Are you looking to get your very own Custom NBA jerseys? If so, you have come to the right place. There are all kinds of different basketball teams within the National Basketball Association. This sure makes for many jersey options that one would be able to choose from. There are some sweet-looking NBA jerseys in the game today. Some of these jerseys include the Stephen Curry jersey or the Giannis Antetokounmpo jersey. Some of the throwback NBA jerseys are the best. These jerseys include the throwback Larry Bird jersey, the Shaquille O’Neal jersey, or the Magic Johnson jersey. Although there are many great NBA jerseys today, there is still one problem. It doesn’t have your name on it and it’s not customized the way you would prefer. Don’t worry, that’s where the custom NBA jerseys come in. Yes, you are able to get your very own custom NBA jerseys.

Custom NBA Jersey

Custom NBA Jersey

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Picking Your Team

The first step to determining which custom NBA jerseys you are wanting to get is determining which teams jersey you want. You are able to create custom NBA jerseys with any of the teams in the National Basketball Association. There are thirty different teams and franchises. You are able to create your very own custom NBA jersey no matter which team you choose. Whether you are a fan of the New York Knicks or the Denver Nuggets, you can get a custom NBA jersey for those teams or any other in the league. Are you a die-hard fan of a particular NBA team or did you have a particular team that you enjoyed watching growing up? That is a great way to decide which jersey you are looking to customize. Many people choose to customize the jersey of the team that is their favorite.

Choosing The Name

After picking which team is the right one for you and the NBA jersey that you want to customize, you then will have to determine what you would like to put on the back. There are all kinds of different things you can put on the back of the jerseys. You are able to change the name on the back of the jersey as well as the number. This creates for a great combination of changes that people can choose from. There is so much room for creativity. The most popular name that people choose to put on their custom NBA jerseys is their own name. Fans love having a jersey of their favorite team with their own name on it. It can help people feel like they are truly a part of the team. Your own name on the back creates for a great custom NBA jersey.

Choosing The Number

Along with changing the name on the back of the jersey, you are also able to change the number. By being able to change the number this helps for people to really be creative. Some people will choose to use their favorite number as the one on the back of their custom NBA jerseys. Some other folks decide to use a number that is significant to them. They may decide to go with a number that represents the number of children they have. That’s what Ken Griffey Jr. did when he played for the Cincinnati Reds. He chose to wear the number three to represent his three kids. Maybe there is a significant year to you like the year you got married or the year when something really good happened. If something great happened in 1998, then you could use the number 98 on your custom NBA jersey.

Creative Combinations

There are all kinds of different combinations that people will use for their custom NBA jerseys. Some people will customize the name and number based on when their favorite team won their last NBA Finals. For example, if you were a Cleveland Cavaliers fan then you might create a jersey for when the team won the title back in 2016. For the name you may put something like ‘champs’ or ‘champions’. Then for the number on the custom NBA jersey you would put the number 16. When people read the jersey they would see it read as Champions 16. You could do this for many teams. There are all kinds of clever ideas that people come up with for their own custom NBA jerseys. You not only have to create a jersey for just yourself, but you and someone else could go in together on a jersey combination.

Custom NBA Jersey

Custom NBA Jersey

Best Friends Custom NBA Jerseys

Custom NBA jerseys could be put together with multiple people. What I mean by this is that you and your best friend or significant other could create custom NBA jerseys together. If you are best friends, you could put the word best on one jersey and friends on the other jersey. That way when you stand next to each other it would read as best friends. For the numbers, you could choose any number or what some people do is put the year that they met or that is significant to their relationship. For example if you and your best friend met in 2011, then on the jersey with the word ‘best’ you would put the number 20 and the jersey with the word ‘friends’ you would put the number 11. This would read as best friends 2011.

Couples Jerseys

Along with the best friend’s combination, many couples create their own custom NBA jerseys together. One of the most popular custom NBA jerseys that couples will do is the ‘together since’ jerseys. One jersey will have the word together and the other jersey will have the word since. The numbers that they will use would be the year that they started dating. Some people like to use the word ‘married’ instead of ‘together’ and they will use the year they got married. For example if a couple has been married since 1995, then on the jersey with the word ‘married’ you would put the number 19 and on the jersey with the word ‘since’ you would put the number 95. When the couple stands next to each other this would read as ‘together since 1995’. The beautiful thing about these custom NBA jerseys is that the choice is yours!

Custom NBA Jerseys

Custom NBA jerseys are very popular items and they are fun to make. What makes them so great is that you are able to customize these jerseys however you would prefer. Whether you are creating a jersey for just one jersey or multiple, they are great jerseys to have. You can customize them to your preferences to make it unique. Check out the link above to get your very own custom NBA jerseys!

  1. I love this idea! I’m more of a baseball fan myself, but this is great. I’d probably go with the Heat or Lakers if I was to do a basketball one.

    I love how many options you give. The yearly thing is something I would definitely consider. I’ve thought about getting a custom jersey for something else too. Glad to see The Kid get mentioned. 🙂

    If you could have a custom NBA jersey, what would it look like? If you already have one it would be awesome to see a picture!

    Have fun,

    • The Heat and Lakers both have great custom NBA jerseys. Going with my name on the back of the jersey are my favorite kinds of custom NBA jerseys!

  2. Todd Matthews

    I absolutely love this one and in time I’ll be making my own Cavs jersey, probably with #27, which is my favorite number (and date of birth), along with my favorite team. The coolest thing about custom jerseys is the fact they’ll never go out of style, since the jersey is individualized to your own preferences. The name, number, team, everything is all you. These days, they’re the way to go if you want to wear a jersey for the long haul.

    • Thank you, I like how you mention that they are good jerseys for the long haul. They absolutely can be worn forever!


    Great Looking Jerseys. Fantastic colours and so bold….We don’t see too many like these here in London! Mike

  4. SkyPath

    So cool, i’ll definitely chose Heat jersey with NO 5! I always tried to find something like this, I love watch NBA, Custom Jerseys is very very good! Thank you for this! Good article and good information!

  5. Very interesting. Not into sports myself that much but have friends who are and if I show them this link they will love it. I will forward the link.

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