The Detroit Lions are a professional football team in the National Football League. They compete in the North division of the National Football Conference. Detroit Lions jerseys are seen all across the country and are particularly popular in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Just like with every team, there are truly some die-hard Detroit Lions fans. The light blue and silver are seen all across the state. These Detroit Lions jerseys have some great designs and are some of the best looking NFL jerseys. The Lions have had some successful years throughout their time as an organization. If you are looking to pick up your very own Detroit Lions jerseys check out the link below.

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Detroit Lions Jerseys

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Moving To Detroit

This NFL franchise did not originally start out as the Detroit Lions. The team actually started in the city of Portsmouth, Ohio. They were named the Portsmouth Spartans. They ended up becoming a part of the NFL in 1930. This was now an NFL team in a small city. The team needed to relocate and this is when the move to Detroit took place. The franchise had relocated and this is where the Detroit Lions franchise first started. Detroit Lions jerseys were starting to be produced and I’m sure this created for excitement around the city. Detroit was getting an NFL team and this had to make them excited for the years to come.

Franchise Success

Over the years the team has had success and made many playoff appearances. The Detroit Lions jerseys seem to sell more when the team makes a playoff run. The Lions have made seventeen playoff appearances and have won the division title in eight years. This franchise has been named as the conference champions in four seasons. Along with winning the conference, the Lions have also won four NFL championships. These NFL titles came prior to the merger of the AFL and NFL. The years when the Lions won the NFL championship came in 1935, 1952, 1953, and 1957. That must have been an exciting time for the city of Detroit especially during the 1950’s. In the 50’s the team won three championships with two of them back-to-back in 1952 and 1953. Championships seem to always make fans want their team’s jerseys, in this case the Detroit Lions jerseys.

Previous Players

Along with some great years, the Detroit Lions have also had some pretty incredible players. Some of these Detroit legends include guys like Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, Dick Lane, Herman Moore, and Bobby Layne. Out of all of these names Barry Sanders is a name that really stands out. Barry was a running back for the Detroit Lions and has one of the most popular Detroit Lions jerseys on the market. Sanders is now a Hall of Famer and was selected to the Pro Bowl ten times throughout his career. This man is one of the best running backs to play the game and will be remembered for a long time. Calvin Johnson is another popular Lion. He was a wide receiver and had a shorter NFL career as he retired at the age of 30. Johnson had a solid career and also has a very well-known Detroit Lions jersey.

Current Lions

Not only did the Lions have some solid players in previous years, but the organization also currently has some great stars in the game today. Some of the most popular players today include Matthew Stafford, Trey Flowers, Marvin Jones, Kerryon Johnson, and Kenny Golladay. Matthew Stafford is one of the more popular names among this list as he is the teams quarterback. Stafford has had some great games during his NFL career and is only looking to lead the team to more wins. Matthew’s Detroit Lions jersey is one of the most popular Detroit Lions jerseys and is seen all around the city of Detroit. Flowers is a defensive end for the team while Jones and Golladay both play wide receiver. Kerryon is the team’s running back. All of these players are very talented and are hoping to help lead the city of Detroit to a championship.

Ford Field

Not only do the Detroit Lions have some solid players, but they also have a great stadium to play at. The Lions have been blessed with a great place to play in Ford Field. This stadium is located in the city of Detroit and is a dome. The dome helps with all the weather that takes place during football season. During a Lions game, the stadium can fit around 65-70,000 fans. That is a lot of Detroit fans and many of them have their very own Detroit Lions jerseys. Ford Field cost around 500 hundred million dollars to build. Along with the Lions playing here there are also college football bowl games and wrestling championships held in this stadium. Ford Field has lots of versatility, which makes it a great stadium. It is mainly known as the Lions stadium and many Detroit Lions jerseys are seen all across this facility.

Thanksgiving Day

The Detroit Lions have been playing on Thanksgiving Day for many years now. It is pretty much a tradition not just for the Lions, but the city of Detroit. The game of football being played on Thanksgiving Day for the city dates all the way back to the Detroit Heralds. They were the first team in Detroit to play on Thanksgiving Day. After the Heralds it became the Tigers, then the Panthers, then the Wolverines, and finally the Detroit Lions. Football is a tradition for this city of Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. Detroit Lions jerseys are being worn all across the country on Turkey Day.

Things More Important

So, we’ve learned about the background of the Detroit Lions and how they have some of the best throwback jerseys in the game. The Detroit Lions jerseys are some that are very popular and seen all across the country…but there are things that are more important and significant than that. The things that truly make up how great an organization is are the people. The individuals are what makes the difference. That’s who truly matters. The individual players, coaches, and staff is who makes a difference within an organization. So, let’s take a look at a few players within the Detroit Lions organization who believe in something greater than themselves.

