The Clay Matthews jersey is a valuable jersey as he is one of the top defensive players in the game of football. Many young kids who are out there dreaming of playing at the professional level hope to one day be as great as Clay Matthews. He is a defensive force and has showed what he is capable of achieving over the years. The Clay Matthews jersey is especially popular in the Green Bay area where he competes and plays for the Green Bay Packers. This Clay Matthews jersey looks solid in the green and gold. The Packers organization is happy to have him on their team. Let’s take a look at the man behind this jersey. Pick up your favorite Clay Matthews jersey by clicking the link below.

Clay Matthew Jersey

Clay Matthew Jersey


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A Family Game


Clay Matthews was born and raised in the state of California. He was born in Los Angeles and grew up around the game of football. The Matthews family was a football family and had lots of success at this game. Clay’s dad, brother, and uncle all played the game and even made it to the professional level. His dad played for the Cleveland Browns, his uncle played for the Tennessee Titans franchise, and his brother played for the Philadelphia Eagles. There has been a long history of the game of football in this family and even his grandfather, Clay Matthews Sr., played the game at the professional level. He played with the San Francisco 49ers. Needless to say, Clay had a lot of great role models to look up to and learn from in regards to the game of football. He is looking to make that Clay Matthews jersey famous.




Clay learned a lot from his family due to their previous experience in the game of football. As a young kid, he attended Agoura High School which was located in California. Matthews didn’t grow as fast as he would have liked, but still decided to play football for the high school. Clay was undersized and did not play very much until his senior year. That must have been difficult for Clay, especially with a family who has had so much success in this game. He must have felt like there were shoes that he needed to fill. Matthews played well his senior season, but did not receive very many Division 1 offers. Clay got some notice from some Division 1 FCS schools and community colleges around the area. That wasn’t good enough for Clay, so he decided to go somewhere else.


A Walk-On


Clay was hoping to make the Clay Matthews jersey a popular item one day. He decided to go to the University of Southern California and try to become a walk-on to the football team. This is never an easy decision on deciding where to go to college and is considered as one of the biggest decisions of one’s life. It seems like his decision sure worked out for Clay though. He ended up walking on the football team. Matthews mainly played on the scout team for the university to start and chose to red-shirt his freshman season. By doing this it would give him an extra season of eligibility. During his second season he mainly played on special teams and was still a walk on. He didn’t receive a scholarship until his third season with the team. That must’ve been an exciting moment for Clay and his family.


NFL Prospect


Clay Matthews Jersey

Clay Matthews Jersey

Throughout the rest of his career with the Trojans, Clay continued to grow and develop at the game. He became a defensive force and was labeled as one of the top linebackers in the country. Matthews and some other linebackers were invited to the NFL Combine of 2009. Things were looking good and the Clay Matthews jersey was about to be recognized. Clay and his teammates were also featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine for the Draft Preview edition. There was talk that Matthews and some of his fellow teammates were so good that they might become first round draft picks. What an exciting time.


First Rounder


With the 26th pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers selected Clay Matthews. The Packers had traded around with other teams in order to get up in the draft to select Clay. Some people were surprised at Matthews being picked so high due to the amount of playing time he had during his college career. The Packers had confidence in Clay and his abilities as a linebacker. The Clay Matthews jersey was going to be made up of that Green Bay green and gold.


Rookie Season


Clay Matthews had a successful start to his rookie season. In October 2009, Matthews forced a fumble, recovered it, and ran it for a touchdown. He had just scored his first NFL touchdown on Monday Night Football. Clay played well on that big stage and the Clay Matthews jersey was becoming well-known. He continued to have a solid rest of his rookie season and was named as Rookie of the Week multiple times during his first year. Along with this award, he was named to the Pro Bowl and was the first Packers rookie to do so since 1978. Matthews was also named as the NFC Defensive Rookie of the Year. The kid had a great year in the league. He put the Clay Matthews jersey on the map.


List Of Awards


Clay has had a lot more success while with the Packers throughout his years. He has been named to the Pro Bowl in six different seasons and was First-team All-Pro in 2010. In 2010, Clay was also named as the PFWA NFL Defensive Player of the Year and was awarded the Butkus Award. This award is named after Dick Butkus and is awarded to the top linebackers in the game. Along with this list of NFL awards, the greatest one may have been that Super Bowl ring that Clay got in 2010.


Super Bowl XLV


The Green Bay Packers faced off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. Matthews helped lead his team to this championship game and would help lead them to the victory as well. He had three tackles, a pass deflection, and a forced fumble that helped seal the victory for the Packers. They ended up winning by a score of 31-25. The city of Green Bay celebrated and was so proud of their team. The Clay Matthews jersey had become very popular. This Clay Matthews jersey was being seen all across the country and city of Green Bay. What a sweet victory that was for Clay Matthews and the Packers.


Clay Matthews Jersey


The Clay Matthews jersey has become a very popular item. Fans all across the country wear this Clay Matthews jersey. He has become one of the top defensive players in the league. The Clay Matthews jersey is made up of the colors of Green, gold, and white. It is a nice looking jersey and you can pick up your very own Clay Matthews jersey by clicking the pictures or the link above! Clay Matthews sure has developed into an NFL star. When do you think he will win his second Super Bowl? Please leave comments below.


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