The Charlotte Hornets are a professional basketball team that is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. This Charlotte organization has been around for many years. The Hornets compete in the Eastern Division of the National Basketball Association. Charlotte Hornets jerseys are very popular within the city of Charlotte. People all across the country wear these Charlotte Hornets jerseys too. There is a widespread fan base. The Hornets have never won an NBA title, but they have had some successful seasons. The fans and organization are hoping to see a championship coming to the city of Charlotte within the next few years. When they make a deep playoff run people all across the nation will be supporting the team and wearing their very own Charlotte Hornets jerseys.

Charlotte Hornets jerseys

Kemba Walker jersey

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NBA Expansion

The Charlotte Hornets started in the year of 1988. Charlotte Hornets jerseys did not come about until then. The National Basketball Association was looking to expand by adding three to four more teams. A man by the name of George Shinn wanted to bring a team to the city of Charlotte. He worked together with some local businessmen to make this dream happen. George was quite the entrepreneur and knew that the city of Charlotte was expanding and that the team would thrive in this city. He had made it happen and the city of Charlotte was granted the permission to have the 24th franchise. How exciting that must have been for Shinn and his partners. They were bringing a new team to the city of Charlotte. Charlotte Hornets jerseys were going to become popular in this city.

Choosing A Name

The organization had to now choose a name which can always be difficult. While they were going to be named the Charlotte Spirit, the voters decided on something different. They decided to hold a name the team contest and the Spirit was over taken by a different name. The fans decided that they like the name the Hornets and so it stuck. The new NBA team in the city of Charlotte would be the Charlotte Hornets. Charlotte Hornets jerseys would begin to be produced and this brought a lot of excitement to not only the city of Charlotte, but to the game of basketball as a whole.

Setting A Trend

Along with the name change, they also had to choose their colors. The Hornets ended up with teal as their main color and would start a trend. This color became very popular and the fans loved it. Along with the teal color, the Charlotte Hornets jerseys went with the pin-stripes. This was new to the game of basketball and many NBA teams would follow with this pin stripe theme. It became a hit. Charlotte Hornets jerseys were setting a trend in the NBA. The city of Charlotte loved their team and their new Charlotte Hornets jerseys.

Start Of A Franchise

The Charlotte Hornets jerseys were first put into play in November 1988. They lost their first game, but ended up winning their first one a few days later when they faced off against the Los Angeles Clippers. In December of their first year in the league, the Hornets ended up beating Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. This was very exciting for the city of Charlotte as Jordan was considered by many as the best in the league. Charlotte Hornets jerseys were starting to sell and they would continue in 1991 and 1992. The Hornets picked up Larry Johnson with the first pick in the 1991 NBA Draft. This was exciting for the team as Johnson would become a star. The Larry Johnson Charlotte Hornets jerseys would sell and be very popular. Things were looking up for the team.

Charlotte Legends

The Charlotte Hornets have never won an NBA title, but they have had some successful seasons. They made the playoffs in a few of their years and have had some great players play for them. Some of these great Charlotte legends include guys like Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson, Glen Rice, Muggsy Bouges, and Dell Curry. Alonzo was one of the best centers in the game of basketball during his time. Muggsy stood at just 5 feet and 3 inches tall, but he was a great point guard. Dell Curry was a great shooter and is the father of the current NBA star in Stephen Curry. The Stephen Curry jersey is currently a very hot item. Many of these legends will always be remembered by the city of Charlotte and the organization. The Charlotte Hornets jerseys were seen all over the city and many continued to be sold today.


Current Hornets Stars

The Hornets have many great players on their team today. These guys include Kemba Walker, Malik Monk, Tony Parker, Cody Zeller, and Frank Kaminsky. There are other stars in addition to these names, but their main super star is Kemba Walker. Walker is a living Hornets legend. The Kemba Walker jersey is one of the most popular Charlotte Hornets jerseys. He has set some franchise records and is considered by many as the greatest player to ever put on the Hornets jersey. Kemba knows how to score the basketball and is looking to lead the city of Charlotte to a run at the playoffs. Walker eventually wants to bring home a championship to the city as well. That’s every athlete’s goal.

Charlotte Hornets jerseys

Larry Johnson jersey

The Spectrum Center

Many Charlotte Hornets jerseys are sold at the Spectrum Center which is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This great arena is home to the Hornets and was opened in 2005. It cost around 260 million dollars to build. The arena is not only used for the game of basketball, but can be used for other events as well. The Spectrum Center hosts other events like concerts, pro wrestling, and theatre. It is mainly known for being home to this NBA franchise and Charlotte Hornets jerseys are seen all across this arena. The fans and city of Charlotte are lucky to have such a great place to come watch their favorite team.

Charlotte Hornets Jerseys

The city of Charlotte has lots of love and support for their Hornets. The Charlotte Hornets jerseys are seen all across the city. These Charlotte Hornets jerseys are made up of the colors of teal, dark purple, white, and gray. While that may sound like an interesting color scheme, the Charlotte Hornets jerseys actually look good and have some great designs. Many people love the color scheme of the Charlotte Hornets jerseys. You will see the old legendary jerseys to the new Charlotte Hornets jerseys of today. When do you think the team will be able to bring a championship to the city of Charlotte? Please leave comments below!

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