Custom NFL Jerseys

Custom NFL Jerseys

You could have your very own custom NFL jersey. Did you ever dream of playing in the NFL? When you were outside playing the game of football with your neighborhood friends in the rain, snow, and sun did you ever wish that you would have your own custom NFL jersey one day? That a jersey may have your name on the back of it in the future. Did you ever wish that you were playing alongside guys like Tom Brady or Julio Jones? Did you dream that it was you throwing the game winning touchdown pass or you were the one rushing to the end zone with the final seconds counting down? Or were you more into the defensive side of the game and wanted to make the big sack or pick off the quarterback to return the touchdown for a pick six? Either way, now you can get one step closer to being a part of that team and having that big moment….well kind of.

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Your Very Own

Okay, I know it isn’t the same thing as scoring the game winning touchdown, but a jersey from your favorite team or organization with your own name on it can be pretty cool. By customizing an NFL jersey, you will be able to put your name or any name for that matter on the back of it. Along with choosing the name, you are able to select the number you would like as well. This allows for a unique jersey made personally by yourself. Not looking for a custom NFL jersey for yourself? Make one for a friend or family member as they make great gifts! Check out the article below to see all the different ways these Custom NFL jerseys can be made!

Customize Individually

There are all kinds of different custom NFL jerseys you can come up with and as you can imagine there have been some pretty funny and clever ones created. I have seen some custom NFL jerseys where the person put the word “pick” as the name on the back and then chose the number 6. Essentially this would read as pick-six which is a football term. If you are unfamiliar with what a pick-six is, it is when a player intercepts the football or ‘picks it off’ and returns it for a touchdown. The touchdown is where the six points come from without the field goal, which would then make it seven if that field goal is made. This is just one unique idea on how to customize an NFL jersey. This is a football term now on your favorite NFL jersey. There are all kinds of different ways to make a custom NFL jersey.

Funny Names

There have been many custom NFL jerseys with funny names on the back. People like to be humorous and get many laughs. There have been jerseys where people have put “stud-muffin” or “boss” as the name on the back. You really can personalize your jersey any which way you want and if you are a “boss” or a “stud”(which I’m sure you are since you’re reading this) then that would make for the perfect custom NFL jersey. Being able to use a funny name truly makes for unlimited options. Design your own custom NFL jersey any way you want! Along with funny names, you could put nicknames or names that you like to go by. If you go by a nickname that you like or have a name you would rather go by then put that name on the custom NFL jersey. People may just start referring to you as that name!

Funny Custom NFL jerseys

Along with the funny names mentioned above, there are also funny phrases you can put on the back of jerseys. Really, there are so many possibilities. One example that I have seen is the words “pack of beer” on the back of the jersey with the number 36. Obviously, the person wearing that jersey liked a pack of 36. Many numbers would work with that jersey. You could do 12, 24, and many other options. Another example of a funny custom NFL jersey was the words “party of” and then the number was 1. When you looked at the jersey it would read as party of one. These are just some examples of unique custom NFL jersey options. There are all kinds of different ideas and opportunities for your own custom NFL jersey. The options are endless. Do you have some funny custom NFL jersey examples or ones that you have seen that you thought were real clever? Leave a comment below with your favorite custom NFL jersey ideas!

Customize As A Couple

Custom NFL Jerseys

NFL Stadium

There have also been couples that have made their own custom NFL jerseys together. They will put funny or sweet names on the jerseys along with numbers that are significant to them. Some couples like to have sweet and romantic customized NFL jersey combinations. On the sweet and romantic side of things I have seen some couples who have customized their jerseys to represent the day that they got married or have been together. There all kinds of ways to create your custom NFL jersey.

“Together Since” Jersey

One example of the custom NFL jerseys for couples is what I call the “together since” jerseys. On one jersey the name on the back will read “together” and on the other jersey the word on the back would be “since”. The numbers on both jerseys would represent the year that they met or got married. For example, on the jersey with together it could have the number 19 and the other jersey the number 73. This would essentially read as “together since 1973” when the couple is standing next to each other. This would make for a great gift for your significant other. That is an example of a romantic way to make these custom NFL jerseys. There is no greater bond for a couple than the bond over sports! Well, one of the many great ways to bond.

Funny Couples Custom NFL Jerseys

Some other couples have chosen a more funny approach to customizing their jerseys. There have been some funny names to go along with some numbers. As you can imagine, some people are able to come up with some very creative ideas. One example of a custom NFL jersey for couples that were funny included the jersey numbers of 99 and 1. The guy would wear the jersey with number 99 and the word on the back of it would read “problems”. The girl would wear the jersey with the number 1 on it and the name on the back would read “aint”. When standing together it would read as he had 99 problems, but she ‘aint’ one. This comes from the famous and very well-known Jay-Z song called 99 problems. Peoplle sure do get a kick out of these type of custom NFL jerseys and I’m sure many people would be loving that custom NFL jersey combination! There are many unique custom NFL jerseys you can create as a couple and these are just some examples of the possibilities. Use your imagination and create your very own custom NFL jersey!

