitchell liked what he saw in them as well. He decided to join the University of Louisville squad. Donovan would have lots of success while at Louisville and would end up putting up good numbers in just his first two years at the Division 1 level. As a freshman he averaged 7.4 points per game and averaged 15.6 points per game as a sophomore. Along with these averages he shot over 80% from the free throw line. His great season didn’t go unnoticed and he was recognized as First Team All-ACC. The ACC is the Atlantic Coast Conference and is the conference the Cardinals are in. Mitchell only ended up playing two years at the University of Louisville before entering into the NBA Draft.

To The NBA

With the 13th overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the Denver Nuggets selected Donovan Mitchell. He wouldn’t stay with the Nuggets for very long as they would end up trading him to the Utah Jazz for two other players. Mitchell ended up signing a contract with the Jazz and began playing with them in the NBA Summer League. He played well in the summer and ended up having the highest scoring game among all NBA players that summer. Donovan scored 37 points in one game which was the most among all the players in the 2017 NBA Summer League. He was performing well and showcasing his abilities. Mitchell was ready for the regular season to come around.

Young Star

Donovan Mitchell Jersey

Donovan Mitchell Jersey

Donovan Mitchell ended up making his NBA Debut in October 2017 against the Denver Nuggets. It is kind of funny that it came against the Nuggets because they were the team that had initially drafted Donovan. He ended up scoring ten points and four assists that night during his debut. The Nuggets would regret their trade decision after the sensational rookie season they would see Mitchell have. He had multiple 40 plus point games throughout the season and was the first rookie guard to have multiple 40 plus point games since 1996 when Allen Iverson did this. That is putting his name up there with one of the greats. Donovan was named as the Western Conference Rookie of the Month multiple different times. He set the record for most three pointers made by a rookie with 186. Along with those accomplishments Mitchell helped lead the Utah Jazz to a playoff appearance. He had successful playoffs, but he was unable to lead the Jazz to a championship. Although he didn’t win the NBA title, I mean it was just the kids first season, Donovan was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. This Utah Jazz Superstar had a great first season.

Slam Dunk Contest

Along with these great accomplishments that Donovan Mitchell had during his rookie season, he also had another very memorable moment. Mitchell ended up winning the 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. He wasn’t even originally supposed to be in the contest, but became a fill in when one of the contenders got hurt before the event. Donovan would end up putting on a show. He threw down some great dunks and received high scores from the judges. Not only was this kid good at shooting, but he could dunk. The fans loved watching the young rookie do his thing. Donovan Mitchell was your 2018 Slam Dunk Champion.

Bringing Back Carter

During the Slam Dunk Contest Donovan Mitchell ended up imitating the legend of Vince Carter. He wore the vintage Vince Carter jersey and copied his famous 360 windmill dunk. He had brought back the legend from the 2000 Slam Dunk contest and Vinsanity. The fans loved the tribute and the dunks that Donovan brought back from the legend in Carter.

Hoping To Continue Success

Donovan Mitchell is one of the top young stars in the game of basketball today. He has showed what he is capable of doing at a young age and it will be interesting to see if he can continue this success throughout the rest of his career. The Jazz are excited to have Mitchell within their organization.

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