Colorado Rockies jerseys are top selling jerseys in the state of Colorado and are popular all across the country. The Rockies are a professional baseball team that competes in the West division of the National League. These Colorado Rockies jerseys consist of the colors of purple, black, and silver. They have some very good-looking jerseys. This Major League Baseball team has had some very successful seasons over the years. Baseball players all over the country hope to one day have the privilege of putting on the Rockies uniform as a part of their team. That is not easy getting to the professional level, but many are able to do it. The Rockies have a great ball club. This franchise has many supporting fans who have their very own Colorado Rockies jerseys. Check out the link below to get your very own Colorado Rockies jerseys.

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Named After The Mountains

This franchise and these Colorado Rockies jerseys have not been around for a very long time. The team just started in 1993. The city of Denver had a minor league baseball team, but not a professional team. Many people in the city wanted a Major League Baseball team. In 1991, Major League Baseball had an expansion and allowed for teams to be developed in Florida and Denver. The people of Denver were excited for this opportunity. Having a new team come to your city is something very exciting. The organization came up with the name Rockies due to the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains is the mountain range there in Colorado. It’s in close proximity to Denver and these mountains are breathtaking. This is where they came up with the team’s logo. The team began play in 1993 and Colorado Rockies jerseys were starting to be made and sold.

Good Years And Bad Years

The Colorado Rockies have had some great seasons over the years along with some terrible ones. That is how it is with any team though. There are better years than others. Throughout the years as a franchise the Rockies have won the Wild Card 5 times. These playoff appearances came in the years of 1995, 2007, 2009, 2017, and 2018. The Rockies have never won the West Division title, but sure have come close in a few of those years. They have won the National League Pennant one time. This came in 2007. During this year, the Rockies were able to make their first World Series appearance. This was very exciting for the organization and franchise as a whole. Many Colorado Rockies jerseys ended up selling during this time. The Colorado Rockies jerseys had become more well-known due to their World Series run.

2007 World Series

The Colorado Rockies faced off against the Boston Red Sox in the 2007 World Series. The series was the best of seven games and this took place in late October. This series was not too close of a series though as the Red Sox ended up sweeping the Rockies. The city of Boston won four straight games and ended up taking home the World Series title. This was devastating for the Rockies fans and players. They were truly hoping for their first World Series victory. Although it was heart-breaking for the Rockies, they still received lots of support. Many fans continued to root them on and purchase their own Colorado Rockies jerseys.

Memorable Names

The Colorado Rockies have had some great players come through their organization. Some of these players have the most popular Colorado Rockies jerseys. These legendary Rockies players include guys like Todd Helton, Larry Walker, Andres Galarraga, and Vincent Castilla. All of these guys were position players who knew how to hit. Helton is one of the most well-known Rockies of all time and is the only one of these guys to have his jersey number retired. Todd was a first baseman and a very successful hitter. Helton, along with the other guys, helped lead this Colorado franchise to many victories. He has one of the most popular Colorado Rockies jerseys. Todd will be remembered for a long time and is one guy that the Rockies franchise will never forget. The Rockies have many young stars on their team today who have the potential to have their number retired one day.

Today’s Studs

Some of these current Colorado stars include guys like Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story, Charlie Blackmon, and Daniel Murphy. Arenado is probably the team’s most well-known player. He is an all-star and is considered by many as the best third baseman in the league. Nolan has some crazy talent and makes some of the best plays you will ever see a third baseman make. Along with his defensive skills, he has a powerful bat and puts up some great offensive numbers. The Arenado jersey is one of the most famous Colorado Rockies jerseys. Story is the team’s shortstop and is also a stud. Blackmon is a very talented outfielder and has one of the greatest beards. Daniel Murphy has been around for a little while and is also very talented at the game. All of these players are very good and the Rockies are excited to have them on their roster.

Coors Field

The players mentioned above have lots of support as their Colorado Rockies jerseys are sold and purchased all across the country. These Colorado Rockies jerseys are also seen a lot all over Coors Field. This is the stadium in which the Rockies play their home games. Coors field is located in downtown Denver. This field has been around since 1995 and cost around three hundred million dollars to build. The deepest part of the ballpark is to center field where it reaches about 415 feet. Many of these big leaguers are able to hit it that far too which the fans love to see. Coors Field is a beautiful stadium. If you are ever able to attend a game here you will surely see Colorado Rockies jerseys all around you.

Colorado Rockies Jerseys

The Rockies have one of the newer franchises and are hoping to make it back to the World Series in the next few years. They have some very supportive fans who would love to see the first title in franchise history. Colorado Rockies jerseys have become very popular and they have some great designs. The colors of purple, black, and silver are able to make some good-looking jerseys. Please leave comments below on when you pick the Rockies to win their first World Series title!

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