Dak Prescott Jersey

Dak Prescott Jersey

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most well-known teams in the National Football League. They have a very successful quarterback in Dak Prescott as well. Prescott has a great feel for the quarterback position to go along with is strong arm and running ability. A Dak Prescott jersey is one of the top items within the football world. Prescott has shown his ability and is looking to create a lot of success within his career. The city of Dallas is hoping for that as well.

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Young Dak

Dak Prescott was born and raised in the state of Louisiana. His real name is Rayne Dakota Prescott, but the nickname of Dak sure has stuck with him. I’m not sure if I have ever heard anybody call him by his real name. Prescott was the youngest one of his siblings and his mother died from cancer in 2013. That is something that you never want to hear about anyone having to go through. While Dak was in high school, he attended Haughton High School and got involved in the game of football. He was very good at the game and enjoyed playing and competing. Football was going to take this kid far.

Skillful Quarterback

Dak Prescott was the starting quarterback for the Haughton Buccaneers. He helped lead his team to win the 2010 district championship title and was one of the top quarterbacks in the state. During his senior season he threw for over 2,800 yards and had 39 touchdowns. The kid could run and also ended up with over 950 rushing yards. Dak had multiple tools at the quarterback position from being able to throw as well as run. He was a double threat on the offensive side of the game. Prescott was skillful and athletic and received lots of attention from scouts at the college level. Many teams wanted him to be a part of their squad.

Joining The SEC

With the opportunity to go to many different schools and play football, Dak Prescott decided to attend Mississippi State University. This school competed in the Southeastern Conference. The SEC is known as one of the top conferences in Division 1 football. Dak wanted to compete and go up against the best of the best. He red shirted his freshman year, but came back his sophomore season and began to see some playing time. In 2014, Dak became the full time starter for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. This is when he really started to display his ability and when his career began to take off.

Taking Off

During this 2014 season Dak helped lead the Bulldogs to a 10 win and only 2 loss season. He received the Manning Award Player of the Week and the SEC Offensive Player of the Week multiple different times throughout 2014. He also helped lead Mississippi State to an Orange Bowl appearance. They ended up losing the Bowl Game, but Prescott had a great season. He continued with his success in 2015 and became one of the only quarterbacks to pass for sixty touchdowns and rush for forty. There were only three others who had done this prior to Dak. What an accomplishment. Along with this he was on the watch list for many awards and had a streak of 288 pass attempts without throwing an interception. Wow. The man could play quarterback and many people saw this…including professional scouts.

Dak Prescott Jersey

Dak Prescott Jersey

College Records

Dak Prescott holds many college records. He holds the single game records for the most passing yards, attempts, and completions in the Orange Bowl. He also holds the single game records for the most passing yards, total yards, and touchdown passes in the Belk Bowl. Dak had some great performances in the bowl games and showed that he was able to compete when the stakes were high. Every team wants a quarterback who can compete at a high level when the pressure is at a much higher level. Prescott could do just that.

A Shot At The NFL

Dak Prescott was not your typical ‘first round draft pick and now successful in the NFL’ type of guy. Prescott didn’t get selected in the draft until the fourth round. He was selected as the 135th overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys already had a star in their quarterback Tony Romo, but figured it would be good to grow and develop another quarterback underneath Romo. Little did they know they would need to rely on Dak a lot sooner than expected. Prescott competed for the backup spot behind Tony and won that position. Romo ended up getting hurt and so the Cowboys decided to give Dak a shot and rely on him.

Rookie Season

Dak Prescott stepped up to the challenge and put the team on his back. He helped lead the Cowboys to a 13 win and just 3 loss record during his rookie season. Prescott and the Cowboys beat many talented teams and took the NFC East title. He had helped lead the city of Dallas to the playoffs in his first year in the NFL. They didn’t end up winning the championship that year, but they had an overall successful year thanks to their new young rookie quarterback. Due to his successful season he ended up receiving the NFL Rookie of the Year award and was named to a Pro Bowl in 2016 as well. Throughout his rookie season Dak was named as a five time NFL Rookie of the Year. He had a great season and it will be interesting to see where the rest of his career takes him.

NFL Record

During Dak Prescott’s successful rookie season he ended up breaking an NFL record; one held by Tom Brady. To start an NFL career, Brady held the record at 162 consecutive pass attempts without an interception. In 2016, Prescott broke that record by having 176 pass attempts without an interception to begin his career. That shows just how good this young kid was as a rookie. He was already being compared to and breaking records from some of the greatest in the game. Prescott was showing what he was capable of. Check out the video below on some of Prescott’s best plays!



Dak Prescott Jersey

Dak Prescott is one of the top players in the game of football today. He holds many different records at the college level and one in the NFL as well. Prescott is hoping to bring home a championship to the city of Dallas. Will he be able to accomplish this? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. Hi Paul, this was super informative. Didn’t really know too much about football and how players were selected especially this player and the Dallas Cowboys. Dad’s favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles so they have priority lol. It was really interesting to learn something new, and I’m always ready to learn. Keep up the good work and information. 😀

    • Thank you, I am glad that you enjoyed the post and were able to learn some new things. If you are looking to find some Philadelphia Eagles jerseys for you dad click HERE!

  2. Great article on this wonderful young man Dak Prescott.I wish Dak all the best.Just dont win the NFC East
    Incidently when i was a kid went shopping for my first NFL jersey it was between the Steel Curtain and Dallas .Seems like those were the only jerseys available back then in Canada .My mom bought the Tony Dorsett #33 Dallas jersey.Needless to say Iam now a huge Redskins fan after falling in love with Art Monk ,Theisman, Darrel Green and big John Rigggins .And my second favourite team is the Steelers .Sorry cow girls .Could not resist.
    Excellent article mate

    • Thank you! Everyone has their own favorite teams that is for sure. Click HERE if you want to check out some Washington Redskins jerseys!

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