Best Friends

Along with getting a jersey for yourself or for you and your significant other…you could also get some custom NFL jerseys with your best friend. Do you and your best friend follow the NFL and are fans of football? You could get the word “best” on one jersey and the word “friends” on the other jersey. On these jerseys you could have your favorite number or the number the year you guys became best friends. For example if you became best friends in 2010, then on the jersey with the word “best” you could have the number 20 and on the jersey with the word “friends” you could have the number 10. When you are standing next to each other this would then read as best friends 2010. That would be a fun jersey to have to wear around with you and your best friend. You both could have the same NFL jersey or if you are fans of different NFL teams that would work in this situation as well…even rival teams!

Custom Gifts

Custom NFL Jerseys

Custom NFL Jerseys

The great thing about custom NFL jerseys is the fact that they can be made and worn by anyone. You are able to customize NFL jerseys for men, women, or children. Guys, are you looking to get a cute gift for your girl who is a big football fan? Ladies, are you wanting to surprise your man with a gift he’ll absolutely love? Or are you trying to get something special for your child or someone you know that is younger? You should think about customizing an NFL jersey to make it your very own. I can only imagine the little boy’s expression when he opens up the gift and sees his own name on the back instead of Beckham Jr. or Prescott. It’s like he is a part of the team with his own custom NFL jersey!

How To Pick Your Favorite?

So how do you go about picking which jersey you want to customize? Well it can be very simple. Many people pick the jersey of their favorite team or one that they grew up watching. People support different teams for all sorts of different reasons. Some will cheer for a team based on a certain player, a certain coach, or sometimes a connection they feel with that team based on a moment they had in their life. Sometimes people choose the team based on one the one that is in the city they currently live in or the city in which they grew up. Others may choose a jersey depending on a city that their family member or friends live in or root for. Many people may pick a jersey based solely on the color scheme and design of the jersey. There is nothing wrong with that as everyone chooses their own custom NFL jersey based on their own preferences! Your custom NFL jersey can be unique and special to you.

Unique Style

Having your very own custom NFL jersey is something that could be very unique. You have the opportunity to create a jersey that no one else is wearing. Nowadays, style is a big thing and many people don’t want to have the same style as others. They want to standout. By making your own custom NFL jersey, this allows for you to standout a little bit from the crowd. You won’t have the same jersey that everyone else has around the world, but a unique one. Many custom NFL jerseys get lots of attention and comments. People like seeing something different and you may get lots of admiration and comments on your uniquely created jersey. Stand out from the crowd by making your very own custom NFL jerseys. Any way you would like it!

Halloween Costumes

Another solid use for a custom NFL jersey would be for a Halloween costume. Many people all over the world dress up as their favorite NFL player for Halloween, but what if they got to dress up as themselves as an NFL player with their own authentic NFL Jersey! Well now that is possible with these custom NFL jerseys. You are able to put your name on the back with your actual playing number…wallah you have yourself your own jersey! People will start to think you’re the starting quarterback for your favorite NFL squad! Well it may not get to that point, but how exciting is that to be able to dress up as yourself as an NFL Star. This makes for a great Halloween costume. Neighbors will be asking about your sweet new jersey. You could even put the name Frankenstein on the back! So many options with these custom NFL jerseys.

Special Moment

That special moment or feeling could have been connected to that one special game you went to when you were younger with your grandpa. It could have come from that one time your mom’s favorite team won the championship and she was so happy. Did you ever have special moments within the game of football that stuck out to you? Did you and your loved one meet while at a game or at a tailgate for this team? Some people choose their favorite team or jersey based solely on the location of the city or the colors of the team. There are all kinds of different ways that people choose their favorite jerseys and teams. Which one is your favorite? Click the link at the top to check out some custom NFL jerseys!

  1. Hi!

    What a fun way to give a gift for all fans out there 🙂

    There are so many people that had special moments with their favourite team and this could be a way to keep those memories and the fun near you!

    Do you know if there are any discounts if you buy more at the same time?

    Regards, Jan

    • Yes, it is a great way to keep the memories alive! At the moment there is not a discount for buying multiple jerseys, but they all currently have free shipping!

  2. I love the idea of custom jerseys. I can’t say I ever dreamed of playing in the NFL, but I’m a wife supporter. 🙂 Ladies love wearing mens jerseys, but customizing so that it looks cute with hubby is a nice touch.

    • That is great to be a wife supporter! Wearing the mens jersey or customizing are both great options!

  3. I will get a custom one for my cousin since his birthday is coming up. I know his favorite team but I wonder how should I pick the number? Do you have any recommendation?

