Deshaun Watson Jersey

Deshaun Watson Jersey

Deshaun Watson Jersey

A Deshaun Watson jersey is one of the top NFL jerseys in the game of football today. He is a rising star and having a Deshaun Watson jersey would be a great addition to any sports fans collection. Watson was a star at the college level as well. He is quite the athlete and has all the tools that a quarterback needs in order to be successful. Deshaun is a fun player to watch and it will be interesting to see what his future holds. Click HERE to get your favorite Deshaun Watson jersey!

A Natural

Deshaun Watson was born and raised in the state of Georgia, specifically the city of Gainesville. While growing up in Gainesville, Deshaun grew very fond of the game of football. He became very good at it and decided to play for the football team at his high school, Gainesville High School. Deshaun was not supposed to be the team’s starting quarterback due to the fact that they had a good junior quarterback that was expected to start. That would all change though. Watson would end up taking the position due to his skills and abilities. He was named as the starting quarterback as just a freshman. The man knew how to play under center and would end up having a phenomenal high school career.

Shining In High School

While at Gainesville High School, Deshaun Watson transformed into a very successful and talented quarterback. He ended up setting all kinds of Georgia records. Watson set the record for total yards, total passing yards, total touchdowns, and total passing touchdowns. He had over 17,000 yards and over 200 touchdowns while at Gainesville. This high school team was happy to have him as their quarterback. Deshaun helped lead the team to a state championship victory during his junior season. Throughout his high school career he also received lots of notice and attention. He received notice from many college scouts and also got named for many awards. Watson was named as the 2014 Player to Watch as well as a High School All-American. One of the universities that was interested in having Deshaun join them was the Clemson Tigers. They loved what they saw in Watson and offered him the opportunity to further his academic and football career as a Tiger. He decided to take up the offer and made his way over to Clemson University to see what else was in store for him.

Beating Out The Competition

Deshaun Watson Jersey

Deshaun Watson Jersey

Deshaun Watson joined Clemson University in 2014 and this is when his college career began to take off. Just like in high school, Watson came to Clemson and started out as the back up to another quarterback. He worked hard to prove himself and got some playing opportunities in college games. He performed well when he was given the chance and ended up winning the quarterback position. Deshaun made his first career start against the North Carolina Tar Heels and ended up having a tremendous night. He threw for six touchdowns and over 400 yards to lead the Tigers to victory. What a great first start for this young quarterback. Watson would get hurt though and ended up missing the majority of the rest of his freshman season. He suffered a few different injuries, but would come back the next season healthy and ready to go.

A Clemson Legend

Deshaun Watson would end up having a very successful sophomore and junior season at Clemson University. During his second year he would lead the Tigers to a 12-0 regular season record with an Atlantic Coast Conference Championship. They were undefeated and would make it all the way to the National Championship before losing to Alabama. During his junior season, Watson led the Tigers to another great season and another chance at the National Championship title. He faced off yet again against the Alabama Crimson Tide, but this time would redeem himself. Deshaun led Clemson to the National Championship victory over Alabama. Along with winning the championship, Watson ended up receiving multiple different awards throughout his career as a Tiger. He won the Manning Award, the Danny O’Brien Award, and the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. Deshaun was one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever come through Clemson and showed what he was capable of. After his phenomenal National Championship winning season, Watson decided to pursue a career at the professional level and went for the NFL Draft.

Heading To Houston

With the 12th overall pick in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft the Houston Texans decided to pick Deshaun Watson. The dream of playing in the National Football League was about to come true for Watson. He ended up playing pretty early on during the season for the Texans. After the first week, Deshaun became the starting quarterback for the team. He played well and led the Texans to a victory during his first start. He continued to play well and earned the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Along with that award, he was also awarded AFC Player of the Month and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month throughout his rookie season. The city of Houston was happy with their pick in the draft. As happy as they were, they would soon be devastated. Watson ended up tearing his ACL and would miss the rest of his rookie season. The injury hurt the Texans. Deshaun was having a great season and was even in contention for the NFL Rookie of the Year. He had a healthy recovery though and would return the next season for the city of Houston.

Deshaun Watson Jersey

Deshaun Watson Jersey

Follower Of Christ

Deshaun Watson is a Christian man and believes in the Christian faith. He is open about his faith and said he gave his life to Christ when he was in the ninth grade. Watson believes it is important to help the people around you and to give back. He ended up giving away his very first paycheck that he made in the NFL to three cafeteria women who worked at the stadium. These women were affected by the flooding of Hurricane Harvey and Deshaun wanted to help them out. The check was in the amount of $27,000. That is a good chunk of money to give away and it is nice to see this side of Watson. Deshaun realizes there is a greater purpose in life than just the game of football and uses the platform he has to glorify God and give back.

Great Career Ahead

Deshaun Watson is a top quarterback in the NFL today and has already accomplished a lot throughout his life. At the rate that he is going, Deshaun is going to have a great career. Stay tuned and keep watching to find out where the rest of his career takes him!

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  1. If Deshaun can stay at the top, these Jerseys are going to be worth a lot of money in the future! Great article, I never knew he was so talented, even back in High School (I guess I don’t keep up as much as I should haha) Anyways there’s a ton of great information in this post, keep it up!

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