Cleveland Browns jerseys are made up of the colors of orange, brown, and white. These colors don’t sound like they would be a great color scheme, but they are. These Cleveland Browns jerseys have a great design and color scheme. Many people all across the country like the look of the Cleveland Browns jerseys and many people have their very own Cleveland Browns jerseys. The Browns are a professional football team in the National Football League and compete in the North division of the American Football Conference. The city of Cleveland has had some very successful years and some very terrible ones as well. The Browns have some of the greatest fans in the world though and always have lots of supporters. If you are looking to get some of your own Cleveland Browns jerseys check out the link below.

Cleveland Browns Jerseys

Baker Mayfield Jersey

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AAFC Dominant

The Cleveland Browns have been around since the mid 1940’s. The Browns started out in the All-America Football Conference and were absolutely dominant. Throughout their four seasons in the AAFC, the city of Cleveland won 47 games and lost just 4. They were dominant and ended up winning all four championships during their time in that league. Nobody could seem to take down the Browns. The Cleveland Browns jerseys were championship type jerseys. The Browns joined with the NFL after 1949.

Browns Success

After joining the NFL, the team had quite a bit of success. They ended up winning the championship in their first season and in many years to follow. The Browns won the ‘ship in 1950, 1954, 1955, and 1964. These were the only NFL championships that the city of Cleveland would end up winning. They were a successful team early on, but have not had much success in the later years of their franchise. Over the years the Browns have had some successful years though as they have made the playoffs in 28 seasons. They became division champions 21 times and conference champions in 11 of those years. They won 8 league championships….4 coming in the AAFC and 4 coming in the NFL. The team’s last playoff run was in 2002. The city of Cleveland is hoping to break the losing streak and make a deep playoff run again.

Don’t Move On Cleveland

In the mid 1990’s, the Browns owner tried to move the team to the city of Baltimore. He was wanting to relocate the franchise out of Cleveland to a different city. The city and fans were not happy about this. They actually made threats of legal action if they were to take away the team. The fans fully supported these threats and wanted the Cleveland Browns to stay. These guys were die-hard fans. Due to this strong support, they ended up reaching a compromise together. The Browns would stay in Cleveland, but the owner would be able to get a team in Baltimore. He ended up forming another franchise that became known as the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns came back to the NFL and begun play in the 1999 season. The Cleveland Browns jerseys were continuing to be made…and now there were Baltimore Ravens jerseys being made as well.

Winning Drought

Since the Browns began play in the 1999 season, they have not had much success. The Browns have actually only had two winning seasons and these came in the years of 2002 and 2007. In 2017, the Browns had a tragic season. They didn’t win a single game. They had gone 0-16. Browns fans were crushed, but on a positive note the only way to go from there is up. The Browns drafted Baker Mayfield in the draft and he helped lead them to a more successful 2018 season. The Browns had 7 wins that year and 8 losses. Winning seven games after having a season with 16 losses is considered a positive. The city is hoping to only go up even more from there and make the playoffs. Cleveland has not made the playoffs in 16 seasons and they have the longest active playoff drought in the NFL.

Many Hall Of Famers

Throughout the seasons that the Cleveland Browns have had, they have had many great players come through and play for their organization. The Browns are one of the franchises with the most players in the Hall of Fame. There have been sixteen players make it to the Hall of Fame who once played for the city of Cleveland. Some of the most notable players include guys like Otto Graham, Jim Brown, Ozzie Newsome, and Gene Hickerson. Graham was the quarterback for the Browns during the late 1940’s and early 50’s. He was one of the greats and has a classic Cleveland Browns jersey. Another legend that has a great Cleveland Browns jersey is Jim Brown. Brown is considered by many as one of the best players to ever play the game of football. Jim was a fullback and was one of the best to ever play that position.

Cleveland Browns Jerseys

Jim Brown Jersey

Cleveland’s Bright Stars

All of these Browns legends have classic Cleveland Browns jerseys. Along with the players from the past, the city of Cleveland has many great players today. Some of the most popular Cleveland Browns jerseys you will see today are of guys like Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, and Jabrill Peppers. Baker Mayfield is the star quarterback for the Browns who helped turn around their losing streak. His jersey is one of the more popular Cleveland Browns jerseys. Landry is a wide receiver for the team and has been successful. Chubb is the running back and Peppers is a safety. All of these guys along with many other players have very well-known Cleveland Browns jerseys. Who will be the next star to come to the city of Cleveland and wear those Cleveland Browns jerseys? All the Browns players are hoping to bring home a title to Cleveland.

Cleveland Browns Jerseys

Cleveland Browns jerseys are popular all across the game of football. There are many young players who hope to one day put on those Cleveland Browns jerseys to help the team win some games. The NFL is a dream for many. The brown and orange colors give the Cleveland Browns jerseys a sweet and unique style. Check out the Cleveland Browns jerseys by clicking the link above. When do you see the city of Cleveland winning the Super Bowl? Please leave comments below.

  1. Todd Matthews

    I’ve been waiting for the review on my favorite team and you nailed it. Yes, the Browns were once the model franchise and have since ceased that role, but I truly believe Baker Mayfield can bring about the return to dominance in the City of Cleveland, so fingers crossed.

    I love how you pointed out the dozen and a half Hall of Famers the Browns have, headlined by Jim Brown and Paul Brown, among others. But you go back through the great history of this franchise, names like Lou Groza, Otto Graham, Gene Hickerson, and so many others who’ve worn the orange and brown, the logoless helmet, and the plain uniforms and continue to do so to this day.

    Doing so links Mayfield to Tim Couch to Bernie Kosar to Brian Sipe to Frank Ryan, all the way back to Otto Graham. If there’s one team with such a colorful history full of twists, turns, uncertainty, ups, and downs, good, bad, great, and ugly, it’s the Cleveland Browns.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, they sure are a model franchise and one that has lots of history. The Cleveland Browns jerseys are classics and it is going to be fun to see where Baker Mayfield and the rest of the team can take this organization.

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