Cleveland Indians jerseys are seen all across the country. The Indians are a professional baseball team that competes in the American League Central Division. These Cleveland Indians jerseys are made up of the colors of red, white, and navy blue. The Cleveland Indians jerseys have some great designs with these colors and their logo of the Indian. That is a classic logo and is recognizable all across the sports world. The city of Cleveland has some of the greatest fans in the world. These fans truly love and support their teams. You will see many people wearing the Cleveland Indians jerseys in support of this team. If you are looking to pick up your very own Cleveland Indians jerseys check out the link below. There are all kinds of great ones from newer jerseys to throwbacks!

Cleveland Indians jerseys

Francisco Lindor jersey

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Minor League Squad

This organization has not always been a professional team. They started out as a minor league team in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The team started out as the Grand Rapids Rustlers before moving to the city of Cleveland. They relocated to Cleveland in 1900. This team became known as the Cleveland Lake Shores. Shortly after moving to the city of Cleveland the team became a part of Major League Baseball. This Cleveland baseball franchise has had many names over the years. After being named the Lake Shores, they changed their name to the Cleveland Bluebirds once they joined the MLB in 1901. The next year they again changed to the Broncos and then the Cleveland Naps in 1903. This franchise had some tough seasons and needed some changes. In 1915, they renamed themselves the Cleveland Indians. It has stuck ever since and this is where the Cleveland Indians jerseys had originated.

Some Great Playoff Runs

Although the Cleveland Indians have had some rough seasons, they have had a solid amount of successful seasons over the years as well. Throughout their time as a franchise they have won the Central Division ten times. The most recent division titles have come in 2016, 2017, and 2018. The Indians have won the American League Pennant six times over the years and the most recent pennant victory came in 2016. This is when they faced off against the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. They ended up losing that year to the city of Chicago, but the Indians have won two World Series titles. They won the title in 1920 and 1948. That is an exciting time for the city and franchise. This brought lots of attention to the team and the Cleveland Indians jerseys.

1920 World Series

The Cleveland Indians faced off against the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1920 World Series. This was a best of nine series and the Cleveland Indians won it in seven. They had won five games and the Dodgers had just won two. It is crazy to look back and see how the game has changed. Today the World Series is a best of seven series versus the best of nine that they had played back then. There were many ‘firsts’ that took place during this series. The first World Series grand slam and the first home run by a pitcher in the World Series all happened in this 1920 fall classic. Along with those events, the first and only triple play took place during this series as well. That must have been fun to watch. I’m sure the stadium exploded with excitement and amaze after seeing that triple play turned.

1948 World Series

During the 1948 World Series, the Cleveland Indians faced off against the Boston Braves. They had a different match up during their last World Series appearance. The Indians took this title as well and won the series in six games. They had just won their second World Series title and I’m sure it tasted just as sweet as their first. I think winning the World Series will never lose its taste, no matter how many times a team wins it. The city of Cleveland was ecstatic and celebrated for a long time. The Cleveland Indians jerseys were extremely popular and were being recognized as the championship jerseys since they had won the title. This was the Indians most recent World Series victory. They have not won a title since then.

Classic Legends

The city of Cleveland has had some great players come through their organization. Some of these baseball legends include guys like Bob Feller, Jim Thome, Nap Lajoie, Omar Vizquel, and Kenny Lofton. Do you have a particular Indians player that was your favorite? Bob Feller was a pitcher and was an extremely talented one at that. Feller knew how to command the game and had some untouchable stuff. Thome was a power hitting first baseman and could drive the baseball out of the yard. He was always fun to watch and the fans loved seeing just how far his ball would travel. Nap was a second baseman for the Indians and Vizquel played infield as well as outfield. Lofton was the center fielder for the city of Cleveland. All of these players had great careers with the Indians. They have some classic Cleveland Indians jerseys.

Cleveland Indians Jerseys

Jim Thome jersey

Talented Stars

Not only are the throwback Cleveland Indians jerseys great, but so are the jerseys of today’s current players. The Indians have all kinds of talented stars. They have the chance to make a deep playoff run and possibly bring home their third World Series title. Some of these players that could help them achieve this goal includes guys like Corey Kluber, Francisco Lindor, Jose Ramirez, Carlos Santana, and Jason Kipnis. Kluber is the team’s star pitcher and is considered by many as the team’s ace. Lindor, Ramirez, Santana, and Kipnis are position players who sure can hit. This is a scary lineup for a pitching staff to face. They have many weapons. Lindor is known for his smile and has one of the biggest smiles in the game. The dude always seems to be enjoying himself and the Francisco Lindor jersey is a very popular item among Indians fans.

Cleveland Indians Jerseys

The Cleveland Indians have some of the greatest jerseys in the game of baseball. These Cleveland Indians jerseys are classic and bring back some very memorable moments. The colors and designs give the Cleveland Indians jerseys a sharp look. This franchise has had some success over the years, but they are looking for more. They haven’t won a title since 1948 and are looking to change that. When do you predict the Indians will win their next World Series title? Please leave comments below!

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