Calvin Johnson

One individual within the Lions organization who had made an impact and a difference in the lives of others was Calvin Johnson. As many know, Calvin was considered one of the best wide receivers in the game of football during his time. He was extremely talented. Johnson lives his life for Christ and even showed that through the tough times in the game of football. The Lions have struggled for many years and during one season that Calvin was with the team they were really struggling to win. I mean they just could not seem to pull out any victories…but Calvin knew He who had the true victory. The team went winless throughout an entire season, but Johnson remained positive and upbeat for the team and many of the players. That is huge…and tough to do.

Power Of Positive

As a professional athlete and NFL organization, winning is the one thing that matters a whole lot. The focus throughout the entire season and off-season for that matter is the ability to bring home the W’s. The Lions were not able to do that, but Calvin’s positivity truly made a difference. Although there was so much struggle, Johnson didn’t get down and just turn in the season. He sought out to find the good in the situation and what God may be using this situation for. Calvin realized that tough times are some of the best times and opportunities to be a reflection of faith and hope. He did just that. Johnson said that it was during the tough times that faith and actions serve as a powerful witness. This point is to show that during hard times in life, it is important to remain positive and to help impact the lives of others who are struggling as well. The game of football is the entire world to a lot of people, but there is more to life and Calvin knew that. Johnson saw the tough times that the team was going through as an opportunity to spread his faith and impact others in a positive way. While the wins, victories, and personal statistics and achievements are all important in the game of football; there is nothing more important that helping someone else reach the point of salvation and showing them where true hope and joy is found. A great quote that speaks on just what Calvin Johnson stood for is the one where he stated this:

“As NFL players, we have such a platform to spread the Word of God. And that is an area I don’t mind speaking out on at all. As far as talking about my football skills, however, I will let my abilities and actions speak for themselves.”

That quote stands out and truly shows that there are more important things in life than the game of football. The individuals that make up an organization are what truly matter and how those individuals can pull other teammates and people through tough situations with them to show them that everlasting faith. The Detroit Lions had a special individual in Calvin Johnson, as he was someone who made a difference and impacted those around him in a positive way.

Help Someone Today

With that being said, I challenge you to think about what tough situation you may be going through right now. Are there others who are going through it with you? Or maybe someone you know is going through the same thing or something more difficult. Think about how you can remain positive and help impact their life in a positive manner to still see that hope and joy in Christ. Being positive and just being there for someone when they need it goes a long way. Who can you help today?

Jason Hanson

Another individual with great faith that had worn the Detroit Lions jerseys was a man by the name of Jason Hanson. Jason was a kicker for the Detroit Lions for his entire career. He was very talented and still holds some records today as a kicker. Jason was a man of God. As learning more about Hanson’s faith, he grew up knowing about God, but not knowing God. Yes, there is a difference and Jason points that out. He stated that he had always known about God but for awhile had never truly had his own relationship with God. One of Hanson’s biggest points is that we need to find and have our own genuine relationship with God and not live off of our parents faith and there relationship. You need to find it for yourself and to talk to Jesus on your own. Jason’s message is inspiring and important to understand for our own faith and salvation. Individuals like Hanson help to make the world a better place by inspiring others and sharing his story and thoughts. As we received a challenge from Calvin and the message above, I challenge you to take on this challenge from Hanson’s story as well. The challenge is to just ask yourself if you have your own relationship with God. To take a moment and look at your own life. Do you know Jesus and truly have a genuine relationship with Him?

Detroit Lions Jerseys

The Detroit Lions have some great jerseys and are a solid organization. The Lions have had some great years and some poor years just like any sports’ organization. This franchise has some great players who are looking to bring back a championship to the city of Detroit. The Detroit Lions have many games in their future and it will be fun to see if they are able to bring back a championship to the city of Detroit…but what matters more than anything is the significance and impact of the individuals within this great organization. Having an impact on the world in a positive way is more important that anything the game of football can bring. How can you make a positive impact on the people around you today?

  1. Todd P Matthews

    I really think Golladay is going to be star, despite the fact Matthew Stafford is still the undisputed face of the franchise; that’s for sure. A jersey like Calvin Johnson’s or Barry Sanders would be timeless, though, and a great collectors addition for any jersey enthusiast.

    • Yes Golladay sure is one talented dude. I agree though, it doesn’t get much better than a Barry Sanders Detroit Lions jersey!

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