Carolina Panthers jerseys are seen all across the nation. You will mainly see them in North Carolina and South Carolina, but the fan base for this team is spread all across the country. Fans love the teal and black that make up these Carolina Panthers jerseys. The Carolina Panthers are a professional football team that competes in the National Football League. They play in the NFC South division and have had many great years. This team is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. This city is real close to the border of South Carolina. Many people in South Carolina feel that this team is as much their team as those who live in North Carolina…hence the name ‘Carolina’ Panthers. Click the images or the link below to get your favorite Carolina Panthers jerseys!

Cam Newton Jersey

Cam Newton Jersey

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The 29th Franchise

Carolina Panthers jerseys have been around since 1995 when the team first originated. In 1993, it was announced that the Panthers would end up being the NFL’s 29th franchise team. The city of Charlotte was the lucky city to have this new team and they played their first games in the 1995 season. The team started off surprisingly well…better than many people expected. They had seven wins and nine losses during their first season. While they did have a losing record, winning seven games was a solid amount of wins for a first year franchise. The Panthers would stand out even more in just their second year.

Second Year Success

In 1996, the Panthers second year in the league, they ended up having much more success. During this year the team won twelve games and only had four losses. They became division champs and made it to the playoffs. The Panthers would end up losing to the Green Bay Packers who would go on to win the Super Bowl that year. Although they didn’t win the championship, they had a great year for such a young organization. The future Panthers years looked very promising. Fans all across the Carolinas were enjoying the success that this new team was having and many people were purchasing their own Carolina Panthers jerseys. They were excited for the future of this new team.

First Super Bowl Appearance

Okay so the next few years weren’t as good as the second year in 1996, but the team would eventually have more success. The Panthers would not have another winning season until 2003, but this year was a great year for the team. They won their conference and made it all the way to the Super Bowl before losing to the New England Patriots by a score of 32-29. The Panthers had come so close to their first championship, but fell just short. Although they lost, this Super Bowl run brought lots of excitement to the city and the organization. Fans were loving the success of the Panthers and more and more Carolina Panthers jerseys were selling. The players and coaches received lots of support from their fans all across the country.

Playoff Years

The Carolina Panthers have not won an NFL Championship yet during their time as a team. They sure have come close though and have had some very successful years. The Panthers have made the playoffs eight times and became division champions in six of those years. They were named conference champions and made it to the Super Bowl in two years; 2003 and 2015.

Second Shot At The Super Bowl

2015 was another great year for the Panthers where they won fifteen games and only lost one. They made it all the way to the Super Bowl where they faced off against the Denver Broncos. This was another chance for the Panthers to claim their first NFL title. They would not achieve that goal yet again and would lose to the Broncos by a score of 24-10. While they had not won the Super Bowl, they did have a very successful season. Many Carolina Panthers jerseys were selling during that deep playoff run. The team continued to receive lots of support. The fans, players, and coaches are all hoping to win their first NFL championship in the next few years.

Carolina Legends

The Carolina Panthers have had some great players play for them over the years. These Carolina Panthers include guys like Steve Smith and Sam Mills. Smith was a wide receiver for the team and helped lead the Panthers to many victories. The Steve Smith jersey is a very popular one. Sam Mills was a linebacker for the Panthers and was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1998. This man sure knew how to play defense. These two men have some of the most legendary and recognizable Carolina Panthers jerseys.

Christian McCaffrey jersey

Christian McCaffrey jersey

Current Panthers Stars

While the Panthers have had some legends play for them in past years, they also currently have some great stars on their team. These players include guys like Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, and Luke Kuechly. The Cam Newton jersey, Christian McCaffrey jersey, and Luke Kuechly jersey are all popular items among the fans. Cam and Christian both play on the offensive side of the ball. Cam is the quarterback of this Panther squad and Christian is the running back. Kuechly is a defensive force and plays linebacker for the team. All three of these guys have helped lead the team to lots of success and the city of Charlotte is very excited to have these athletes as a part of their team. They have some of the most popular Carolina Panthers jerseys.

Bank Of America Stadium

The Carolina Panthers compete at Bank of America Stadium which is located in Charlotte, NC. Many Carolina Panthers jerseys are sold here at this great stadium. This stadium was opened in 1996 and cost around 248 million dollars to construct. Many of the seats in the stadium are made up of the teal color that the Panthers wear. Bank of America Stadium can hold a little over 75,000 people. Fans come from all over to watch their Panthers compete at this stadium. The Belk Bowl and Belk Kickoff Game for the NCAA have also been played here at Bank of America Stadium. You will see all kinds of Carolina Panthers jerseys all across this stadium.

Carolina Panthers Jerseys

Carolina Panthers jerseys are made up of the colors of teal, silver, black, and white. Fans will wear the past throwback Carolina Panthers jerseys as well as the current Carolina Panthers jerseys of today. There is no right or wrong in which jersey you decide to wear, it is all up to your preference. The Carolinas are hoping that the Panthers are able to get back to the Super Bowl and win their first championship soon. They all want to celebrate the team’s first NFL title and championship victory. When do you see the Panthers winning their first title? Please leave comments below.

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  1. I actually saw that Stadium and my cousin is a fan of this team. I guess I will buy one for him as a gift. He is a traditional guy and I wonder can you recommend another fan gift which goes along with this one?

    • It is a beautiful stadium to visit. Another great gift to go along with the Carolina Panthers jersey would be a hat, t-shirt, or piece of Panthers memorabilia!

  2. Todd Matthews

    Despite being founded as the 29th franchise in 1995, the Panthers are the one team that feels like they’ve been around forever. Perhaps it’s the fact they’ve had a lot of success, with only the Baltimore Ravens seeing more for teams starting play in 1995 or soon after, as in the Ravens’ case.

    Legends, too, distinguish the Panthers. While today’s players like Cam Newton and Christian McCaffery make the Panthers worth watching, this team has had players like Sam Mills (my favorite Panther), Kevin Greene, Reggie White, Muhsin Muhammad, and Steve Smith suit up. Julius Peppers can be the one player linking old and new Panthers, as he’d been in the league since 2002.

    • Yes, it sure does feel like they have been around for awhile. They have some great players, hopefully they will be able to win a championship soon!

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