David Ortiz jersey

David Ortiz jersey

David Ortiz is one of the Boston Red Sox most legendary players. He was a power hitting left-handed hitter who sure could hit the baseball a long way. Ortiz mainly played first base and was the designated hitter later on in his career. The David Ortiz jersey is a very popular item and people all across the country wear this jersey. Young ballplayers all over the world wear the David Ortiz jersey and strive to be as successful as he was one day. The city of Boston loved the star they had in Ortiz. The David Ortiz jersey comes in all kinds of colors. You can get this David Ortiz jersey in colors like red, white, navy and gray!

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Dominican Republic

David Ortiz was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He lived in Santo Domingo. Ortiz was interested in athletics from a young age. He watched Pedro Martinez become successful in the game of baseball and would go watch him play as a kid. They became good friends and David gained lots of interest in the game of baseball as well. While in the Dominican Republic, Ortiz attended Estudia Espaillat High School. While he was going to school, he also got involved in multiple sports. Ortiz played baseball and basketball. He was very athletic and was one of the best players on the teams. The kid could play. The game of baseball was his specialty though as he became very talented at the game. Ortiz would receive attention due to just how good he was. He was hoping to one day make the David Ortiz jersey a famous one.

United States Professional Baseball

David Ortiz received notice from professional baseball teams in the United States. Many teams from Major League Baseball had interest in David, but the Seattle Mariners were the first ones to jump on the potential they saw in this young star. In November 1992 the Mariners signed Ortiz. He was given the opportunity to go to America and play the game of baseball at the professional level. I am sure that David was excited at the opportunity, but at the same time every new experience can be a little nerve wracking. It is never easy to leave home and your family. The opportunity sure seemed to work out well in his favor though. David was just seventeen years old the day that he had signed. He was a young and talented player.

Working Through The Minors

In 1994, David Ortiz would make his first debut in the minor league system for the Mariners. He started out in the Arizona League. He ended up playing well and would move up pretty quickly. Ortiz knew how to hit and become one of the top hitting prospects in the Mariners minor league system. He was so good that David was named as the most exciting player in the Midwest League. He was traded to the Minnesota Twins in 1996, but continued to climb up the minor league ladder. This young star made it to the Triple-A team in 1997 and then would finally get his shot at the big leagues. Ortiz was about to get his chance to make the David Ortiz jersey a recognizable one. I can’t imagine the mixture of feelings that Ortiz had when he finally got his chance.

Letting Him Go

David Ortiz jersey

David Ortiz jersey

In September 1997 David Ortiz would make his Major League Debut. He ended up playing real well in his first fifteen games in the big leagues where he hit with a .347 batting average. The following seasons he would move back and forth between the Triple A team and the big leagues. Finally, in the year 2000 Ortiz ended up becoming a regular every day type of guy. He ended up playing well for the Twins, but in 2002 they ended up getting rid of him and letting him go as a cost-cutting move. The Twins weren’t able to trade him, but couldn’t afford to pay him for what he was worth. They let him go. David and Pedro hooked back up and in 2003 Ortiz ended up joining the city of Boston. The David Ortiz jersey was going to be a part of the Boston Red Sox jerseys.

Success In Boston

David Ortiz would end up having lots of success for the city of Boston over the years. The Red Sox would fall in love with this super star and the David Ortiz jersey would become very popular. People all across the country and the city of Boston would wear that David Ortiz jersey. Throughout his career, Ortiz has been named as an All-Star ten times. He has been named to the Silver Slugger Award seven times and has won the American League Hank Aaron Award twice. Ortiz won the World Series three times throughout his career in the years of 2004, 2007, and 2013. They all came while with the Red Sox. In 2013, he was named as the World Series MVP. It doesn’t get much better than winning the World Series. David was at the top of his game and the David Ortiz jersey was flying off the shelves.

Big Papi

David Ortiz has a very well-known nickname. That nickname is “Big Papi”. Many people all over the country refer to Ortiz as Big Papi. This nickname originated from David’s own habit. The people whose names that he couldn’t remember, he would just call them ‘papi’. This is where the nickname came from and so he was started to be called Big Papi. The name stuck. People love Big Papi and many have their own David Ortiz jersey today.

David Ortiz Jersey

David Ortiz, or Big Papi, is known as one of the greatest players to play for the Boston Red Sox. He was so good that the organization retired his number and the David Ortiz jersey. The number 34 won’t be worn by another Red Sox player. Ortiz will be remembered for a long time and the David Ortiz jersey will always remain as a legendary jersey. Please leave your comments below on Big Papi or on other athletes you would like to learn more about!

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  1. Todd Matthews

    Ortiz was definitely one of the greatest hitters of his time and I remember his days with the Minnesota Twins. I think I was in the fifth or sixth grade at the time. When he went to Boston, he became a household name and the rest is history. Anyone looking to buy a David Ortiz jersey is buying a legendary piece of apparel. It’s something die-hard Red Sox fans crave and anyone who supported Ortiz throughout the years.

    • David sure did take off when he went to Boston. Thank you for sharing!

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