    • People choose the numbers based off of many different reasons. Does your cousin happen to have a favorite number or is there a number that has a significant meaning to them? You could also maybe choose the number for the age they will be turning, that may be fun! Hope you are able to find what you are looking for.

  4. Being a Brit we have football T-shirts here, but I’m guessing these are a pretty similar thing? My nephew has a customised Arsenal shirt which he loves as it has his name on and he loves pretending he’s a footballer, ha ha (he’s only 7)

    I really like the novel idea of the couples ones, though I probably wouldn’t wear it myself as I know for a fact my boyfriend would not be into couple clothes… shame 🙂

    • Yes it sounds very similar! That is too bad he wouldn’t rock a couples jersey with you…maybe one day!

  5. Cool, now I can have my own favorite jersey of Philadelphia Eagles with my name written on the back!

  6. Hi Paul
    What a nice post. I was planning to buy a gift for one of my friend’s son but was feeling stuck. I thank you for sharing the idea but before I buy one I would have to find which team he supports and his favorite quote as well to be printed on back.

  7. Hi, I am trying to get my daughter interested in sports as an activity she can enjoy with her dad. Do you know where I can get custom kids jersey’s made? I didn’t see them on the site. Thanks!

    • That is a great idea. By clicking the link above you should be able to view some youth jerseys and sort by which team you would like. Let me know if you need more help!

  8. That’s a cool gift idea, especially with the funny names. Great article, so many creative ideas to make it uniquely yours. My hubby was first going to propose at a game but lost his nerve. We had a good laugh about it tho. I might have to get him a “boss” jersey. Thanks for sharing Paul.

    • What a way to propose! Yes, I can understand him losing his nerve. The ‘boss’ jersey is a great one!

  9. Great article and site! I did not realize all the different custom jersey ideas there were! I remember when my parents were part of fantasy football for years, they could have done a custom jersey. I like the way you write, very upbeat and informative. The site is designed well and very detailed. Enjoyed reading keep it up!

    • Thank you for the kind comments. Fantasy football sure is fun. I’ll bet they would have loved their own custom NFL jersey!

  10. Wow! I never heard of custom jerseys. It makes perfect sense, though. I have family who really like OSU football. I’m thinking that custom jerseys would make great gifts. The ideas are great! My brother is a DJ who goes by the name of Nobody. What a fantastic jersey that would make! Thank you so much for the informative article. 🙂

    • That sure would be a great name to have on the back of a custom NFL jersey! I’m sure many people would get a kick out of that jersey!

  11. Hi Paul!

    What a cool idea!……. Although I am viewing your website from the UK, I like the whole concept of what you and your site are about.

    I will definitely recommend your site to several friends who love American Football.


    • Glad you enjoyed! Hope your friends are able to enjoy as well and check out some Custom NFL jerseys!

  12. Ivan Brozincevic

    This is a fantastic idea! I never had a chance to play pro, but at least I could get my name printed and act as I did. 😀
    I see they offer the service for other sports associations such as the NBA. Thanks for sharing!

    • There are not too many who get that chance to play pro, but that sure is great! Yes, they offer custom jerseys for the NBA and MLB as well!

  13. I really enjoyed this site. I sure would like to get myself a personalized jersey but the price is a bit out of my budget. Maybe once I start making some profit on my site I will be able to afford one. Oh, by the way I am a Cheesehead. Diehard Green Bay Packer fan, after all I was born in Wisconsin and live in Green Bay. But if I get to where I could afford one I will come back here.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the site. The Green Bay Packers are a solid football team for sure. Hope to see you back here!

  14. Hi,
    What a creative site! I love that you give creative ideas for jerseys, for those of us that are not creative! I certainly never thought of being funny with jerseys. Thanks for the ideas. (go steelers)

    • I am glad that you enjoyed the article. There are so many ideas that one can do for custom NFL jerseys! Hope you were able to come up with the perfect custom NFL jersey you were looking for!

  15. Hey Paul,

    Great post! I am an Aussie Rules fan but follow the NFL too (Go 49ers 🙂 This is a great idea. Would be very cool over here in Australia too.

    I love the NFL and this is such a great website for all things sport. Thanks for putting it out there. I will check out some other posts too. Cheers,


    • Yes, these custom NFL jerseys would be great everywhere. Glad you enjoyed the post and read!

  16. Hi Paul,
    Great compelling Post!!! Your website is also great!! It is a pleasant place to be 🙂
    I might be more into nfl since I’ve read your post.
    TOP. Cheers,

  17. Hi Paul
    What a great idea – especially as a gift for a die-hard NFL supporter!
    I live in South Africa and NFL is not a big thing here but rugby and football are! That may be an opportunity for you to explore too.
    Just a quick question – are there no issues when it comes to copyright for the NFL jerseys?

    • Yes, these custom NFL jerseys make a great gift! And no there is not since I am not claiming these as my own. Glad you enjoyed!

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