Cincinnati Bengals jerseys

A.J. Green jersey

In the city of Cincinnati you will see Cincinnati Bengals jerseys all over the place. This orange and black is a popular color in that city. These fans love their Bengals and enjoy supporting their team by showing off these Cincinnati Bengals jerseys. The Cincinnati Bengals compete in the National Football League and play in the AFC North Division. The city of Cincinnati is hoping for more success in the coming years with this football team. No matter how good or bad of a season the team is having though, there are many loyal fans in the city of Cincinnati who will forever support the Bengals. Young football players all across the nation wear the Cincinnati Bengals jerseys and hope to one day be able to be a part of this great franchise. If you’re looking to get your own Cincinnati Bengals jersey check out the link below.

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Picking A City

The Cincinnati Bengals have been around since the 1960’s. They first started out in the American Football League. This was prior to the merger with the NFL. Cincinnati has always been the home to the Bengals. This new football organization had to choose between Columbus and Cincinnati. Due to the Cincinnati Reds already being in Cincinnati and the need for someone to join them at their stadium was a solid reason to pick Cincy. This is where Cincinnati Bengals jerseys started to come about. They decided to build a stadium where both the Bengals and the Reds could play. The stadium became Riverfront Stadium. Cincinnati Reds jerseys and Cincinnati Bengals jerseys would be seen all across this multipurpose stadium. Cincinnati was turning into a sports’ atmosphere.

Riverfront Stadium

The Cincinnati Bengals played at Riverfront stadium along with the cities Major League Baseball team. Both of these teams played here through the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. This was a beautiful stadium as it sat right on the Ohio River. Riverfront stadium opened up in 1970 and closed in 2002. Many games have been played at Riverfront Stadium and Cincinnati Bengals jerseys were seen quite often there. The stadium cost around 45 million dollars to build. What an exciting time for the city of Cincinnati and the teams supporting fans.

Joining The NFL

The Bengals first head coach was Paul Brown. Paul had some previous experience in the game of football as he was the coach for the Cleveland Browns prior to his time with Cincinnati. He knew a lot about the game of football and helped start and develop this new Cincinnati franchise. Brown and the Bengals decided to join the NFL and become the leagues tenth franchise in the 1970’s. The Bengals had some success early on in their time as a franchise. They ended up heading to the playoffs in some of their first few years. The Bengals won the division title in 1970 and 1973. What an exciting time for a young franchise. These Cincinnati Bengals jerseys were becoming popular. The fans and city were excited for what the future would hold for this new NFL franchise. When would the Bengals win their first Super Bowl championship?

Still Waiting

They wouldn’t. The Bengals still have yet to win their first NFL title, but they have had some great seasons over the years. This team has made the playoffs fourteen times. The most recent playoff appearance came in 2015 when they had also won the AFC North division title. Along with the division title in 2015, they have won the division nine times over the years. The Bengals have come rather close to being named champions as well. They have won the conference championship in two seasons and made two Super Bowl appearances. The city of Cincinnati won the AFC championship in 1981 and 1988. They were one victory away from having their first Super Bowl title. Although they haven’t won a Super Bowl yet, they have had some great years and these Cincinnati Bengals jerseys remain hot items.

Cincinnati Bengals jerseys

Anthony Munoz jersey

The Two Chances

These two Super Bowl appearances came against the San Francisco 49ers. In 1981, the Bengals lost to the 49ers by a score of 26-21. This was a close game, but the Bengals couldn’t muster up enough points to get the victory. What an exciting moment for the team’s first Super Bowl appearance, but a devastating loss. The Bengals came back in 1988 to face off against the 49ers again in hopes to not only get revenge, but to also win their first Super Bowl title. During this second chance of hope in 1988, the Bengals couldn’t pull it off and lost by a score of 20-16. This yet again was a very close game. This was devastating for the city of Cincinnati again as they were hoping for a championship victory. Although these were some tough losses for the Bengals, it brought lots of excitement and hope around this franchise. Cincinnati Bengals jerseys were selling left and right.

Cincy Legends

Throughout the years there have been many legends wear the black and orange Cincinnati Bengals jerseys. These famous past players include men like Anthony Munoz, Chad Ochocinco, Ken Anderson, and Bob Johnson. The Bob Johnson Cincinnati Bengals jersey is retired. He was number 54. Bob played center for the Bengals and played with them from 1968-1979. He was a longtime Bengal. Munoz was an offensive tackle for the team and Ochocinco was a wide receiver. Anderson was a previous quarterback of the squad. All of these players were extremely popular and had some very well-known Cincinnati Bengals jerseys.

Check out the video below on one of the Bengals best touchdowns!

Today’s Popular Players

Many of the Cincinnati Bengals jerseys that you will see today are of current players. These Cincinnati Bengals jerseys include guys like Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, Joe Mixon, and John Ross. Dalton is the team’s quarterback, while Mixon is the running back. Both Green and Ross are wide receivers for the Bengals. All of these players have some great Cincinnati Bengals jerseys and sure know how to play the game of football. A.J. Green is one of the team’s brightest stars and is a hard receiver to cover. Click HERE to stay up on current Bengals news.

Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys

Cincinnati Bengals jerseys are seen all across the nation and especially in the city of Cincinnati. These jerseys come with many different players names on the back of them. You can get the Cincinnati Bengals jerseys of today’s stars or the previous legends. Orange, black, and white are the colors that make up the Cincinnati Bengals jerseys. When do you see the Bengals winning their first NFL championship? Please leave comments below.

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