The Detroit Tigers are a professional baseball team that competes in Major League Baseball. These Detroit Tigers jerseys are very popular all across the country. Many people support this MLB franchise and own their very own Detroit Tigers jerseys. The Tigers compete in the central division of the American League. The city of Detroit has had lots of success in some years while others years not so much. Young ball players all across the country strive to one day put on those Detroit Tigers jerseys as a part of their squad. That’s the dream as a young player, to make it to the big leagues. These popular Detroit Tigers jerseys consist of the colors of orange, navy blue, and white. Check out the link below to see some of the best Detroit Tigers jerseys and to get your very own.

Detroit Tigers Jerseys

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Western League

The Detroit Tigers franchise started all the way back in the year of 1894. This team has been around for a very long time. They started out by playing and competing in the Western League. This was basically like the minor leagues back in the day. The Western League would eventually switch to the American League and they became a part of the major leagues in 1901. There was now the American League and the National League. The Tigers were now competing at the big league level of baseball. That was a big step for the franchise and must have been an exciting time for the fans and team as a whole. The Detroit Tigers jerseys were starting to be developed at the professional level. What an exciting time for the city and many fans would start buying Detroit Tigers jerseys.

The Good And The Bad

Detroit Tigers jerseys are very popular and seem to be selling no matter what type of season they are having. More jerseys tend to sell during the good times of course, but there are many die hard Tigers fans. The city of Detroit has had many good years and some bad ones as well. The Tigers have won the Division title 7 times and have been named as the American League champions eleven times. As you can see, the Tigers have been in the playoffs multiple times. Out of these years, the Detroit Tigers have been named World Series champions in four of those years. These World Series titles came in 1935, 1945, 1968, and 1984. It has been awhile since the Tigers have won the World Series as their last title came in 1984. Those years were very exciting for the fans and franchise as a whole.

Facing Off With Chicago

In the 1935 World Series, the Detroit Tigers faced off against the Chicago Cubs. This series would end in six games and the Tigers would come out victorious. They had just won their first World Series title. What an exciting moment for the organization. The Tigers second championship would come just ten years later in 1945. In this series, the Tigers would face off yet again with the Chicago Cubs. This series went all the way to a seventh game this time. The Tigers ended up winning the seventh game which would name them champions yet again. The score of game seven was 9-3. The Detroit Tigers jerseys began to become more popular.

World Series Comeback

After the victory in 1945, the Tigers would not win another title until the 1960’s. In 1968 the Tigers made it back to the World Series and would face off against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals were actually up 3 games to 1 in this series. The Tigers won the final three games of the series to take home the title in game 7. They showed a great comeback during this championship series. The 1984 World Series was the most recent championship that the Tigers have won. During this series they matched up against the San Diego Padres. This series only went to five games as the Tigers won four and the Padres were only able to win one game. The Tigers have enjoyed their four World Series titles. It will be interesting to see when this great Detroit organization will be able to bring home their next title.

Throwback Jerseys

The Detroit Tigers have been around for many years. This has caused for many great players to come through the Detroit Tigers organization. There are some great throwback Detroit Tigers jerseys. Some of these throwback jerseys include guys like Ty Cobb, Kirk Gibson, Al Kaline, Mickey Lolich, and Hank Greenberg. Ty Cobb has one of the most legendary Detroit Tigers jerseys. Cobb was one heck of a player and played the game hard. He was an outfielder and sure knew how to swing the bat. Cobb is one of the players with the most hits in the game. Kaline was a designated hitter as well as an outfielder. Greenberg was also an outfielder, while Lolich was a pitcher for the Tigers. All of these guys have some very popular throwback Detroit Tigers jerseys.

Today’s Players

Along with the past legends, the Tigers have stars on their team right now who will be remembered for a long time. These players include Miguel Cabrera, Nicholas Castellanos, Michael Fulmer, and Josh Harrison. Cabrera has been a previous Triple Crown winner. That is an award that not many people are able to win. The Triple Crown is when you lead the league in home runs, batting average, and runs batted in. Miguel has had a great career and has a very popular Detroit Tigers jersey. The other players mentioned also have very well-known Detroit Tigers jerseys. Castellanos is a third baseman for the team while Harrison plays in the infield as well. Fulmer is one of the team’s top pitchers. They have lots of great players and they are all hoping to make a deep playoff run again soon. These dudes want to win another World Series title.

Detroit Tigers Jerseys

The city of Detroit has a solid baseball organization. Detroit Tigers jerseys are very popular and are owned by many fans. These Detroit Tigers jerseys are a great addition to any baseball fans collection no matter if they are throwback Detroit Tigers jerseys or the jerseys of today’s current players. The team seems to have a solid roster and they will be a fun group of guys to watch. When do you see the Tigers winning their next World Series title? Please leave comments below.

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