Chicago Cubs jerseys are some of the most popular MLB jerseys. The logo, symbol, and colors of the Cubs are very recognizable. Kids playing the game of baseball all across the country hope to one day be able to put on those Chicago Cubs jerseys. This is a legendary team and has one of the oldest baseball stadiums still standing. This franchise is based out of Chicago, Illinois. The Cubs compete in Central division of the National League. This franchise has had some great seasons over the years as well as some terrible ones. That’s just how it is when you have an organization that has been around for such a long time. Over the years, the Chicago Cubs jerseys have become very well-known. Don’t hesitate to pick up your very own Chicago Cubs jerseys by clicking below!

Chicago Cubs jerseys

Ernie Banks Jersey

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The Beginning

The Chicago Cubs date all the way back to 1870. They were originally known as the Chicago White Stockings before changing to the Chicago Colts in 1890. As you can see this team has been around for a long time, but has always been loyal to the city of Chicago. The windy city has been this team’s home ever since they started. In the early 1900’s is when the club changed its name to the Cubs. This name has stuck with them ever since then. The team had some early success and ended up winning back-to-back World Series titles in 1907 and 1908. Things were looking great for this franchise. Little did they know the team wouldn’t win another World Series for over 100 years. Sure hope they enjoyed those World Series titles while they had them.

Many Great Years

Although the Chicago Cubs would not win another World Series for a long time, they still had many successful years. Chicago Cubs jerseys were becoming popular and people all across the city of Chicago loved and supported this team. Throughout the years the team has won the National League Pennant seventeen times. The most recent coming in 2016. This team has won the Central Division five times and the East Division twice. The East Division titles came in 1984 and 1989. The most recent Central Division title came in 2017. With all of these playoff appearances in the recent years there have been lots of support for baseball fans. Chicago Cubs jerseys have been soaring off the shelves as many people were hoping to see this team overcome the long World Series drought. The Cubs finally broke the win-less streak in 2016.

2016 World Series

108 years. That is how long the city of Chicago had to wait before tasting that World Series championship once again. That is a long time for the fans, players, and coaches to wait…but what a sweet feeling that was when they did it. The Chicago Cubs faced off against the Cleveland Indians in this championship series. This was a dramatic series as it wasn’t decided until the seventh and final game. The Cubs were down three games to one, but had come back to defeat the Indians. This seventh game went into extra innings. What a stressful and exciting time for the city of Chicago. They finally made the final out of the game. The city of Chicago exploded with excitement. The Cubs had done it. They were World Series champions. There was lots of celebrations going on and Chicago Cubs jerseys were being sold all across the country.

Today’s Stars

Chicago Cubs jerseys

Kris Bryant Jersey

The Chicago Cubs jerseys sure sold with the success that the organization was having. Some of the most popular Chicago Cubs jerseys were those of today’s current stars. Some of the Cubs best players include guys like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Javier Baez. The Kris Bryant jersey, Anthony Rizzo jersey, and Javier Baez jersey were very popular. These Chicago Cubs jerseys were seen all across the country. Kris played third base, Rizzo played first, and Baez mainly played second and shortstop. Bryant made the last out of the World Series where he fielded the ball and threw it to Rizzo for the final out. These guys were also known for their ability at the plate. They sure knew how to run the ball out of the yard. The city of Chicago loved seeing home runs being hit. These Chicago Cubs jerseys were seen all across Wrigley Field.

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is the home of the Chicago Cubs. Many Chicago Cubs jerseys are seen at this stadium. This legendary stadium opened in 1904. It is one of the oldest stadiums in Major League Baseball. The city of Chicago loves Wrigley Field. One thing that Wrigley is known for is the ivy in the outfield. There is ivy that runs up and down the entire outfield wall. Sometimes the baseball will get caught in the ivy and the players will have to call timeouts. This stadium is almost like a historic monument in Chicago. Many great players have played here including Babe Ruth. Wrigley Field cost around $250,000 to build. This doesn’t seem like a lot today, but that was a lot of money back in 1914. It is an absolutely beautiful stadium and I hope you are able to experience it one day.

Cubs Legends

Along with Babe Ruth, there have also been many legendary Cubs players that have played at Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs have had some great players come through their system over the years. Many Chicago Cubs jerseys have been retired and this includes players like Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Ryne Sandberg, Billy Williams, Greg Maddux and Ferguson Jenkins. Jenkins and Maddux were both pitchers while the rest of the guys were position players and hitters. Maddux is the most recent Chicago Cubs player to have his number retired. This is a big honor and the team has these numbers flying on the left and right field poles. These legendary players have some very popular Chicago Cubs jerseys and they will be remembered for quite a long time.

Chicago Cubs Jerseys

There are many famous Chicago Cubs jerseys anywhere from the throwback jerseys to the Chicago Cubs jerseys of today’s current players. These Chicago Cubs jerseys are made up of the colors of blue, red, white, and gray. They have some great designs and many people all across the country love them. The city of Chicago is looking for its next championship and trip to the World Series. When do you see the Cubs winning their next title? Please leave comments below.

  1. Todd Matthews

    There’s no other team in baseball, if not sports, that has a more storied history than the Chicago Cubs. What a story, too, to see the team win the Series in 2016. Though I root for the Cleveland Indians it was awesome to see the Cubs win it and their fans celebrate, even at Cleveland’s expense. For Cubs fans, it’s comparable to being a Browns fan in the NFL, which is my NFL team, and it provides hope that someday the Browns will do what the Cubs did and finally win a Super Bowl.

    As for Cubs jerseys, I’d be one of those who wouldn’t put as much emphasis on which player’s jersey I’m wearing because their jerseys are almost timeless. They’re classic, bold, winning, and neither the current jersey nor the cap nor the logo should ever be changed. As a uniform purest in all sports, I’d love to collect a few Cubs jerseys as the uniforms will, or should, remain as long as Major League Baseball remains.

    • Yes, the Cubs sure are historic. I do see the connection that is made with the Browns! I am glad you enjoy the Chicago Cubs jerseys…it is kind of hard not too!

    • That’s awesome she named her cat after this legendary stadium. You’ll have to show her, glad you enjoyed!

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