DeAndre Hopkins Jersey

DeAndre Hopkins Jersey

DeAndre Hopkins Jersey

Are you looking to get one of the top wide receivers jerseys in the game of football? Look no further than a DeAndre Hopkins jersey. DeAndre Hopkins is one of the top receivers in the game today and he has great speed and ability. Hopkins has shown what he is capable of in the years that he has been a part of the National Football League. I’m sure he will only continue to progress and that his career will continue to take off. Click HERE to get your favorite DeAndre Hopkins jersey!

Childhood Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins was born and raised in the state of South Carolina. He was mainly raised by his mother and she is the one who gave him the nickname that he still goes by today. His nickname is “Nuk” and many people call him that. This nickname was given to DeAndre by his mom and she called him this because Nuk was the only pacifier brand that Hopkins would use as a baby. The nickname kind of stuck with him ever since then. DeAndre and his mom became close as his dad had died in a car accident while he was still very young. That had to be tough and I can’t imagine what the Hopkins family had to go through. His mom stayed strong and raised DeAndre along with his three other siblings. She ended up working two different jobs to support them. What a mom. It is crazy the limits some moms go to and the work that they do for their children. A mother’s love sure is a strong one.

High School Stars

While being raised by his mother in South Carolina, DeAndre attended D.W. Daniel High School. Hopkins was quite the athlete as a young kid and he played multiple different sports. Not only did he play football while at D.W. Daniel, but he also ran track and played basketball. Hopkins was quite the basketball player and helped lead his high school team to a State Championship during the 2009-2010 season. As you can imagine, DeAndre was a superstar on the football field. He played both sides of the field on offense and defense. On offense Hopkins had 57 catches and 18 touchdowns throughout his career. While on defense he intercepted the ball 28 times and scored 5 touchdowns. DeAndre was a great football player and overall athlete. D.W. Daniel was happy to have Hopkins on their side and representing them. He ended up getting notice from big schools in the area…the Clemson Tigers being one of them.

Becoming A Tiger

DeAndre Hopkins jersey

Football Field

DeAndre Hopkins decided to further his academic and athletic career at Clemson University. He had decided to become one of the Tigers. Hopkins would end up having a great freshman season on the football team. As a true freshman, he would end up starting for the Tigers at wide receiver. He ended up leading all Clemson wide receivers that year with 4 touchdowns and 52 catches. Hopkins continued to have a great career at Clemson from there on out.

Continuing Success

Along with his solid freshman season, Deandre Hopkins had  good years as a sophomore and junior as well. He would end up with over 3,000 yards and close to 30 touchdowns. Hopkins was a standout wide receiver and there were many people who saw that, including the professional scouts. DeAndre ended up participating in the NFL Combine and the Pro Day at Clemson. He ran through some drills and skills tests to showcase his ability. Hopkins showed off his athleticism and the scouts loved what they saw.

Off To Texas

In the 2013 NFL Draft, DeAndre Hopkins was selected with the 27th overall pick in the first round. The Houston Texans were the lucky team to have this future star join their team. The city of Houston would be happy with their pick. Throughout his career with the Texans, Hopkins has had some great years. As a rookie, he was one of the top players on the Texans team. DeAndre earned the starting spot as a receiver and was out there on the field for the season-opener. He ended up having a solid first year in the NFL and was selected to the All-Rookie team. That is a big accomplishment for your first season at the professional level.

NFL Awards

DeAndre Hopkins would continue to be successful at the professional level and would end up having a stellar season in 2015. He was named Offensive Player of the Week during this year and was selected to his first Pro-Bowl as well. This was a great year for DeAndre and he has continued to shine in the NFL. He was again selected to the Pro-Bowl in 2017 and also made the First Team All-Pro. These were some big seasons in his career and it is fun to watch him play. As a wide receiver he has made some unbelievable catches. It will be interesting to see where the rest of this star athlete’s career takes him. Hopkins does not have a Super Bowl ring yet, but like all athletes he is striving to achieve that one day. He is hoping to eventually bring the championship back to the city of Houston. Every players dream is to win the last game of the season and hold up that trophy. Will DeAndre Hopkins win a Super Bowl within his career? Stay tuned to find out!

Giving Back

DeAndre Hopkins Jersey

DeAndre Hopkins Jersey

DeAndre Hopkins is one athlete that feels that it is important to give back and use the platform that he has been given to help others. Back in 2016 he pledged to give $1,000 for every touchdown that he scored to Aid Victims of Domestic Abuse. DeAndre and his mother felt that this is one area that they really wanted to donate to and help out with. He felt that this was an issue in the world and an area that needed help. Hopkins wanted to do what he could to help in the community. Along with giving to Aid Victims of Domestic Abuse, he also launched another charity. In this charity he wanted to help battle obesity and illiteracy. These are two areas that he wanted to take care of as well and felt that these were an issue within America. Hopkins felt they needed help and wanted to help these areas improve. It means a lot to give back and DeAndre feels that that is something important to do. There are more important things in life than sports and helping make the world a better place is just that. No matter what you do in life, it is important to give back and use the gifts that you have been given to help others.

Bright Future Ahead

DeAndre Hopkins is one of the top wide receivers in the game today and is someone who is very fun to watch due to his talents and abilities. He has a bright future ahead of him and it will be fun to see where the rest of his career takes him.

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